A Dragon's Treasure Completed!

by that-dam-aries
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Tao, Kris


Tao has to protect a rock and if it gets stolen then basically he's dead meat. So of course the rock is then stolen, by a Dragon, and Tao along with it. So Tao's dead meat no matter what, or so he thinks.


Vietnamese translation now available! by krischest :D


So I was inspired to write this at my friends birthday party while we were watching The Hobbit. Later on i was texting my sister about this while she was camping and this is how I explained what I was doing: 


Me: also I'm writing taoris and Kris is a for realsies dragon who stole a rock that Tao had to guard and he can't go home w/out it or else he's kfc
Her: Does krease shapeshift into a human or is a full blown dragon? Like does he sneak into the castle or w/e or does he tear it apart?
Me: He shapeshifts but only after he has the Stupid Rock. Or rather he shifts to get Tao to spit stupid rock out of his mouth.


And that's basically the whole story in a nutshell :|


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pendosa () says about chapter 1:
Dude, I like your style

IndianaD () says about chapter 1:
Why is this perfection??????

minaminami () says about chapter 1:
And from this day onwards I promise to worship this fanfiction untill the end of my days onboard of the Taoris ship (wich will come with my death)

funkybastard () says about chapter 1:
You can count on a Dragon to
do two things in life—chase after
treasure and remain honest and
faithful to those who matter.”
“And never break their promises?” Tao
“Three things, then,” Yifan amended.
“And never break their promises.”
Why did you do this to me Author-nim?

pokemon4049 () says:
Ahh this story was just so cute and sweet >^,^<

Woo002 () says about chapter 1:
I love this story! ♡♡♡

forever18 () says about chapter 1:
Cool cool cool and this is just too cool huwaaaa a lovely story,

I like this a lot, love your plotline, although I thought the theme is a bit cliche and will be the same like the others taoris dragon-human story when I was reading the foreword but I was wrong ekekeke
your story is different and very lovely, love this one chingu

keep writing yoo~

andyeolie () says about chapter 1:
Re reading for the nth time since the last i subscribed in 2013

krischest () says about chapter 1:
Just really really absolutely love this fic <3 This is just so awesome ~ Esp love it when Kris says Tao is his treasure T^T

sungnine86 () says about chapter 1:
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!

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