MOBSTER FOR RENT (Romantic Comedy)

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by: huntress


Started: November 01, 2011


Updated: November 01, 2011


Completed: May, 2012

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story, do not take it seriously.

All characters in this story have no existence and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names and all incidents are pure invention.


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credits: Kaorishae (follow her on twitter @Kaorishae) 






Sandara Park needs a boyfriend. And she needs to have one PRONTO!

"That stupid Bom!!", she thought as she marched out of the conference room. She will definitely deal with her good-for-nothing bestfriend later.

The moment she sets foot at the work area, everybody paused and stared at her teasingly.

"Miss Park, we heardddd itttt!!", one of her officemates called out in a sing-song voice. She just gave them a lopsided smile.

"We look forward to meeting him!!", they added.


Dara entered her office and slammed the door shut. She paced back and forth while holding her forehead in frustration. She then looked at the calendar by her desk and groaned. It's already January.

Ottokae?!!, Dara slumped on her swivel chair and stared at nothing in particular. How the freaking hell will she find a boyfriend in a month?!

"OTTOKAE!!!", she half-screamed in annoyance while messing her hair. Bom entered her office with her hands on her waist.

"THANK YOU for ruining my life", Dara sarcastically said as Bom took a seat. At their conference meeting, her mischievous bestfriend announced that Dara will bring her boyfriend at their Annual Company Acquaintance Party which will be held on February.

"What's eating you?", Bom inspected her nails and totally ignored her. It took Dara's entire willpower not to morph into a giant green monster and swallow her bestfriend whole.

"Have you forgotten? I don't have a boyfriend!! Now the entire office is looking forward to meet my non-existent boyfriend!"

"Oh come on. I was obviously just joking back there. But I was surprised that you didn't deny it", Bom reasoned out and stared at her.


"You want to show Donghae that someone is interested in you", Bom raised her eyebrows knowingly. Lee Donghae - her heartbreak. Dara became silent as recollection of events last December came crashing to her consciousness. Donghae is their officemate and is the Lead Technical Specialist. She likes him but he only sees her as one of the boys. Dara and Donghae are good friends and would often be mistaken as a couple but Donghae will always vehemently deny it. Just as he did during their Christmas Party where he said, "Dara and I are impossible. We're just drink buddies!"

"Hire a gigolo", Bom's voice slashed through her wandering brain.


"I said, hire a gigolo. Or rent an . Pay him to act as your boyfriend during the party", Bom gave her a cheeky smile, placed the women's magazine on her table and pointed at a small ad. Dara stared at it.

Boyfriend For Rent, minimum of one month. With free one-day trial period.

Bom quickly ran for her life as Dara was about to throw the nearest desk ornament at her.


Just out of boredom.

And because I'm feeling a bit bummed lately. ( I started this fanfic long ago but I decided not to post this)


By the way, here' s the link to my Romantic Comedy Fanfics

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Lotsa Love



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Chapter 40: It's so good to read this story again ^_^
I just read it over and over again. Don't know how many times.
Isangganda #3
Chapter 37: This story is timeless, I dont know everytime I feel bored or lonely, I just came back here and just read any chapter and I feel happy
inufan66 #4
Chapter 40: I read this story every time I feeling super down just because it makes me squeal with laughter and happiness. The moments when they're pretending to date are my favourites. Just too cute!
shanette #5
Coming back to read it again.. It finally sinks in to me. Despite Jiyong being that all-tough kind of guy, he is actually like a wolf. Loyal, loving and nurturing..
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Chapter 23: i lost count as how many times i've read this MFR. i cant describe how i feel every time i re-read all the chapters.. and now i also re-read the sequel.. never fail to check whether there is a new update from u... thumbs up and keep up the good job authornim...
wow 1000 votes! you really deserve it unnie n congratulations!^^♡♡
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Chapter 25: I luv Top character here n he so adorable. ..hehe...
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