Someone who can make me a profile layout ft. Onew, Fany, Amber and Wendy?

Soo... I had been looking for a profile layout, but none of them caught my eye. I know at least one of you would know how to make a layout.... So Here I am, reuqesting you guys... ^-^

I'll describe what I have in mind :

First, starting with pics of Onew, Fany, Amber and Wendy. Gif's... might be like. all of same size.

Then, 'About Me' and Eall those list I have in my 'About Me' section of my profile (pls refer my profile)

Then, some gap for all the gif's am gonna put.

Then, the next title is 'My Top Biases', and below it comes Onew, Fany, Amber and Wendy respectively. Again, in the same order I have written (Onew, Fany, Amber, Wendy). In a horizontal line, with gaps right below the pics to describe about why I like them...

Lastly, a list for my on-going fics (Eight would be enough, I guess....), and finishing with SHINee's, SNSD's, f(x)'s and Red Velvet's group pictures....

Please link a good layout shop for me!!

Till the next update,

CUD's........... Annyeong~!!! <3

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