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G-Dragon & Dara; Big Bang and 2NE1


G-Dragon is a vicious, deadly, ruthless gang member, next in line for the leader position.

Jiyong is a 23 year old man with a mental capacity of a five year old child.

What happens when they are the same person?


HELLO! I am Goddess and I am here with a new fic!

This time, featuring the only celebrity couple I ship: DARAGON!


For people who don't ship G-Dragon and Dara, I hope you'll read this too :D

This is the first time I'm writing a female lead that's not an OC but you guys can just pretend that Dara in this fic isn't Dara in 2NE1.

This is perhaps the only couple I'll write with two celebrities as main.

I hope you guys will still support me and enjoy this fic!



G-Dragon is the son of the vicious lady leader of the Kwon clan.

He has only one aim in his life: To kill the Park Clan.

He goes on a mission to find the daughter of the Park Clan leader: Sandara Park, in hope that with his daughter in their hands, they will be able to catch the Park Leader as well.

What happens when after a certain turn of events, he not only forgot all his memories, but his IQ also dipped below 5o, rendering him with a mental capacity of a five year old?

What happens when the kind girl who gives him a shelter and food, is the very one that he is supposed to capture?

What happens when they fall in love?



HIM: Kwon Jiyong

"You are G-Dragon, not Kwon Jiyong."

Jiyong has forgotten how many times he had heard his mother telling him that. He didn't have a happy childhood with loving parents and toys and love.

His father was killed by the Park clan leader and all his life, he had been trained by his vicious mother to seek revenge.

He hated his life despite his anger towards the Park clan, hence he always wore a mask whenever he carried out gang activities.

He hoped to have a line in his life, that could separate G-Dragon and Kwon Jiyong.

What happens when he loses his memories and turns into a stupid guy like a five year old?

Can a person with a five year old child's mental capacity fall in love?

What happens, when the girl he fell for is the exact same girl he was supposed to capture?


HER: Sandara Park

Also known as Dara, she is the daughter of the Park clan leader.

All her life, she had been guarded by the rest of the gang members from the attacks of the Kwon clan.

She hated the Kwons. They killed her mother. They took away the source of love in her life.

What happens when she found a 23 year old man knocked out on the street and brings him home?

What happens when she finds herself falling for a guy that's equivalent to a five year old?

What happens, when the guy she fell for, is her enemy?


Other characters:

BIG BANG: Team of four guys that are known for their fighting skills in the Park Clan.

(NOTE: Jiyong is NOT a part of Big Bang in this story)

(Minus G-Dragon)

Members: Seunghyun (known as TOP in Park Clan), YoungBae (Taeyang), Seungri (VI) and Daesung (D-lite).


2NE1: Team of three girls known not only for their looks, but also for their tough fighting skills in the Park clan too. Often taken as girl version of Big Bang.

(NOTE: Dara is not a member of 2NE1 since she's the leader's daughter.)

(Minus Dara)






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Thank you for reading and supporting my fics!

I'm really touched by the support I get. THANK YOU. I can't repeat it enough.

I will continue to bring better works for you guys. I LOVE YOU:D






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fumixji () says about chapter 9:
After reading less than 10 chapters, I realized that this story is SUUUPER ADORABLE!!!

KittyLover () says about chapter 79:
Wahhhhhhhhh this is soooo funny

haegiya () says about chapter 63:
I cried while reading this chapter, really :'')

MaeZaki123 () says about chapter 73:
i never imagine kwon jiyong aka g dragon can be so cute and adorable..i always read fanfic daragon with kwon jyong as a badass role,i mean im inlove with him as a jerk baddass in short a devil character hehehe pls dont get me wrong..this is my 1st time reading a cute jiyong..and i love it..nice 1 authornim..

YukiSenpoi () says about chapter 79:
너무 마음에 들어요. ^^

Killerguppy () says about chapter 79:
Haha poor TOP xD I love GD here, he is so caring and cute :)

kealiagirl () says about chapter 79:
5 year old jiyong is so adorkable and seungri corrupting his innocent mind was hilarious :)

_Carmela_ () says about chapter 79:
Waaaahhhh. I really love this story..
Thank you authornim for this story :D

applerkang () says about chapter 79:
Thank you so much authornim. Really. From the bottom of my heart. This is very lovely. I thought it would be depressing since they are gangstares but hell! This is very cute. I've never read something so wonderful likde this. The characters are lovely too. They showed love so pure. i just can't describe how lovely this story is. It gives me the feeling of hope and my faith in love is back. Thank you so much :) I hope to read more DARAGON stories from you. Kansahamnida ^__^

crysalyne00 () says:
if i were to rate this story through a scale of one to ten , it'll be a hundred or thousand ! Jiyoung was so cute ! /spazzes
gamsahabnida author-nim for another great story ! supporting you all the way ! fighting ! /punches the air

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