The Great Story


Zhang Yixing is a one-hit author. After a very successful writing debut and an almost movie proposal, he hasn't been able to write anything anymore. He has travelled the world in search of what he calls the Great Story.

In order to support himself, he is forced to work as a personal assistant for Kris Wu, CEO of Starling Entertainment. Yixing soon learns that the Great Story might be closer than he imagines.




Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you all my new story, hot on the heels of my latest one I just completed last week, The Porcelain Dolls!! XD

With The Porcelain Dolls being such a success and so much new stimuli in my life, I've decided to finally write this story. I've been thinking about it even longer than I did with Porcelain Dolls so hopefully this story will match any expectations you guys have for me!

I am more than welcomed to any comments, upvotes or subscribers to this story! Remember, it's your support that helps to form the story and I am eternally grateful for that! So please do show your support! Love you guys!!

For those of you who haven't read: The Porcelain Dolls:

45 Days Earlier:

Puppy Love:

Subtle Love:


Love Bug Day:


Also, thank you to Neon Graphics for the wonderful poster! Guys, check them when you can, they are awesome! XD



new fic link in chapter 33!!

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Chapter 37: At a moment, i was thinking of dropping this story because as an exo-l it hurts, thinking of luhan kris and tao and the days they left exo. But i'm glad i didn't, this was a so well-written story: the ending was so beautiful and overwhelming
Nicole4214 #2
Chapter 31: Oh my god this was amazing!
38 streak #3
Chapter 32: Such a heartwarming ending. It was a great rollercoaster ride. Thanks for this. I'm up to your other stories!
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Chapter 26: My tears won't dry as each paragraph makes my eyes teary and again... Wetting my cheek again.
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Chapter 25: The more I proceed into the story, the more sick I got in my stomach. Always a bad thing happened. I have cried and cried in silence in the middle of the train station crowd and my sister need to cover up for me. Can't help but bawling.
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Chapter 19: Eurgh... Everything is crumbling and tumbling down. And I'm lying on a cold hard grown to cry my eyes out. Yep... Heard it somewhere... *Wink wink* >.<
latestTMMT #7
i was here from the beginning... i miss rushing to read your updates.. this is really a great story
Chapter 34: It feels so real like as if the real story. I mean like the actual character happened all this time. So good.
❤️❤️❤️ B O I
Chapter 33: Thank you!! Authornim!! Just.....Thank you!!
This is the most beautiful story I've ever read. It's like different colors of yarn weaved into a beautiful article of clothing. I'm crying because it's just beautiful..i don't know what else to say

Oh my God my heart-