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A Dragon's Treasure


Tao has to protect a rock and if it gets stolen then basically he's dead meat. So of course the rock is then stolen, by a Dragon, and Tao along with it. So Tao's dead meat no matter what, or so he thinks.


Vietnamese translation now available! by krischest :D


So I was inspired to write this at my friends birthday party while we were watching The Hobbit. Later on i was texting my sister about this while she was camping and this is how I explained what I was doing: 


Me: also I'm writing taoris and Kris is a for realsies dragon who stole a rock that Tao had to guard and he can't go home w/out it or else he's kfc
Her: Does krease shapeshift into a human or is a full blown dragon? Like does he sneak into the castle or w/e or does he tear it apart?
Me: He shapeshifts but only after he has the Stupid Rock. Or rather he shifts to get Tao to spit stupid rock out of his mouth.


And that's basically the whole story in a nutshell :|



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ExoticKitty2000 #1
Chapter 1: Aksdhduddlydlddlydyldy
I am a puddle of goo. I cant even
BabyPeach #2
Chapter 1: aw i love how gentle yifan was. it so fluffy i practically smiling throughout the story. cheers author-nim, you made a great story! ❤
Nuvvoo #3
Chapter 1: Omg sequel plz cuz that was do sweet and lovely!
Amazing story author-nim!
Shun-san #4
Chapter 1: Ohemgeee <3 this is so sweet and fluffy! I love how you wrote it! It's so vivid! <3 Oh I am inlove with this <3
ShinBi34 #5
Chapter 1: I don't know why I laughed so loud at the end, but I think I kind of scared my roommates. But the characters seems so accurate to me-especially Tao. I can see him saying "I bet it's cold," to a dragon. Yeah... thanks for sharing this :)
ManamiDragon #6
Chapter 1: That was so SWEET OUO I LOVED IT SO MUCH <333
Syrenka #7
Chapter 1: wow.. its beautiful and interesting story!
StephieC #8
Chapter 1: Holy son of a--, I LOVE THIS, like I can't even, this is AMAZING!!! The idea is definitely unique and different from other dragon AU's and the writing style is simply flawless...can I just say that I AM FREAKING IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!
KimMaabo #9
Can I just say that I really like this story? It's so perfect!! Taoris it's so lovey dovey pfft I love it.