Our Love Story...


love story between leaders (president) of 2 organization in 2 high schools which is, enemies.

how they fall for each other?




THIS IS (boyxboy) FIC




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kuu-chan #2
New update plz T.T
kaisoocumeverywhere #3
Chapter 30: Heck man, i'm crying too much on this chapter TT
kuu-chan #4
Hey hey what's up?
R u going to update this fanfic ? I missed it so much
barani #5
Chapter 64: Where is hae? What is he doing? poor hyukii
please update soon. ..
sjvirus #6
Dear where are u????
Miss this story!!
Don't leave like that!!
I miss u!!
Julymoe #7
Re-reading again
I miss your update
MeinAltire #8
Chapter 64: poor hyuk...hae what are doing, you should not lie to hyuk...
please update soon
emoonnn #9
Chapter 64: this story is addicting, i cant stop reading and crying at the same time;___; pls let them be happy~~~
and oh! update soon author-nim!!! kkkk
ELFhyukhae #10
seriously taking care of yoona for siwon ..yeah it's okay but this is so much taking care of someone and that someone is not your lover dosen't mean being with him/her always that's just...too much i start hating donghae if i was him my lover will be always first ! he shouldn't lie at my baby innocent hyukkie like this :( poor baby!! it's weird but i want hyukkie to ask tiffany help hehehe you know what i mean
and hyukkie will not be the only one feeling pain and jealousy -_- update soon
Julymoe #11
Chapter 64: Hyukkie oppa should be angry.
Hae oppa is lie~~~~When will you update the next
I know you are busy but please update soon~~~