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Juli, will you...



I woke up with a sharp pain in my back and neck. I rubbed it as I looked around the room. I found Kyuhyun sleeping on my lap, all curled up and sucking on his thumb. Aigo my boyfriend..I tried to get up but he tightened his grip on me. I ruffled his hair and his nose scrunched up. He started to wave his hand around trying to swat me for ruffling his hair. This was my chance to escape. I got up and he just curled back up and kept on sleeping. I went to the bathroom and searched for a spare toothbrush. I finished up in the bathroom  and went into the kitchen to look for what he had for breakfast. Nothing. >.> Aigo. 


I went back out to the living room to find him still sleeping. Did he not sleep or something? I tapped on his shoulder.


"Babe, I'm going home real quick to change arreso? I'll be back in 20 min" 


His eyes opened quickly. "BWO? WHYYY!!!" He pouted and crossed his arms.


"If you haven't noticed, I'm still in my dinner clothes from last night" I stuck out my tongue at him. 'When I come back, I'll treat you to breakfast okay?"


"Jinja?! YAAAH THANK YOU PRINCESSS!!" He gave me kiss on the lips and skipped around the room.


"Get ready and I'll be right back okay?"


I quickly left and drove home to change. I threw on a pair of distressed high waisted shorts, a white fitted tshirt and a red flannel as a cardigan. I also put my hair in a messy bun and drove back. I opened the door with his keys to find him just coming out of the just...a..towel...



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BrokenWinged #1
Chapter 60: Aw...nice story!
BrokenWinged #2
Chapter 53: Shi.....sorry for my language.
I cried a few tears and my mom got up and I almost dropped my tablet :O
BrokenWinged #3
Chapter 45: Skip beat was really good and my mom and I literally fought because I liked the antagonist better xD (Donghae). The ending wasn't satisfying enough. Good chappy!
BrokenWinged #4
Chapter 6: I'm such a pabo for not finding this story a little earlier xD
Good job author-nim! Wish I could read all night, but my mother and schedule is killing me...
Yuki99 #5
Chapter 33: I don't think that these chapters are boring...I'm excited to read,I want to read more and more. because I REALLY like this story :D
Yuki99 #6
Chapter 22: siwon's new girlfriend is bommie,isn't she? sure she is because she said "juli..I can explain.."
Yuki99 #7
Chapter 11: don't isn't boring,I like it!!
Ayakorea #8
Chapter 60: Thats a really great story even more than romeo &juliet
sincerly_me #9
Chapter 60: you have no idea how much i love this story good job !!!!
Eipoant #10
Chapter 60: Put me when you write new fanfics , OK?