The Middle of December

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Baekhyun and Chanyeol are neighbors in the same grade, but that's where the similarities end. A snow day during their freshman year of high school reveals that they may not be as different as they think.




This was written for Avi/baek-yeols bday, based on this lovely photo of snow covered houses. It was going to be a drabble, 14.8k later I was looking at the longest singular unchaptered work I've ever written! I wrote this BEFORE MiD came out and I've not heard/watched any of the songs/MVs. The piano version of Heart Attack was playing through most of it, but if there's a particular MiD track that comes to mind,  I'd love to hear which song(s) you feel fits the story \o/

Anyway I'm babbling, but this is for all of you who supported PR and my other writing this year, it's not my best but it's packed with feelz and I'd REALLY love to know what you think of it, as it's kind of different for me!

Happy Holidays and lots of ♡!



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(Note: This is the only translation I have ever allowed of any of my stories. If you see my work translated anywhere else, please report it to me!)



Story (c) Sohbet/Hana Kim. All rights reserved.

Names borrowed from SM Entertainment. This is a work of fiction and all likeness to persons, living or deceased, is coincidental and intended solely for the purpose of fictional entertainment. Story, prose, and characterization are property of Sohbet/Hana Kim.


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beadgcf #1
Chapter 1: omg that was amazing!
AngleNight69 #2
Chapter 1: Oh wow.I thought it will be sad ending. Thanks for this amazing story
Chapter 1: Beautiful story! I'm really glad I've found it! Thank u for sharing with us!
Chapter 2: awwww chanbaek feels!!! this was very cute! thank you!
Bubbletea246 #5
Chapter 1: :'( the Chanbaek feels ~~ such a beautiful story author-nim.
Soovann #6
Chapter 1: Omg beautifully written!! Keep up the good work authornim!!^^
tyty75 #7
Chapter 1: Woah this is so beautiful.....
Chapter 1: How can you be so perfect writing us a perfect Chanbaek fic!! So perfect coming-out fic for this Valentine. I know it's been years since you've written this but I'm so amazed still.. Just wow...
It's so beautiful
Bojaemimo #10
Chapter 1: I absolutely lovvvvveeee this fic!omg my heart!!!