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EXO Meets AsianFanFics!

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What will happen when EXO meets AsianFanFics, the whole new world fills with filthy things?

Everything might happen!
This time, EXO-M will team up with EXO-K to move to
a greenish website called AsianFanFics.

Beware fans! Do not do anything dirty so that you won't creep the EXO members here!


GENRE: Sitcom/Comedy
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Lestari_Azzam #1
wow.. just wow .. this is real funny story i have read..
sowon-army #2
oh my god i love love loved this it's such a great story
AiSaNrIsYeoUl #3
Chapter 3: Thiiiiiiiiis Is Freaking Funnyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!Going to Read Chap 3!
Art3mis #4
Chapter 11: LOL D.O. eats Kai's "eggs" to be tall..... i can't ..hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah
TaeJoonJaeHee1 #5
Chapter 14: Okay, so far... it made me laugh for every chapter... *hides in corner* now gotta search those usernames up.. *laughs insanely*
sethou #6
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Sehun is soo funny I love him♡♡♡
jongdaehun #7
Chapter 14: ohmygod that was hilarious! cant stop laughing omg AHAHA
Miri07 #8
Chapter 2: AHAH I can't stop laughing x'''D
luckystarz #9
Chapter 7: 'I dont know about you, but im feeling 69~' -TayLay Swift
XD you got me rollin om da floor author-nim
boreddddd_xoxo #10
hahahahahahahahahaha sehun is just.