THE FANGIRL CONTRACT - fanfic by huntress

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This is like every fangirl's dream!! To be given full authority to stalk their idol at their every activity, shows, concerts including rehearsals!! Group activities and even solo activities!!

Who can resist The Fangirl Contract?




I screamed like a maniac the moment the host announced the next performer for the Music Award Show, not caring if the security staffs are going to hurl my off the venue! I WILL FCKING SCREAM MY LUNGS OUT!!!!

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! This is really happening!! *hyperventilation hyperventilation HYPERVENTILATIONNNN

Call me a retard, but it's really my dream to see him perform live! Holy crap!! I was hyperventilating like crazy! My heart is about to shoot out from my chest! OH MYYY GAHHHDD!!!

When he came out on stage, I thought I would be blown away from my seat!! It was INSANE!!! Everybody is now standing, waving the yellow crown lightsticks enthusiastically!

I was having mini-spasms eventhough from my vantage point, he's as tiny as my thumb since I'm seated all the way back! All the seats up front are sold out, dammit! I would've traded my kidney for front row tickets but nobody seems to be needing extra kidney nowadays.

"OPPA SARANGHAEYOOOO!!!!", I yelled mightily as if he's going to hear me. And mind you he's not my oppa, I'm older than him. But who the hell cares?!

He went right in front of the cameras so his face is really visible on the widescreen and started rapping, the fans went bananas!!! I just lost it right there!! KYAHHHHHH!!!!

"G-DRAGON, PLEASE MARRY MEEEEEHHH!!!", I screamed obliviously while spreading my arms! Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the face of the person next to me who is seated at the aisle.

"OUCCHHH!!! Damn it!", he hissed in a deep voice while throwing my hands back to my fangirling body.

So grumpy!

I gave him the look (with raised eyebrows and such), then I stuck my tongue out. HMPH!


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xxmgl1205xx #1
Thank you for ms. Huntress will start Reading! Looking forward for another great fanfic. Lotsalove!!!!
Lynne1928 #2
Iam DaraGon shipperand a proud appler.. But after reading this... TabiSan seemed so real too! I love them all so much! Thanks for finishing the story dear author! ????
ohchelleeydear #3
finished in 1 sitting! i loveeeeeeee itttttttt ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Chapter 37: Lovely TabiSan story. Thanks for finishing this fic. I enjoyed reading it very much. The last chapters specially. Thanks for sharing this lovely story. I have read it along time ago but didn't get to finish it till now. Thanks again.
Chapter 37: Dammit I've never read a fanfic outside DG but it's honestly so good! This story tickles my fancy. I know GD have seen fanarts and such but to have a painted image of what he thinks about it... lmaooo!!! I'm dying!!! Tabi-yaaah! GD has been fueling his DG crew. Lol! Omo~ they posted lotsa pics too!!! Kkk~ huntress unnie this is jjang! Daebak!!
jarlieuy #6
Chapter 2: is this tabisan story :) i started reading without checking as long as written by huntress
Chapter 1: I am not even 0.005 through this but I was already laughing like a hyena ❤️
Chapter 37: i love them both.
i'm missing tabisan and this story
just never fails to give me joy.
RolDeej #9
Chapter 37: Finished your story. Thank you Authornim. Officially changing from DG crew to TabiSan crew. lol. Not. DG and TopBom shipper 100%
RolDeej #10
Chapter 2: Loving the story. Smiling through the first few chapters.