Cry Hard Enough


How hard would you cry to get someone back?


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moongrl #1
ㅠㅠㅠ.ㅠㅠㅠ So well-written! I feel my heartstrings tightening from reading this!
SuperJunior13VIP #2
Chapter 1: I just... my bias.. *goes off to read all your oneshots*
sunshine1996 #3
Chapter 1: aww so sad :((
Lee_Jaerin #4
Chapter 1: ;A; Sungminnie ~ ;;_;;
LoveToCreatexox #5
Chapter 1: *Sniff* Wow... Such beautiful writing!
this was so sad... ``><``
I cried.. I can't imagen any of Super junior dying.. Its just too sad!
alymagnaelove97 #6
crap. gawd i wish i hadn't read this, but at the same time i'm glad i did. this oneshot deserves a bucket of tears... it's immensely beautiful and heartbreaking. the weather made it worse.
seriously, how could you write such a perfection?
the_soshified_one #7
I'm reading this again for the second time and am finding myself sobbing so heartbreakingly.<br />
Gosh, I'm speechless. In not a lot of words, you've captured the grief of the OC perfectly. I could actually imagine myself with all the members trying not to cry, the skies crying, and well, my tears at Sungmin's grave.<br />
You're a really good writer, hope to see more angst oneshots from you!
YesungLover #8
T_TT your so good..
purecaramel #9
Tearing up. Why. Why. You're so good at this >.< Almost all of your ff makes me cry T.T
iheartkyuhyunsuju #10
T_T sad...why?!and nice..