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You are My Oppa






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BabeThao #1
Chapter 17: please update i love it
BabeThao #2
Chapter 17: i love please update more i am in love with it
Candyline #3
Chapter 8: I love this story! It's really cute. You could work on the grammatical errors, though I think it's understandable considering English isn't your first language. Other than that, all the chapters are really cute. Update soon! :D
MoonDustSlyy #4
Chapter 17: Well Basically, YoYo is not her Favourite Oppa, so that kinda goes on she not liking him, because she just said that she wants to marry a lanky guy like Doojoon XD lol, she didn't really mention yoseob, or say she liked him once this hole story(she might of, but never like, a like like , like she does with doojoon) kinda sad really, poor SeobSeob <3 Update soon Ya? ^^
MoonDustSlyy #5
Chapter 12: Hold on Sec!, Yoseob Say WaeYO? to Yuja but isn't Yuja Younger than him?, if you didn't know when you add a YO at the end, it means your being polite to your Olders/Elders, if you just say WAE then you say that to your friend or someone who's younger then you, E.g./ FOY=Friend or Younger
FEO= For Elders/Olders/
Wae=FOY/ Waeyo= FEO
Bwo=FOY/ Bwoyo=FEO
Jeongmal (really/Truthfully)=FOY/
Jeongmalyo= FEO
Yeogi (over here) = FOY/ Yeogiyo=FEO, Like not every word but some words ^^ just ask me for duh understanding or Further Info
KeKe79 #6
Chapter 17: update soon!
KeKe79 #7
Chapter 16: Update sOon!
Kyula88 #8
your welcome :D
Yujaaa #9
@Kyula88 haha,i will...:D thanks for liking this story~<3<3
Kyula88 #10
Aww this story is getting interesting :D
Update soon ok!