Indecisive Part II

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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When the four of you arrive at the nursing home, you are greeted with a few warm smiles from the caregivers who are dressed neatly in white from shoulders to toe. They are mainly females, although you can spot some younger looking males, who are probably around Kyungsoo’s age, passing the main halls with plastic gloves and trash bags—perhaps they’re more accountable in doing the cleaning part while the females are responsible in providing medical cares and basic needs for the elderly.


Kyungsoo!” A female staff, looking neat and proper with her long grayish hair tighten into a bun, welcomes the said man with open arms. “Oh Kyungie, you’re back! Thank goodness!”


“Hello, Mrs. Song, how are you?” Kyungsoo replies back, his round eyes gleaming in excitement as he runs toward her and wraps his arms around her tiny, but plump body.


You dare to take a guess that she’s in her fifties or more because when Kyungsoo leans closer to her, she has this motherly vibe coming from the way she hugs the man like her own son.


“Fine, dear, thanks for asking,” Mrs. Song says, patting him on the back, “I’m glad to see you here again. Are you going to volunteer for today as well?”


“Yes,” Kyungsoo says, smiling just as brightly as always. “I’ve brought some friends over too. Maybe we can help you with something?”


“Of course.” Mrs. Song nods and smiles to the rest of the gang. She looks very friendly and rather chubby on the cheeks and you almost laugh a little when you think about how similar she is to Mrs. Potts—that old maid lady in Beauty and the Beast who turned into a teapot. “Ah, such lovely people you’ve brought here,” she utters as she shake your hand before she moves to do the same to Baekhyun’s. “Hello, I’m Song Yaejin. Nice to meet you, my dears.”


“Hello, Mrs. Song.” You introduce your name and Baekhyun follows you with such polite manner that makes you wonder why the hell does he not behave like this when you introduced him to Kyungsoo earlier. But then again, you remember how feisty he is whenever he’s around your ex-boyfriends so you only sigh inwardly and just accept how he is. It’s good enough that Baekhyun didn’t actually bolt out and scream at Kyungsoo’s face like he did back then to Kris.


“It’s great that you guys are here. I can always use some help to lighten up this place,” Mrs. Song says, her face shows so many motherly features with tender smiles. “You kids will be my little helpers. Except you, young man,” she says, holding Chanyeol’s hand tightly before he can let go after he shook her hand. “You’re too tall.”


Chanyeol gapes, looking uncomfortable. “I-is that so wrong...?”


“Oh, honey, no! You’re actually perfect,” she says, patting the back of his hand before she tugs it forward, “I have a special job just for you. What’s your name, sweetie pie?”


“P-Park Chanyeol,” he says, following her involuntarily since she’s keeping his hand as her hostage. He looks a bit weirded out by the nickname ‘sweetie pie’ she gave him but he doesn’t complain. Not loudly, anyway.


“Well, Park Chanyeol, you and your adorable eye-catching ears are going to be my personal assistant for today and that includes cleaning the dusts off the top shelf and the ventilations.” Mrs. Song says, and you found it cute that the lady (whose height can only reach an inch below Chanyeol’s shoulder line) is already behaving like Chanyeol’s very own mother. She giggles and throws a look at you and the rest of the gang. “I always want to have a tall and handsome young man to help me. Say, my dear, is he taken?”


Chanyeol blushes furiously and stutters when he speaks, “W-what? Ma’am, with all due respect, I ho-honestly think that I’m too young for you—”


“Oh, no, silly!” she slaps a hand against Chanyeol’s upper arm. “I was about to set you up with my daughter, not me! Dear God…” Then she looks at him up and down before she clicks her tongue and sighs disappointedly. “Oh, if only you were a little bit older, though. Such rugged, attractive young man~”


“Mrs. Song, you have a husband waiting at home,” Kyungsoo says, giving her a playful scolding look and she giggles again.


“I’m just kidding. You kids are too uptight these days,” she says, giving Chanyeol a slap on his arm again and the man winces as he rubs his skin. The poor man throws a helpless glance at you, mouthing, why does she keep on hitting me?!


Baekhyun leans closer and whispers in your ear. “Do they sell drugs here or something?” he asks, “Because she looks like she’s high, if you ask me.” And you respond with a quiet “Shush!” and an elbow against the side of his stomach.


“Kyungsoo-yah,” Mrs. Song says and Kyungsoo’s ears perked up at his name being called. “Would you be an angel and help Haeri prepare our beansprout soups for lunch today? We really need your cooking skill around here and you know how bad she is at cooking.”


“Gladly, Mrs. Song,” he says, nodding. Kyungsoo seems to have painted a permanent smile on his face because it’s not wearing off, not even once. “Haeri-sshi isn’t that bad, though. She did well in making that stew the other day.”


Mrs. Song presses a palm against her heart. “Aaw, look at you. So very lovely and kind as always.” Then she looks at you and gives you a motherly smile. “He’s going to be the greatest husband in the world, don’t you think so, honey?”


You smile back and not because you feel like you have to. “Yes,” you say, being perfectly honest. “Any girl would be lucky to have him.”


Baekhyun clears his throat loudly and bumps his shoulder against yours until you’re forced to look at him in the eyes and give in to what he demands you to do. “Though it won’t be me because I already have such a perfect husband myself,” you add, silently glaring at your husband. Baekhyun returns that look with a satisfied smirk and a not too subtle thumb-up.


“What, you mean him?” Mrs. Song asks, looking at Baekhyun with a judging look. She’s actually scrutinizing his appearance inch by inch and Baekhyun shudders under her eyes. His cocky smirk starts to vanish and it’s being replaced by a small gulp.


After a few seconds of thoroughly judging over your husband’s expression and his choice of clothes (a plain flannel button up shirt and dark shorts with too-casual flip flops in a cold day like this don’t actually scream ‘Hey, I’m smart and elegant, your very best choice of a husband!”), Mrs. Song clicks her tongue, muttering “Meh,” as she shrugs her shoulder and looks away. She focuses her gaze back on Kyungsoo who dresses properly in black jeans and a navy blue turtleneck and she nods approvingly before she starts conversing with the boy again. “My, my, Kyungie, you look very handsome today. Have I told you that?”


Kyungsoo gives out a polite chuckle while Baekhyun, on the other hand, looks flabbergasted. “What?” your husband asks, looking at both of you and Chanyeol. “What, is there something wrong with how I look? Why did she stare at me like that?”


You only smile back helplessly while Chanyeol shrugs and mumbles, “I don’t know, dude. I’m more worried about cleaning dusts at the moment.” Clearly, Chanyeol is disappointed with the decision since he’s been so excited to bake cookies and do a special performance with you guys in front of the elderly. He juts his lower lip out, looking terribly bummed out and you pat the tall guy softly at the back to ease his suffering.


“Can I help with the food, Mrs. Song?” You chime in, raising a hand. “I may not be the greatest cook in the world but I think I can help.”


Mrs. Song smiles so widely to the point that you can see the line of her front teeth clearly. “Yes, my dear, of course!” She replies, clapping her hand once. “You can take care of the salads. That’ll be great.”


Baekhyun looks taken aback when he realizes that you’re going to be alone with your ex-boyfriend (well, this Haeri girl will also be there but he doesn’t give a about her at the moment). To avoid such horrendous thing—according to Baekhyun anyway—to happen, your husband quickly raises his hand to volunteer as well. “I wanna help too!”


“Oh no,” Mrs. Song firmly shakes her head. “Not when you’re dressed sloppily like a teenager in the middle of his puberty crisis, young man. Nuh-uh.”


“What?” Baekhyun’s annoyance starts to appear more clearly on his face. “What does that have to do with this? Besides, I’m an excellent cook!” Which is obviously a lie but it’s okay because Baekhyun is a fantastic liar.


Too bad that doesn’t work on Mrs. Song, though. She’s probably too busy fascinating about how perfect Chanyeol is to be his son-in-law to actually care about the other man at the moment. “No, Baekyung,” she says, “Don’t make me repeat myself.”


“It’s Baekhyun!”


Mrs. Song raises her chin and scowls at him. She places a palm against her chest and her voice goes low and dangerous when she speaks again, “I’m sorry, did you just yell at me?”


Baekhyun immediately cowers on his spot, his fingers grabbing at the side of his pants. “N-no, Ma’am. I’m sorry.”


“Hey, Kyungpoo,” you whisper, nudging your shoulder against Kyungsoo’s narrow one. “Control your woman. My husband’s about to be eaten alive.”


“I’ve never seen her this pissed-off before,” Kyungsoo hisses back. “I’m not gonna take my chances on this.”


Mrs. Song gives Baekhyun another scolding look before she huffs and decides what she wants. “You’re going to help me taking care of the little kids,” she states, pointing rudely at your husband’s face.


What?” Baekhyun asks, almost shrieking, really. “D-did you say kids?” He already sounds like he’s not fond—no, like he despises the idea of having to take care of the children and that only makes Mrs. Song feel even more irked by his attitude.


“You’re just going to play with them, Bakyun, stop being a whiny brat,” she mutters impatiently.


Even when she says that he should accompany them by playing around with them, Baekhyun still hates it. After all, he’s still not used in being close to children even though he’s about to have one with you. They still scare them a little. Or a lot.


“I didn’t know there were going to be kids,” Baekhyun says. His voice suddenly becomes so little.


“Yes, of course there are kids here,” she answers, looking like she’s on the verge of rolling her eyes and Baekhyun sends you a what-is-her-problem-with-me look. “It’s visiting hours, Bakyun. Families are here to check on their older members. Of course, there would be children here. Ask them to play with you so they won’t bother their grandparents too much. Kids don’t know boundaries these days. Just like you and the way you dress.”


Baekhyun winces slightly from being so uncomfortable and his cheeks are a bit flustered. You hold a hand over your mouth to stop you from laughing because, God, the sight of your husband being bullied by an old woman is enough to amuse you for the rest of the day. You know you’re being mean to him, but this is just too funny. Even Chanyeol is already grinning from ear-to-ear at him. This is what Baekhyun gets for being snarky to Kyungsoo earlier. They say karma doesn’t wait for long until it strikes you back on the head. And apparently, on Baekhyun’s case, that’s true.


“M-my name is Baekhyun, not Bakyun,” your husband says with a low voice, almost like he’s murmuring when he corrects the chubby woman.


“Speak up, young man, I can’t hear you,” Mrs. Song firmly scolds. “And set your back straight. Don’t slouch and don’t pout, you’re not cute and you’re certainly not a five year old, are you? Unless you’re aiming to be the Korean version of Hunchback of Notredame then I can’t help you.”


Baekhyun gapes, his eyes are wide in disbelief. Chanyeol has completely stopped his grumbling at this point, cackling to himself when Baekhyun almost literally hides himself behind you.


“Mrs. Song,” Kyungsoo interrupts, his eyes soft and gentle. “Don’t you think you’re being a little bit too mean to him?”


You shift closer to where Baekhyun is standing and rub his back to ease his pain from the sudden strike of harsh words. “My mother never even said that to me,” Baekhyun says and you hold back a smile, patting his hair. “There, there, Baekgu.”


“Mean?” Mrs. Song actually gasps, as if she didn’t intend to come out like that at all. “Oh dear, was I being too mean? I was just trying to send some supportive messages to him. Oh, Bakyun, I am terribly sorry if I made you feel that way,” she says, looking at Baekhyun with genuine sad eyes.


“My name is Baekhyun!” The man says, a bit scowling at her and he really shouldn’t have done that because that only seems to piss her off a little more. “BYUN. BAEKHYUN! And no, I am not yelling at you, I am so sorry,” he adds immediately, lowering his head down once again.


“It’s rude to glare at people, my dear. Oh Jesus, you’re going to give me a headache. And yes, that’s what I said, Bakyun,” Mrs. Song says, and this time, she does roll her eyes. “God, kids these days just never really listen, do they?”


Baekhyun eyes you again, sending an SOS. ‘Seriously, what the hell is her problem?’ he mouths and you really laugh this time.


“Now, come on, kids, we don’t have all day,” Mrs. Song says, circling a stethoscope around her short neck. She throws a warm smile to Chanyeol and taps Kyungsoo on the shoulder as she prepares to take her leave. “I’m going to do some medical check ups on some patients upstairs. If there’s anything you need, you can look for me or my assistant Taewoo on the front office, okay?”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Kyungsoo says, bowing a little.


“Excellent! I’ll see you lovely kids soon~” She waves a hand before she walks away with her stubby fingers still holding Chanyeol’s wrist. Before the two of them disappear into another room, you can see Chanyeol’s pleading face that says something like ‘Guys, help! I think I’m about to be molested by a fifty-year old lady!’


“Is it okay to leave him alone with her?” you ask, just out of curiosity.


“He’s going to be fine.” Kyungsoo laughs and waves you off. “Mrs. Song may come off a bit weird to some people, but she’s actually really nice.”


“I don’t know…” Baekhyun’s words trail. He has a hand over his heart. “I don’t know what just happened but I feel like I just got stabbed over and over again.”


“Aaw, you big puppy,” you say, squishing your husband’s cheeks. “It , doesn’t it? To finally realize that you can’t always charm everyone with your looks? To be the receiving end of someone’s sassy attitudes?”


He nods many times with a big pout on his lips. “I am never going to be snarky again,” he says, “Sassy Baekhyun’s tour ends here, I swear.” Baekhyun lends out a serious promise but you only snicker at him in return.


“Well, a not-sassy Baekhyun is what the world needs, I guess,” you say, giggling.


Baekhyun glowers at you but stops to whine some more. “But seriously, did I do something wrong? I haven’t even insulted her like I did to Poo over there.”


Kyungsoo laughs because Baekhyun just went back to his y self all over again with that one last line. He raises his hands in the air and says, “Hey, don’t bring me into this.”


“And believe me,” Baekhyun isn’t stopping, “I had like, three hundreds insults to say about her horrible eye shadows in my mind. And don’t even get me started on the way she wears her eyeliner. Jesus Christ.”


Aaaand you’re being sassy again,” you sigh. “It hasn’t even been ten seconds and you’re already the world’s biggest jerk.”


“You’re right.” Baekhyun actually has the decency to look guilty. “I’m sorry. But you know it’s true.”


You only roll your eyes in return.


Kyungsoo places a hand on your husband’s shoulder. “Mrs. Song wasn’t serious. Don’t let her words get to you, buddy.”


“Get your hand off me.” Baekhyun scowls at him, practically setting Kyungsoo’s hand on fire by the way he’s glaring at it. “And don’t call me buddy, buddy.”


“I’m sorry, I meant Baekhyun-sshi,” Kyungsoo obediently corrects his words but he exchanges a knowing look with you and you smile because apparently, Kyungsoo already knows how to handle your husband’s sassiness. “Come on, I’ll take you guys to the main room.”




The care facility, to be completely honest, is perfectly homey and warm although it could use more air freshener in here. The main hall earlier looks a bit dull, considering the walls are just plain white and the grayish-carpeted floors only add more paleness to the scenery. But the main room that Kyungsoo is currently showing to you is a big space that’s completely different from it. The walls are peach colored and the floors are chocolate brown. The best sight would be the botanic garden that’s stretched widely behind the big window that almost covers the whole wall at the backside of the room. The trees aren’t tall but they’re enough to cover the sunlight from being too hot on your skin. Small plants with colorful flowers are perfectly designed to decorate the side of the terrace that leads straight to a small pond. You can see some children playing around a statue of a woman that carries a vase in her arms. Small waterfalls flow from there and there’s a little girl with choppy bangs trying to dip her hand into the water. She giggles to herself when her fingers get splashed and runs happily to her mother who stands on the side with an amused look on her face.


The room itself consists of two long couches facing each other at the middle of the room, and there are some elderly there who are looking a bit sleepy as they lock their eyes to the TV screen. Two old men are spotted playing chess with each other at the corner of the room, while some women with white hairs chat quite animatedly (despite their old ages) about something. When Kyungsoo’s face enters their vision, they smile widely, showcasing their not-there-anymore teeth while they wave at him.


“Kyungsoo,” one woman calls and Kyungsoo immediately approaches her with another warm smile. They hug and you feel your heart getting a bit warmer at the sight. “Are you bringing your friends over?”


“Yes, Mrs. Jung,” Kyungsoo replies, taking your hand and pull you forward so he can introduce you. You bow and share a smile with them. Those women smile back and even offer you a bit of their late afternoon snack, which you decline politely because 1. you don’t know what the hell that is (but you guess it’s some kind of an oat meal), and 2. that looks immensely disgusting.


“And this is Byun Baekhyun,” Kyungsoo gestures his hand toward your husband who stands awfully, and unfamiliarly, quiet for these past few minutes.


“H-hello,” Baekhyun says, raising one hand awkwardly. You raise an eyebrow toward him and when the women begin to speak with Kyungsoo again, you ask him what’s wrong.


“This is awkward as ,” Baekhyun says and you glare at him for swearing. “Oh come on, Sweetheart, you don’t expect me to behave nicely when this place reeks of old people. You know how uncomfortable I am when I’m stuck in an environment where I can’t be snarky.”


“I think you’re doing fine,” you reply flatly.


“You can’t leave me here,” your husband insists. “I can’t hang around in here by myself! What am I going to talk about with them? How to floss your teeth when you don’t have any?”


“First of all, that’s rude,” you hiss back, whispering to his ear and he only groans in return. “Second of all, relax, Mr. Grumpy Pants. You don’t have to deal with them, remember? Your mission is to play with the kids.”


“You mean those kids?” Baekhyun winces, glancing to his side. There's one grandfather, sitting on his wheelchair and although he looks tired, he’s still laughing with five kids that are surrounding him with excited smiles.


“Grandpa, tell us again about that pirate with one eye!” One boy with eyes too big for his face shouts as he jumps on his feet. His other little friends shout in agreement and the old man only chuckles and raises one hand to calm them down. “Later, okay, boys? Grandpa wants to take a nap.”


“But Grandpaaaa~” the kids pout at the same time and the five boys start nagging and pulling on their grandpa’s hands. “We want to hear the story now! Now, Grandpa, NOW!”


“Yep,” you say, nodding once. “Grandpa wants to take a nap and Byun Baekhyun will help Grandpa take his nap.”


“Oh me sweet baby Jesus,” Baekhyun mutters under his breath. “You can’t be serious. They’re just as worse—if not more! And they’re the exact type of children I hate the most too! Whiny and bratty.”


“They actually sound a bit like you, to be honest,” you say, and when Baekhyun sends you an incredulous look, you feel the need to explain. “Or a lot ‘cause, you know, they’re pushy and they can’t help their constant nagging when they want something.”


“I don’t do that!” Baekhyun snaps back, a bit too loud, which is why the whole room’s attention is now being placed on him.


“Is there something wrong, Baekhyun-sshi?” Kyungsoo asks, and he looks genuinely worried.


“U-uh…” Your husband swallows hard, looking around with an eerie smile. “N-nothing, I was just… talking about how… lovely you guys look.” When he brings his eyes back to you, he glares and hisses in a much quieter voice, “They’re not lovely, they’re creepy! Now get me out of here!”




“Get me out of here, please.”


“Still no.”




“What did I say about you being pushy again?”


“Ugh, God!” He looks like he’s about to kneel down on the floor and scream dramatically. “You’re lucky I love you because otherwise I would’ve jumped through the window and saved myself from this hellhole.”


“Yes, I’m very lucky indeed,” you mutter with a blank face and Baekhyun glares menacingly at you.


“Well, I should be going,” Kyungsoo says, smiling one last time to the two old women. “I have to go back to the kitchen and help prepare the food for your lunchtime. I will see you soon, Mrs. Jung, Mrs. Ahn.”


The women actually giggle (yes, you read that right. Somebody seems to have a crush on Kyungsoo without remembering how to be subtle about it) and wave their hands as he excuses himself.


“Come on, are you ready to go?” Kyungsoo asks you and even though you want to say yes, you’re a bit worried about Baekhyun’s condition (he’s been sending you an HELP-THIS-IN-AN-EMERGENCY look toward you for a while) and you just can’t leave himself alone when he’s being this uncomfortable. Kyungsoo reads your expression and turns around to take a glance at Baekhyun who stares at his surrounding like he’s about to, excuse the word, himself right then.


Kyungsoo lightly chuckles. “He’s not used to this kind of situation, is he?” he asks and you shake your head. “Okay, well, I can stay and company him here if you’re willing to help Haeri in the kitchen.”


That sounds like a great idea, except the fact that Baekhyun seems to loathe Kyungsoo at the moment. “Shouldn’t I be the one who stay here?” you ask. “No offense but he kind of hates you.”


“Oh, is that so? So you think he’s not constantly glaring at me because he’s attracted to my adorable look?” Kyungsoo teasingly asks. “Well, I am sad.”


You place your hands on your hips. “Are you being sarcastic with me, Do Kyungsoo?”


He smiles timidly. “It depends. Will I win Baekhyun’s sympathy if I’m being one?”


“You’ll win Baekhyun’s fist on your face, that’s for sure,” you say, “But you’re free to try.”


The man softly laughs. “Well, maybe I’ll just be myself then,” Kyungsoo says, “I know he hates me but it’s the more reason why I should stay here and get to know him better, right? Maybe we can get along if we talk more often.”


You sigh but your lips curve into a smile. “I’ve forgotten how optimistic you are when you’re handling things,” you utter and he throws a sheepish smile. “Well, okay, Kyungpoo, if you’re okay with it. The kitchen is in the back, right?”


“Yeah, you just need to turn left,” Kyungsoo says, showing you the direction with his hand.


“Got it,” you say, patting his shoulder. “Thanks for doing this, Kyungpoo.”


“No worries,” he replies, grinning back.


“Hey, Baek,” you call and Baekhyun fidgets a little before he turns to look at you. “Change of plans. Kyungsoo’s gonna stay with you here. I’m doing the cooking by myself.”


“I—I’ll go with you,” he says and you only laugh from seeing how eager he is.


“No,” you firmly say with a hand splayed on his chest. “You’ll be a good boy and stay here and play while mommy cooks you some food, all right, Honey?”




Baekhyun,” you call him with more pressure on your tone. “Take this as a chance for you to practice being around little kids. We’re about to have one on our own, right? Get used to them.”


Baekhyun exhales heavily, looking helpless and frustrated but he finally nods when you gently pat his cheek. Truth to be told, Baekhyun looks as if he’s calming down a little when he knows that he’s not going to be here all by himself. And it’s funny that he looks so relieved even when his other company is the man that he hates. Well, the man Baekhyun thinks he hates, would be more fitting in this context.


You stand on your tiptoes, kiss Baekhyun on his temple and throw him a smile before you walk away. “I’ll see you soon, Baekgu.”




“Hyunwoo!” Kyungsoo shouts when the five-year-old boy runs pass him. “Don’t run in the hallway!”


“Okay, Hyung!” Hyunwoo shouts back, waving his tiny hand that’s dirty with crayons he played with earlier. He slows his steps, but just barely, and continues move forwards to the back garden where he can join the rest of the kids playing catch-and-throw with a small rugby ball Kyungsoo had brought from home.


“Jesus Christ, they never stop moving, do they?” Baekhyun asks, already losing his strength as he walks behind Kyungsoo. The man has spent approximately twenty-two minutes just to get the children away from their grandfather who, by the way, claimed that he wanted to take a nap but really, he just wanted to get a private time watching re-runs of The Heirs in the living room. Baekhyun was annoyed by that fact and Kyungsoo wasn’t fast enough to stop his sassy mouth from saying, “Really, old man? You’re ditching your grandchildren to watch Park Shin-Hye on TV? Shame on you.” And when Kyungsoo was about to apologize on his behalf, the grandfather threw Baekhyun an incredulous look. “Oh, young man. Nobody watches this for Park Shin-Hye and you know it. But I can give you interesting facts about Lee Min-Ho if you want. That man resembles me so much when I was young,” the old man said which successfully made Baekhyun’s jaw drop to the ground. “Don’t tell me. Please don’t tell me,” Baekhyun had begged and Kyungsoo only laughed at the side.


It was the round-eyed man’s brilliant idea to lure the kid with the rugby ball. Kyungsoo asked them to play with it at the backyard and their eyes suddenly went wide in excitement and just as easy as that, Kyungsoo had those kids running to the small garden with enough room for them to play. Kyungsoo asked Baekhyun to come along and after enough grumbling—and sending a rude message to the old man that he should “take a nap, you , or I’ll paint something on your bald head.”—the eyeliner boy followed him. It was probably going to be easier if the children actually just ran straight to the garden and didn’t suddenly initiate playing tag-you’re-it while they scurried over there. Baekhyun had been the It for almost an hour, failing to catch anybody (Kyungsoo offered himself to be caught but Baekhyun didn’t want to be pitied) because of his lack of will and generally weak stamina. The kids ran all over the place—literally. Baekhyun had to drag his feet from one patient’s room to another, just to check if there were any kids hiding behind their doors or under their beds. The game was turning into a hide-and-seek game and Baekhyun had had enough. Especially when the youngest child—Kim Yoonchan, four years old—thought that glue was a proper substitute for hair gel. So when Baekhyun caught him by the waist earlier—laughing maniacally as he did so and screaming, “NOW YOU’RE IT, YOU LITTLE PAIN IN THE !”—Yoonchan started yanking on Baekhyun’s hair for self-defense. It was just Baekhyun’s bad luck because the child’s fingers were covered with thick glue that was in no way easy to be removed.


Let’s just say that Kyungsoo’s effort in untangling Yoonchan’s hands from Baekhyun’s hair ended with a lot of childish giggles from the kid’s side and a big amount of screaming from the poor older guy.


“I’m about to die,” Baekhyun says, tottering slowly until he finds a safe spot at the side of the garden where he can sit on the green grass and groan loud and long. “This is torture! Kill me, Kyungsoo, just kill me!”


The said man only chuckles at him, taking a seat beside him. It’s great that the weather is nice, all clouds with enough sun to keep them warm, because otherwise the grass would be damp and Kyungsoo’s not sure Baekhyun will like wearing soaked jeans. He’s already handling enough amount of Baekhyun’s whining today. He could really use less of it.


“So,” Kyungsoo says, stretching out his legs. His eyes never leave the children that are now throwing one ball to another. “Is this your first time spending time with kids?”


“For this long, yeah,” Baekhyun answers, tilting his face up and basks himself underneath the warm sunlight. “I’ve always thought kids were annoying but I didn’t think they could be this annoying.”


“Really?” Kyungsoo smiles at him. “I think you’re enjoying Yoonchan’s company really well.”


“Are you ting me?” Baekhyun throws him a snarky glance. “The kid almost ripped out my hair!”


Kyungsoo actually smirks at him. “Oh, I don’t know. I think you guys had fun earlier. Here, let me call him so you can play more. YOONCHA—”


“!” Baekhyun hisses, already has one palm against Kyungsoo’s mouth. “Are you freaking insane?! Don’t call him!” But Kyungsoo only laughs until his eyes turn into crescents and Baekhyun finally realizes that the man was just joking around.


“Well, you’re one annoying son of a ,” Baekhyun says, shoving the other man away until he lays on his back on the ground, still laughing. “You’re an , Soo.”


“What, it’s not Poo anymore?” Kyungsoo teases, rising himself on his elbows.


“Oh, shut up.” Baekhyun looks away and directs his glare toward Yoonchan who is jumping on his little feet, trying to catch the ball that his brother threw at him. “Look at that little , there’s no way he could catch—” Baekhyun stops midway when he witnesses Yoonchan falling face first on the grass from trying too hard to catch the ball. For a moment there, Baekhyun almost leaps out from his spot, as if he wanted to check the kid’s condition, but when the four year old raises his face with a huge grin on his lips and no cuts on his skin, Baekhyun sits back again. His chest heaves down in relief. “That idiot,” he mumbles to himself, smiling secretly as he continues watching Yoonchan’s tiny back running across the field.


Kyungsoo blinks his eyes once and manages to stop himself from staring even longer at the other man before Baekhyun can realize him. He sits back on his and hugs his knees to his chest. “Well, I guess I can understand why your wife loves you so much,” Kyungsoo says to Baekhyun’s surprise.




“You’re a nice person,” Kyungsoo says, glancing at him to send him a smile. “I mean, we both have to admit that you’ve been nothing but mean to me since the first time we met. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you if I ended up hating you.”


“Hey, it’s all because of your own damn fault,” Baekhyun snaps back, feeling insulted.


“Really?” Kyungsoo asks, putting on a smug smile. “Do tell me which part of this is my fault.”


“Well, first,” Baekhyun starts counting on his fingers. “You look dumb. Second, you wear turtlenecks. I hate guys wearing turtlenecks. Third, you have that mean old hag, Mrs. Song, wrapped around your fingers so you must be a child of Satan.”


“What?” Kyungsoo laughs loudly. “That’s ridiculous! Those aren’t even the proper reasons for somebody to hate on someone.”


“Well, you’re my wife’s first boyfriend,” Baekhyun finally admits the truth. “How’s that for a reason?”


Kyungsoo’s laughter redeems into a soft smile. “Finally, you admit it. I know you’re pissed off because of that.”


“Yeah, now leave me alone,” Baekhyun says, looking away from the man with a grumpy huff. Not a second later, he slaps one hand to the ground before he stands up abruptly. “For God’s sake, YOONCHAN, PUT THAT ROCK AWAY FROM YOUR MOUTH!”


The little boy with chubby cheeks tilts his head toward Baekhyun’s voice and he only waves a hand at him, giggling before he shoves the dirty rock back into his mouth.


“Jesus freaking—YOONCHAN!” Baekhyun already runs in a speed of light—okay, fine, not really, but he wishes he did so he could knock his fist against the stupid kid’s head.


Kim Yoonchan cries until mucus is running through both holes of his nose when Baekhyun snatches the rock away from him and throws it to the pond. The small thing disappears under the water and the four year-old boy manages to kick Baekhyun’s shin with his tiny feet before he squats low to the ground and cries to his hands.


“Baekhyun-hyung is a meanie!” He sobs loudly to his palms. “Hyung threw away Yoonchan’s rock!”


“Because you tried to eat it, you idiot!” Baekhyun barks back and when Yoonchan tries to kick him again, the man hoists the little one up by his waist and he kneels down so their eyes are on the same level.


“Hey, midget, listen to me,” Baekhyun says, wrapping his fingers along Yoonchan’s tiny wrists to keep them away from his face. “You’re a man. And a man shouldn’t cry like a baby like that, do you understand me?”


“But you’re mean,” Yoonchan sobs, his nose looks red and his eyes are big and watery. “You’re mean to Yoonchan and Yoonchan hates Baekhyun-Hyung because he’s mean and he threw away Yoonchan’s rock!”


“Okay fine, I’m sorry!” Baekhyun exclaims after he rolls his eyes impatiently. “I’m sorry I threw your rock and I’m sorry for being mean to you. There! Happy?”


Yoonchan sniffles loudly and gazes at Baekhyun with his huge, kicked-puppy eyes. “You mean it?”


Baekhyun tries to resist the Yoonchan’s-Cute-Attack by avoiding the little one’s eyes. “Y-yes, I do.”


“You really mean it?” Yoonchan starts tugging at the hem of Baekhyun’s shirt.


Goddammit, the aegyo force is strong in this one. “Yes.”


“You really, reaaaallllyyyyyy mean it?”


“For God’s sake, yes!” Baekhyun mutters loudly, throwing his hands in the air. “Yes, I mean it! Now shut up and be a man!” But his shout startles the little boy and Yoonchan starts to cry again.


“Oh no, no, no, no, don’t cry,” the man immediately says but to no avail, the child cries even harder, whining loudly into the air. “Yoonchan, come on, I’m sorry. Hyung didn’t mean to shout, okay? I’m sorry, please don’t cry—” Baekhyun’s line ends in a yelp and a muffled “!” (because Baekhyun knows not to swear in front of kids) when Yoonchan’s foot connects with his shin again. “Ugh, God! That hurts like a bitc—” Baekhyun catches himself. “I mean, that hurts a lot.”


Yoonchan pouts and turns around, giving the older man only his back to stare at. “Meanie,” he murmurs, rubbing the tears away from his eyes.


Damn, this kid sure has a lot of attitudes, Baekhyun groans in his mind before he places his hands on Yoonchan’s shoulder and turn him back around. “Yoonchan,” he bribes him with a softer voice. “I’m sorry. Forgive me?”


“Hmph!” The kid huffs loudly and looks away from Baekhyun’s face with some sass in it. Yoonchan has his arms folded on his chest and he tilts his tiny chin up arrogantly.


Baekhyun sighs and tries to comfort the kid before he starts kicking him again. “Yoonchan, Hyung didn’t throw your rock to be mean. I was trying to keep you safe.”


“Safe?” Yoonchan asks, slowly glancing back at him. His snot is going down to his upper lip and though Baekhyun’s a bit grossed by it, he wipes the mucus from the little boy’s face with the end of his sleeves.


“Yes, because rocks are dirty,” Baekhyun says, now wiping the hint of dirt on the side of Yoonchan’s cheek. “You can’t put them in your mouth like that. You’ll get sick.”


“Yoonchan will get… sick?” the boy asks, tilting his head adorably.


“Yes, so don’t put them in your mouth, okay? Rocks aren’t food, you know,” Baekhyun says and when Yoonchan keeps pouting at him, Baekhyun tries to smile and pat the little one’s head. “Look, Baekhyunnie-Hyung will give you some candies if you stop crying. How about that?”


“Candies?” Yoonchan’s eyes grow hopeful.


Baekhyun’s smile is genuine this time. He even surprises himself when he can hear his own chuckles. “Yep, candies.”


Yoonchan’s lips form a wide grin. “Strawberry candies, Hyung?”


“Err…” , I only have mint. “Yeah, sure. Strawberries. Whatever. I’ll give them to you after lunch.”


“Really, Hyung?”




“Really, reaaaallllyyyyy, Hyung?”


Baekhyun is about to shoot himself with a gun. “Yes, oh my super lovely little chibi, Kim Yoonchan,” the man says, forcing a laugh although he has to pinch himself to keep his irritation away. “Really.”


Yoonchan doesn’t sense Baekhyun’s irked expression. Innocently, the child begins to laugh, and Baekhyun feels something stirs behind his chest. The little boy’s excitement is enough to make him jump into Baekhyun’s hug, circling his tiny arms around the man’s neck. “YAAAAY! CANDIEEEEESSS!” He screams and Baekhyun winces because the kid is shouting right beside his ear. “YOONCHAN LOVES BAEKHYUNNIE-HYUNG SOOOO MUCH!”


And before Baekhyun can react, he can feel a pair of lips on his cheek. Yoonchan pecks him like a child giving his mother a kiss and Baekhyun should’ve felt grossed out because the kid’s lips are gross and possibly still layered with his snots. So it startles Baekhyun when he finds out that no, it’s really not annoying or gross at all.


When Yoonchan climbs away from his embrace to join his brothers—screaming, “GUYS! GUYS! BAEKHYUN-HYUNG SAID HE’D GIVE ME CANDIES!”—Baekhyun stands up, wipes the dirt off his jeans, and tries to keep his smile to himself. He walks back toward his previous spot, finding Kyungsoo still sitting there with an amused crooked grin on his face.


“Not a word,” Baekhyun says, already threatening him by pointing a finger to his face.


“I’m not saying anything,” Kyungsoo replies with a shrug, smiling teasingly at the other man.


Baekhyun takes a seat beside him again and punches his shoulder lightly. “Your stupid smile says it all, you asshat.”


Kyungsoo shakes his head in amusement, holding himself from saying something until Baekhyun sits beside him again. “See?” he starts, lips smiling proudly like a dad. “You’re actually very nice.”


“I’m not nice.”


“You were worried about the kid.”


“I wasn’t worried,” Baekhyun immediately spits back, his cheeks feel a bit hotter than usual. “I just didn’t want him to die on me from eating too much rocks.”




“Yes, really.”


“Really, reallllllllyyyyy, Baekhyunnie-Hyung?”


Baekhyun stares at Kyungsoo’s face until the other man can’t no longer hold back his laugh. “Okay, sorry, geez,” Kyungsoo says, holding out a hand as he wheezes. “Was that too much?”


“I don’t know. Why don’t you try saying it again?”


“You’re gonna punch me after that, aren’t you?”


“And kick you and spit on your food and perhaps throw you into that pond before we go home, but hey, it’s a good day so who knows~”


Kyungsoo shakes his head, and Baekhyun wonders if it because he’s amused or terrified. “So okay,” Kyungsoo says, still smiling a little. “Basically you got worried about the kid and now I have the proof that Byun Baekhyun is actually an angel at heart.”


“Okay eew, why are you suddenly being so gross?” Baekhyun asks, frowning as he puts safe distance between the two of them. “I’m not really homophobic but if you try to make a move on me, I can guarantee that I’ll be kicking your to China.”


“Please,” Kyungsoo scoffs, throwing him a finger.




“It’s not that! Look!” Kyungsoo immediately points at the small silver ring he wears around his ring finger. Baekhyun’s mouth shapes an ‘o’ because he obviously mistook that finger as his middle one before. “I’m already engaged to someone.”


“He must be a lucky guy.”


“Will you stop? I’m not gay!” Kyungsoo suddenly becomes brave enough to throw a handful of grass to Baekhyun’s face and to his surprise, the other man actually ends up laughing at him even when there’s some dirt on his shirt.


“I know, I know,” Baekhyun says, still laughing a bit as he wipes off the dirt from his clothes. “Well, that assures me a little at least.”


“What, you think I’m gonna snatch back your wife away from you?” Kyungsoo asks, weakly shoving his fist against Baekhyun’s shoulder. “Even if I weren’t engaged, I wouldn’t do something like that, man. Stealing somebody’s wife? That’s low.”


Baekhyun stares at him in a way that’s a mixed between a look of astonishment and admiration. “Huh,” the eyeliner guy says, poking the inside of his cheek with his tongue. “You seem to hold some great principals in life. Is that the perks of loving anyone without differentiating their genders?”


“If this is another one of your Kyungsoo-is-gay insults on me, I’m not going to comment on that.”


Baekhyun chuckles, wiping his slightly wet palms against his shorts. “Sorry, can’t help it. Expect two or three more homoual jokes coming from me because that turtleneck shirt you’re wearing? Ugh,” he groans, dramatically rolling his eyes. “Jesus will weep.”


Kyungsoo exhales impatiently but Baekhyun is able to witness some amusement being hidden in his eyes. “You know I can say the same about your eyeliner, right?”


“You mean my guyliner?” Baekhyun asks, proudly showing his eyes by blinking at them rapidly like a sassy schoolgirl. “Dude, you can’t insult my guyliners. They have some fashion sense on them. Your turtle neck shirt on the other hand, does not.”


Kyungsoo only stares at him flatly. “I’m just going to ignore that and ask you something else.”


“Okay, shoot,” Baekhyun says. “What do you want to know? How to make creative remarks? How to sound ultra seductive? How to have amazing hairstyle—because I know, you’re fascinated with my hair.”


“I’m having a hard time in trying to process how on earth do you still not find yourself to be even gayer than most people in the world.”


“Did you just—”


“But that’s not the question I wanted to ask,” Kyungsoo immediately cuts in, already smiling like an angel again and Baekhyun shakes his head in surprise.


“Well, well, Do Kyungsoo. You’re almost as feisty as me. Fascinating,” Baekhyun says, making it sound like it’s something Kyungsoo should be proud of. He definitely isn’t.


“How did you two meet, exactly?” Kyungsoo asks, soft wind ruffling his hair. “How did you guys end up falling in love with each other? I mean, no offense here, but you’re kind of a jerk—”


“Well, no offense here too but your lips look like Nicky Minaj’s —”


Kyungsoo just continues smoothly with his words, despite being the receiving end of Baekhyun’s unstoppable sassy attack. “And forgive me, Mr. Byun, but I don’t think the falling-in-love-at-the-first-sight thing works well when the person you’re supposed to fall in love with is made of nothing but sarcasm and snarky attitudes with a rattlesnake as his tongue. Oh and when he also dresses like a third-class gigolo.”


Baekhyun gapes, his jaw almost touching the ground. Kyungsoo prepares himself for a punch on the face or a kick to his stomach. Baekhyun can try to injure him in anyway possible and he would be prepared for it. So when the eyeliner guy suddenly takes his hand with both of his and grabs it tightly as he stares into his soul with so much adoration in his eyes, Kyungsoo is speechless.


“Do Kyungsoo,” Baekhyun says, his eyes sparkle with excitement. “I believe you’re my long-lost brother.”


“W-what?” Kyungsoo asks, glancing at their intertwined hands awkwardly. “Why?”


“Because nobody uses the term ‘third-class gigolo’ but me.” Then with that, Baekhyun gives him a manly hug and slaps his back twice with enough force to make the poor guy wince. “I like you, Do Kyungsoo. It’s like I’m staring into the mirror.”


Kyungsoo hasn’t yet to choose which one he likes better: being constantly insulted by Byun Baekhyun or being called as his, quote, “long lost brother”. Both of them don’t seem too appealing at the moment.


“It’s not a romantic story, if that’s what you want to know,” Baekhyun answers with a sigh to the thin air, but his lips stay curved up when he stares to the sky and speaks more. “She was a friend of my roommate and one night, we drank a lot and we were about to have ‘cause you know,” Baekhyun waves one hand casually in the air, “That’s what drunk people do, right?”


“What, have with each other?” Kyungsoo scoffs. “Not likely. When I’m drunk, I like to go home early, take a shower and some aspirin before I sleep the night off.”


Baekhyun snorts back at him. “Well, that’s because you’re a nerd and no girls would want to you even when they’re drunk because they know you prefer more than their s.”


“Strike one,” Kyungsoo says, giving him a look. “You can only say one more homoual joke to me.”


“I said two or three.” Baekhyun smirks and punches back when Kyungsoo kicks his ankle. “Where was I? Oh yeah! So, I was about to have with her, right? I went to her room, we made out, but then she threw up on my shoes then passed out on her bed. I had promised myself that I would never talk to her again but then fate decided to come in and messed it all up and before I know it, she’s already my wife and I love her to the moon and back. Crazy, huh?”


Kyungsoo gives him an incredulous look before he smiles and rubs his forehead. “Boy, you sure weren’t kidding when you said it wasn’t a romantic story,” he comments and Baekhyun only shrugs in return.


“What about you?” the slanty-eyed guy asks and Kyungsoo actually needs more than two seconds to process that Baekhyun is actually interested in knowing his relationship with you.


“Really funny,” Kyungsoo almost laughs but then he notices there’s no hilarity behind Baekhyun’s eyes. “Oh wait, you’re serious.”


“Dude, I know I said I liked you,” Baekhyun says, staring impatiently, “But if you’re gonna be dumb all the time, that’s not going to stop me from giving you a wedgie in front of those kids.”


“You’re gonna give them a bad example.”


“Don’t worry. I used to give wedgies to Chanyeol all the time. I’m an expert.”


“I meant about bullying people!”


“Nah, kids bully one another all the time.” Baekhyun waves him off casually. “It’s a part of growing up.”


Kyungsoo finally concludes that it will probably take ten years for someone to finally be able to deal with how Byun Baekhyun thinks and behaves. That man is outrageously irritating, though he does have his charm in some ways.


“You haven’t answered my question,” Baekhyun reminds. “When did you start thinking dirtily about my wife?”


“I’m not comfortable with this question.”


“I’m not comfortable with your gay vibe but you don’t see me avoiding your words, do you, Do Kyungsoo?”


“Strike two, Mr. Byun.”


“Aaw, ~ Only one more homo joke left!” Baekhyun groans dramatically and punches the ground to demonstrate his loss. “I should’ve used it wiser!”


“O… kay…” Kyungsoo utters, not amused. “Yeah anyway, it’s a lame story about first love. It’s sappy and perhaps doesn’t make any sense. You don’t want to hear it, I promise.”


“Hey, try me,” Baekhyun says, patting Kyungsoo’s shoulder to show his sympathy. “Dude, I’ve dealt with more horrible stories about first loves. You’ve never heard about the world’s dumbest couple that cried over , have you?”


Kyungsoo squints his eyes, frowning deeply as he raises his hands in the air. “What even—”


Exactly.” Baekhyun nods, patting him again. “Now go tell your big brother Baekhyun-Hyung about your first love, my dear sweet-but-creepy Soo.”


Kyungsoo knits his eyebrows in disapproval, not exactly comfortable with the way Baekhyun is being extremely creepy at the moment, but then he sighs and gives in.


“Well, it’s nothing special really,” Kyungsoo starts, staring at the knees he’s hugging to his chest as he retells his memory. “We were both so young and she was my best friend. She used to sit behind me in class and everyday, in the middle of a lesson, she always poked my back with the end of her strawberry pink pencil and I turned my head around to her. And then she just smiled and said, ‘made you look~’” Kyungsoo begins to smile as the scene flashes back to his eyes. “It’s dumb and I should’ve felt annoyed because of it but I didn’t because we were so close with each other and we always craved for each other’s company.”


Baekhyun has enough amounts of snarky remarks he could throw at him at the moment but his words die on his tongue when he sees how open Kyungsoo’s face currently looks like. He appears like he’s not even there, as if his body was here, sitting beside Baekhyun, but his mind was somewhere else, possibly trapped in the younger version of him as he experiences his first love all over again.


“We used to study together after the last period ended,” Kyungsoo continues, a timid smile playing on his lips. “We did that almost everyday and I had never thought of her in a romantic way. Sure, I knew she was beautiful from the very start, and cute too for most of the times, but she’d never attracted me in that way before. But then, one day, a strange thing happened. I was reading some new formulas in my textbook and she was humming this song that should’ve been able to annoy the hell out of me but I actually found it to be comforting. Then she called my name and I looked up, expecting another one of her childish pranks, but then I saw her smiling at me and...” Kyungsoo stops, producing this soft sound that rings like a mixed between a chuckle and a longing sigh. “Just like that, my world suddenly stopped right there.”


Baekhyun couldn’t even blink his eyes. He’s clueless and awestruck. He’s never experienced first love before—at least not in the way Kyungsoo did. But seeing and hearing him like this… It’s like Baekhyun is witnessing things through his eyes. He can actually feel how happy Kyungsoo was when he loved her that time. And Baekhyun feels jealous, but not in the way he’s supposed to be. He’s not jealous because of what you and Kyungsoo used to have in the past. He’s actually rather confident on the fact that you love him more that you ever loved Kyungsoo. No, Baekhyun’s not jealous of that.


He’s jealous of how innocent and pure the love you had with Kyungsoo.


Baekhyun never experienced any of those. He has to admit that in the beginning, it wasn’t your smile that attracted him first. It was the lust he had for you. In the beginning, he never treated you like a lady that you are. He regarded you as someone to fill his midnight urges and needs. And in the beginning, he never wanted to be friends with your personality, but only with your body.


It hurts him in some ways that Baekhyun can’t even begin to understand.


“Am I boring you?” Kyungsoo’s voice suddenly rings into his hearing zone again and Baekhyun blinks his eyes awake. He doesn’t notice that he’s been staring blankly at the other man for a long time by now.


“Y-yeah, I was just…” Baekhyun immediately looks away, heaving a breath. When he can feel Kyungsoo’s eyes boring into his back, he hurriedly stands up and straightens his shirt. “I’m gonna go check if the kids are okay.”


Kyungsoo frowns, glancing to the sight of the kids that are now playing soccer in the field with laughter on their lips. “But they’re fine—Baekhyun, where are you going?”


Baekhyun walks away, leaving the other man with so many questions. He lets his feet take him to the place he wants to go, even when his mind still can’t comprehend anything clearly.




“Oh, hi,” you say when Baekhyun appears on the kitchen’s door. He looks a bit solemn and his eyebrows are furrowed, making you concerned about his feelings. “Is there something wrong?” Baekhyun only weakly smiles back and shakes his head, indicating that he’s fine. “Okay,” you say a bit weirdly. You bring back your attention to the beansprout soup you’ve been preparing with Haeri for the last twenty minutes. The other girl who wears a pink star clip hair on her head has excused herself to go the bathroom just about a minute ago so there are only you and your husband in the kitchen area. “Aren’t you supposed to be taking care of the kids, Baek?”


Baekhyun stares almost lifelessly to the sight of you preparing small bowls on the kitchen counter after you stir the soup two times more. “Kyungsoo got them covered,” Baekhyun says, voice unusually quiet.


“You’re not bailing on your job, are you?” you ask, giving him a playful scolding look.


Baekhyun gazes back, his shoulders slumping forward. “No, I just…” He sighs, walking closer to your spot after he closes the door behind him. “I just wanted to see you.”


“It’s only been like what, two hours?” you ask, laughing softly when Baekhyun wounds his arms around your waist and lay his chin on your shoulder. “Why are you suddenly being so sappy, Baekgu?”


Baekhyun doesn’t answer. He just closes his eyes and embraces you tighter. Your movement gets limited with him clinging to your body like this, so you exhale a breath, turn off the fire on the stove and turn back in his arms.


“Okay, what?” you ask, giving him a questioning look. “Honey, I can’t work when you’re being like this. If there’s anything you want to say, say it now.”


“My insecurity is back,” Baekhyun pouts, being honest. “Can you say something to me so I can go back to being my confident sassy self again?”


You cover your mouth to stop yourself from laughing. He looks too cute to be true and somehow his cheeks look even squishier under the white yellowish light of the room. “Okay, what did Kyungsoo do to you this time?” you ask, brushing the hair out of his eyes. “What did he say that made you feel self-conscious again?”


“He told me about the way you guys fell in love with each other,” Baekhyun admits, sighing softly as if he’s regretting his whole existence in this world. “It was so innocent and pure and cute and I’m jealous.”


You graze your thumb over the seam of his lips to stop him from pouting. “Why are you jealous?”


“Because our story didn’t start like that,” he says, his puppy ears going down in dejection. “We got closer because of . I used your body to fill my ual needs, you used mine to fill yours. There was nothing like pure, innocent love at the beginning of our story. Not like what you and Kyungsoo used to have.”


“Ah, I see…” you nod your head, finally understanding the whole problem. “And now my poor white puppy is sad.”


Baekhyun nods too, jutting out his lower lip even more. “Could you please make me feel happy again?”


“Well, let’s see…” you have a finger tapping against your chin, acting like you’re thinking hard at the moment. “What if I tell you that I never really fell in love with Kyungsoo? I mean, I loved him, but… We were so young. We probably only thought that we were in love with one another.”


“Really?” His eyes widen in anticipation. “Then am I your first true love?”


You wince a little and bite your lip. “Uh, no. It was Kris.”


“Oh well great,” Baekhyun groans, leaning down and lays his forehead on your shoulder. “Now I feel like I want to die even more.”


Baekhyun can feel your chest rumbling against his when you laugh and pat his back. “You’re overreacting, little Baekgu~ Okay, fine, what if I tell you that you’re my first one night stand?”


“How is that supposed to make me happy?” he grumbles.


“What if I tell you that you’re the best I’ve ever had then?”


Baekhyun pulls back and you can see a glimmer of joy in his eyes, but the light soon disappears and he melts in your arms again. “Still not that happy,” he murmurs against your shirt. “But try saying it over and over, maybe I’ll be.”


“Oh shut up,” you say, playfully shoving his chest away.


“Don’t you push me, I’m currently vulnerable!”


“You’re currently an , Baek.”


“And I’m also fragile!”


“Okay fine, then what if I tell you that I don’t care about beginnings?” you prompt again and this time, Baekhyun backs away with a frown on his face. You caress his cheek with gentle fingers as you smile at him. “I don’t care about happy beginnings, Baekhyun. I care about happy endings. I crave for my own happy ending. And I think, I can only achieve that when I’m with you.”


Baekhyun’s eyes soften and he tilts his face so he can lean into your touch. “Go on,” he says, his lips grazing the skin of your palm.


“I’ve dated a few times before,” you say, circling your arms around his neck. “Kyungsoo, Kris, Yixing… We started happily but our relationships always ended up with break ups that took some time to heal. But you and I? We started roughly, Baek. We fought, we made fun of each other a lot, and sometimes, I have to admit, I wanted to punch you so hard until your eyeliners disappeared from your stupid face.”


Baekhyun chuckles, his voice rumbles softly through the air. “That’s not possible but I can actually feel the pain, thanks,” he says.


“You’re welcome,” you reply, patting his cheek. “Well, we didn’t have a happy start, but look at us now. I’m in love with you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else.”


“Aaw,” Baekhyun says, giggling softly. “I love you too, Sweetheart.”


“You better, you .” You pinch his lips together when he puckers them to kiss you. “’Cause I’m also carrying your baby and I hope I had turned the fire off because otherwise all we’re going to have for lunch is some soup that tastes like an old man’s .”


“You’ve turned it off,” Baekhyun assures you. “And please don’t use that reference, it’s disturbing. We’re literally surrounded by old men and the last thing I wanna do is thinking about their .”


You roll your eyes and Baekhyun thinks that the way you bat your eyelashes is beautiful. “You’re not working too hard, are you, Sweetheart?” Your husband asks, tucking a strand of your hair behind you ear. “I don’t want you to get too exhausted and—”


“You’re being a mom again, Baekkie, stop worrying.” You tiptoe your way to his lips and swallow the little snickers he produces. “Are you getting along with the kids?”


“Hmm-mm,” Baekhyun hums, after he gently nibbles your bottom lip between his teeth. When he begins to retell his story, he lets you turn around in his arms to focus back on your soup. As you turn the fire on again and begin stirring your soup, Baekhyun hugs you from the back and lays his chin on your shoulder again. “So there’s this kid named Yoonchan.”


“He somehow sounds fat.”


“He is fat,” Baekhyun approves and you stifle a laugh. “He’s so fat and ugly and so damn annoying.”


“Baekhyun,” you scold him lightly. “That’s not nice.”


“Well, it’s true—oh and also, apparently he thinks that rocks are edible. Some genius.”


“Honey, when I was four, I thought ants were edible. It’s not that big of a surprise, don’t be rude.”


“Well, then you’re lucky you’re cute,” he casually says and you scrunch up your nose and stomp his feet playfully in return. “So, about Yoonchan,” Baekhyun starts again after he tickles you around the waist. “I tried to hate him and there were so many reasons for me to do so but then I ended up smiling when I saw him laughing and well… I don’t know, I think I like him.”


“Aaw, you cute puppy,” you giggle, tilting your head a little to steal a kiss on his cheek. “I might be calling you two BaekChan.”


“’The hell is BaekChan?”


“Your ship name with Yoonchan.” You lift your shoulders up nonchalantly.


“Okay, that’s creepy.”


“What, I thought you said you liked the kid!”


“Yeah, but don’t you tell him that,” Baekhyun adds with a huff. “I don’t want him to cling to me all the time. Do you know he almost ripped out my hair? If I’m going bald in the next three days, you know who to blame.”


You laugh, pulling away from him a little so you can turn around to face him again. You have one hand covering your mouth from splitting too wide in a smile. “See?” you say. “I knew you’d be great with children.”


Baekhyun throws a casual shrug and a little smug smile on his face. “You think I can get close with our kid one day?” he asks. “I mean, I’m not saying I’m already used to having children around me, but I just… I don’t know, it doesn’t feel that awful anymore.”


You cup his face with both hands and smile at him. “I think our baby won’t be able to get away from you from day one they set a foot in this world,” you say and you have to admit that it surprises you a little to see him blushing at your words. You let him stare at you with adoration in his eyes before you lean in to claim those pouty lips again.


“Feeling better, Baekgu?” you whisper against his lips and he chuckles. He catches you by the waist when you’re about to pull away from the kiss. “Thank you,” Baekhyun murmurs, kissing the tip of your nose before he goes back to your lips. “You’re amazing. You always know what to say to me.”


“Of course, I do. I’m your wife,” you say, smirking.


“Yes, you are. You’re my wife~”


“Stop it.”


“What, I’m just repeating your words.”


“Yeah, but when you do it, they sound greasy,” you say, pushing his face away with your palm. “Now stop kissing me and go back to the kids.”


“I will. Just give me one more,” he says and kisses you again—deeper this time. You’re mumbling something about how inconvenient it is to have a quick make-out session in this old kitchen—especially when the fire is still on for God’s sake!— when Haeri suddenly comes in and startles you two with a gasp.


“Oh my—” She covers her eyes and quickly turns around to avoid further embarrassment. “I’m—I’m sorry, I didn’t know you two were, uh, b-busy…”


“Haeri-sshi, it’s fine,” you assure her with an awkward laugh while you smack your palm against Baekhyun’s face—again, only harder because the first time didn’t work so well—to stop him from kissing your face. “It’s my fault, we shouldn’t have—Baek, just go back to your job!”


Your husband laughs and pecks your cheek. “Okay, okay, I’m leaving. Don’t miss me,” he says, giggling like a little boy. You roll your eyes at him. He pats Haeri once at the back as he sees his way out (which makes her jump again on her feet) and smiles blindingly at her. “Hey, Haeri! Take care of my little wifey for me, okay~”


“Please, ignore him. He’s an embarrassing little ,” you say, staring hopelessly at his back with a soft smile on your face. Somehow, you’ve become even happier and that’s ridiculous because Baekhyun is a whiny guy who constantly needs to deal with his insecurities almost everyday. He just finds the way to be cute while he’s at it.


Such an embarrassing little , indeed.



HEEEEEEYYYY HERE'S THE NEW CHAPTEEEER~ See? I told you I'd update once a month! I kept my promise, right? hehe~

Anyway this chapter is basically just a huge amount of (fail) fluff and some baeksoo's bromance moments because I know you guys want to know more about the dude. I'm sorry if you were expecting something more than this but this is all I could write for you in a short amount of time. Guys, I'm so busy I don't think I'll be able to write as often as I want anymore. So just in case I won't be able to keep my promise to post a new chapter in the next month, here's the sign of my apology for you: click this link! It's a one-shot story I made with my friend AlpacarisAtmosphere a few months ago. She had this great idea about a whole another universe which involves demons and supernatural stuffs like that (MAMA AU, guys!). She couldn't write action scenes, so she asked me to do it and I agreed (because what's more hotter than Park Chanyeol running under the rain in a tight leather jacket AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT) and I ended up writing more pages than her LOL~ So yeah, if you guys are interested in reading supernatural boys fighting against each other, just click on that link! :D There's Baekhyun there too and I wrote him as a little scaredy-cat because Sassy Baekhyun's tour ends here, yo! I've been wanting to write a non-sassy Baek and I finally got the chance to do so in that story yaay!

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