EXO Meets AsianFanFics!

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What will happen when EXO meets AsianFanFics, the whole new world fills with filthy things?

Everything might happen!
This time, EXO-M will team up with EXO-K to move to
a greenish website called AsianFanFics.

Beware fans! Do not do anything dirty so that you won't creep the EXO members here!



GENRE: Sitcom/Comedy
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I came back, 4 years later.
AriHaru #2
Chapter 2: This is so funny
aabriannaa #3
Chapter 4: I'm dying xD
Asuramaru #4
Chapter 6: Oh my god.
Asuramaru #5
Chapter 4: I'm crying...(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Asuramaru #6
Chapter 3: Oh my Jongin. That naughty Kim Kai.
Awww, I'm nobody's but Luhan's ^3^
Asuramaru #7
Chapter 2: I'm laughing so hard at this. I mean, what if this actually happened ir??? Lmao.
Kangreneseul #8
What what what! This is too dope!
missgalaxxy99 #9
Chapter 14: Looool it ended ? My gawd its so funny
missgalaxxy99 #10
Chapter 2: My stomach omgggg I cant stop laughing looooool