The Fortune-Teller Said That You're My Future Husband


Chanyeol never believed in absurd things like divination, or even zodiac. But when the fortune-teller in the school festival told him that the guy with magenta hair, milky white fair skin, petite figure, and extremely attractive face who, currently was just 10 meters away from him, was going to become his future husband, Chanyeol can't deny that a part of him......wait scratch that, all parts of him believed the fortune-teller's words.


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"It's impossible" Chanyeol said.

"What if it's true?" Jongin, his best friend replied.

"Those absurd things are not always true"

"What if it's true?"

"I can't just believe that he's my future husband just because a fortune-teller said so"

"What if it's true?"

"My soulmate can't be decided by a fortune-teller"

"What if it's true?"

"What if it's wrong?"

"Chanyeol hyung.... What if it's true?"



"Hi, I'm Park Chanyeol. I know this is so sudden, and you might not know me at all, but... I'm your future husband"




Poster made by my beloved QM-Hyojin, from Questionℳark ♚ Graphic Shop. thank you so much for this beautiful poster love love love <3


Baek with magenta hair, yes I just needed to do that because magenta-haired!Baekhyun is the hottest.

The idea is purely mine, any kind of similarities are not intended.

Happy reading!

13/08/14 how on earth this story got featured omg thank you so much guys ;;~;;

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Chapter 12: Gal, writing more is good! Stop saying sorry when you have 4900 words. I love it!
Chapter 3: Haha i choked at chanyeols cobfession. Baekhyun is perfecttttt. ?
lol-im-a-koala #3
Chapter 32: I read this fanfic for the second time now and I love it so much just as much as the first time, it’s so cute and heart-warming! Thank you for writing it!
ssarieca #4
Chapter 32: Wow. Glad I was able to find this gem. I read this in one go. can you believe me. Lol. But wow. Wow. I really do love this. <3
Jiyoo961015 17 streak #5
Chapter 5: I wish i could find many jealous chanyeol in the future heheh
Jiyoo961015 17 streak #6
Chapter 4: Woooo. So baekhyun is kind a attracted to chanyeol because his visual appearance??? Uh. He is si cheap but i like it ehehe baekhyun should play that role so it could be a little easier for them to make up everything HOHOHO
Jiyoo961015 17 streak #7
Chapter 3: Awww i fall in love with kaisoo relationship because both of them are really cute, especially kyungue who is sooooo innocent. Btw, u did a nice approach, chanyeol :3 i didnt expect u to do it in the middle of the school's hall with bunch of students but, uh, u did it ????
Jiyoo961015 17 streak #8
Chapter 2: Chanyeol is really cute here :( i want to pinch his cheeck and tell that the boy is really his future husband HAHAHAHAHAHA
Chapter 32: This is one of the best chanbaek fanfic.. I really love it.. it amazing beautiful cute sweet and heart warming..
I really love dumb and sweet yeol..
Thanks for wrote this amazing story.. glad I found it..
Cant wait to chexk your other stories..