*raises hand tentatively* Question.....?

Okay, I just realised I asked a question that was pretty much 'question' on it's own. What.

Anyway, I do have an actual question. Yes, I know I've said it countless times last year, so everyone would be expecting me to be in semi-hibernation, but since it's currently mid-term hols and I'm feeling extra lazy, I'm gonna allow myself to be less guilty about not studying, and ask this legit question that has been somewhat-but-not-really bothering me since my friend brought it up.

See, I have written fanfics of my own before, just never actually posted them anywhere. Anyway, this friend of mine is kinda a big fan of my writing, so when I decided to go into hiatus with the fanfics, she got a little upset. In a good way, mind you, she's not the kind to throw a fit or something. In fact, she got so......for lack of a better word, impatient, that she actually started writing her own short scenarios that could fit into my fanfics. We kinda joked about how she's writing a fanfic about a fanfic, and that was that, but recently it got me thinking.

I mean, fanfics kinda exist because fans love the setting or character or something about a published/known-to-the-known-to-the-world story/thing, then at the urging of their imagination, decide to create their own version/take of that thing they love, right? That known-to-the-world thing would be the real, original thing that is like what TV Tropes calls Word of God (I think; it was a year or so since I read about that trope), and fanfic writers would base the fanfic on it in one way or another. Which means, fanfics are kinda (but not really) original works of literature, right? And if it's original enough, or it gets the reader thinking long enough, what happens when the reader actually comes up with a fanfic for that particular fanfic? Is that even legit/legal?

I'm asking this because, very obviously, I have gotten an idea of a fanfic for a fanfic. Just my own small idea, mind you, that I'll probably never post cuz I'm just insecure about my ideas that way. But I want to know what majority thinks about my question. I mean, sure, regardless of whether it's legit/legal or not, I'm still gonna write that idea down because I'm just a stubborn little that way, but I want to at least know where I stand. Basically, I just want to know whether I should feel guilty for writing it down. Let me know in the comments please? Thanks, guys.

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