Guys’ Night Out (MFR KTG MGP Crossover Chapter)

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Sometimes, guys need their own ranting time ^_^



(MFR, KTG, MGP Crossover Chapter)
by: huntress


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any similarity to reality is just an accident. It is not intended to infringe on any rights of the companies and individuals involved in this story. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.


Important: Please read my fics Mobster for Rent, Knot This Guy and My Gangster Protector first before reading this crossover chapter

credits to Demigod2NE3 for the cover banner

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Chapter 1: So My Conclusion is;

[Based on their Story]
GioxSara --> The Badass Couple
JiroxRamirez --> The Complicated Couple
JiyongxDara --> The Cheesy Couple

The Craziest Character
1. Sara --> I decided to put her at the top since she can hacked, she's using Morse code, she's a martir as well since she endured those times when Gio became the protector of Sulli and so on~
2. Dara --> Simple, she let Jiyong do all the embarrassing things.
3. Ramirez --> I just think that she's the least, since she only make Jiyong red her rated books.

Knot this Guy let me shed tears. Mobster Boyfriend for Rent let me imagine that I'm on a movie, also made me laugh and triggered my emotions. My Gangster Protector made me angry. BUT I LOVE THEM ALL. I LOVE YOU UNNIE \\(^___^)//
Chapter 1: Unnie. OMG. It's been sooooo long. I miss you and your stories so much !!!
RolDeej #3
Chapter 1: Thanks Authornim!
hobiepie1828 #4
Chapter 1: i loveeeeeee it!!!! hahah cutie gio
GiceD-cream #5
Chapter 1: Love the crossover! Please do a girls night out!
Rizkary #6
Chapter 1: i can't stop smiling an laughing, this is so cuteeeee
qtpatootie #7
Chapter 1: Read this for the third time already after I read MFR, KTG, and MGP. Seriously can't get enough haha xD
splendor #8
Chapter 1: I'm reading this again! Never fails to put a smile on my face. :D
whiterose12 62 streak #9
Chapter 1: This is so cute
RenzMendoza178 #10
Chapter 1: Hahaha may karugtong pa po ba??? Nakamamatay sa tawa