Betray Me Not


Oh Hana is the Professor of Advanced Calculus at Seoul National University. Her secret?

She's only 19 years old.

Kim Kai is filthy rich, adored by all, and extremely arrogant. Although he is only a mere student, his power enables him to rule his Seoul National University with an iron fist. 

What will happen when these two paths cross?


Kai's story begins in Advanced Calculus one blazing August day. It is the first day of the fall semester. Already he has been receiving party invites, welcoming pats on the back from former teachers, and flirty winks from admirers. For a mere sophomore at Seoul National University, he sure is hanging high off the rungs of the social ladder.


"Aye, Kai." Kris, one of his best friends, high-fives him as he walks into Advanced Calc. "You're in this class too? This is gonna be a blast." Behind him, Kai sees everyone in the room perk up at the sight of him. A few people wave or smile.


Kai grins. "Definitely." He is about to say more, until the rapping of a ruler against a whiteboard cuts him off.


"Glad to see everyone here," the stern-looking professor intones.


Her hair is pulled up into a tight black bun, her eyes scanning the rows of students with a hawkish stare.


"I am Professor Oh. This is my first year teaching, but let me assure you: I am more than competent. I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Yale University. Then, I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2 years ago with a phD in Calculus. I've participated in international math forums, and won a prize for a theoretical proof I wrote."


Eyebrows shoot up, slight gasps punctuate the silence. Damn, Kai thinks. She's smart. It's obvious that this lady is not to be messed with.


"There are 4 rules in my class," Professor Oh continues. "One: I don't accept late work, so you'd best get everything turned in when it's due. Not a second late. Two: all work will be done in black ink. Anything else will be thrown away."


"What the hell," Kai mutters.


Professor Oh's head swivels in his direction. "Third, there will be no talking when I'm talking," she says while boring her eyes into Kai's. "I am to be given the utmost respect. " Kai narrows his eyes.


"Finally and most importantly, I am always right. Questions?"


Professor Oh is met with rather terrified shaking of the head from everyone- save for one student.


Kai's arms are crossed.


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Ladybuggy101 0 points #1
Chapter 14: "If you don't decapitate me I will give you a 100 in my class for the whole year," Professor Hong squeaks.
Can someone talk about this line XD
EuJin_13J #2
Chapter 41: I really love this one.. The plot is just natural and yea.. Its surreal... Wish Sehun to be my bro... I love this one ^_^
EuJin_13J #3
Chapter 41: I really love this one.. The plot is just natural and yea.. Its surreal... Wish Sehun to be my bro... I love this one ^_^
Chapter 40: tHIS IS THE MOST GREaTEST (not exaggerating here people) FANFIC I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE. I WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT THIS, THIS STORY HOLDS A PIECE OF MY HEART AND IT STAYS HERE UNTIL I DIE (i got too emotional after tapping the next button only to find out i was at epilogue)
deborahhtann #5
I really love this story!!! I think I read it thrice!!
reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love this story^^
halfprince #7
Chapter 41: I just read again the whole story in one day! it was so cute~~! ;)
iris_yk #8
Chapter 41: Super love this...great story!
x169618x #9
Chapter 41: At the first few chapters i was like 'GDI KIM JONGIN, I HATE YOU!?!! WHY DID YOU HURT HANA?!?!'. Then after that i start to love hana+jongin relationship lmao XD they're sooo cute XD
I hated joonmyeon too XD he's an -_- but after his breakdown and the fact that all his efforts are nothing to his father's eyes, i start to understand him, but still he's an for all the things that he did. But it's okay, he find his own happy ending. I want to see more yoojin+joonmyeon relationship in the future tho ._. but if you don't want to write it then it's okay ^^
And hana is soo cool! I love her! I wish my prof will be like her, but I'm not really sure about her strictness XD i don't know if I can handle being in her class XD
Thank you for writing this ❤❤
Chapter 22: Oh wow. Now, I see why Kai is so pissed at Joonmyeon. They are related. That was unexpected.