The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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(Warning: This chapter is a long one. And when I say long, I mean REALLY LONG. Sorry for that)


Your heart thrummed against your chest and you wanted to convince yourself that your ears just played tricks on you—that no, he did not just say the word break-up. But you knew he did. Baekhyun was being perfectly clear about it.


But you had a very hard time on trying to believe it.


“Do you hear me?” Baekhyun asked, smiling in the way he could make your heart beat faster because of how gorgeous he looked. But sadly, the expression he placed on his face only made his next words sounded even more wounding. “Let’s break-up.”


You couldn’t even cry—you were too shocked with all of this. “W-why…?”


Baekhyun smiled again, pressing his lips to the back of your hand. “Just do it, Sweetheart.”’


“N-No!” You shook your head vigorously, gripping his hand like you were going to die without it. You panicked, feeling a huge lump in your throat when you spoke. “No—I don’t w-want—Why are you doing this—I don’t want to break-up with you—”


“But you have to,” Baekhyun said, taking your hand in his and pulled you up gently so you could stand on your feet. “Do it for me, please?”


But why?” You cried, almost choking up as you held on to his eerie black blazer. “Why are you—”


“So I can do it right this time,” he said, brushing your hair out of your face. “I’m begging you for another chance. Just do as I say and we’ll see how it goes, okay?”


Baekhyun’s smile was pure and comforting, and the way he looked at you made you lose yourself in his eyes for a moment until you trusted him enough and said, “Okay.”


“Great,” Baekhyun chuckled, giving a gentle pat on your head. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”


The moment he turned around and barely took a step away from you, you held on to his blazer by reflex. Apparently, the word ‘break-up’ still scared you to your bones no matter how he tried to make it sound less horrifying.


Baekhyun let out a faint chuckle as he turned around to face you again. “I’m not going to leave you,” he said, hugging you one more time and pressed a kiss on top of your head. “I’m gonna be here early in the morning to pick you up, okay?”


You buried your face in his shirt and sighed in relieve at the familiar, and fascinating scent that he emitted from his body. “Where are we going?”




“Why can’t you just stay the night here?”


“Hey,” Baekhyun called, breaking away from your hug in a gentle manner. He cupped your cheeks and lifted your face up until you could see him fully through the tears that blurred your vision. “Just go change your clothes and take an early sleep. We have a lot of things to do tomorrow.”


You saw the determination in his eyes and you knew it would just be a waste of time trying to convince him to stay when he’d already decided that he wasn’t going to. “Okay.”


“Good night, Sweetheart,” Baekhyun smiled, softly ruffling your hair as he let you go.


He wasn’t even a hand reach away from you before you ran up and grabbed him by his shirt again. You didn’t say anything but it was clear that the words ‘Don’t go’ were written in your eyes.


Baekhyun gave a small laugh. “You’re acting like a child. Let me go.”


You shook your head repeatedly, blinking away the tears from your eyes. “How do I know you won’t leave me? How do I know that this isn’t a real break-up?”


“You don’t,” Baekhyun said, gently tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. “And this is real. I am really breaking up with you.”


Every time he said those cruel words, you had to put more effort on breathing. “Then there’s no way I’m letting you go.”


Baekhyun forced you to gaze into his eyes again by pressing his delicate fingers across your jawline, tilting your face up. “But you trust me, don’t you?” he asked. He still had a tender smile on his lips, but his eyes were hard, serious, and determined.


You nodded, sighing, “Of course, I do. But—”


“Then prove it.” He settled his hands away from you. “Let me go, and have a little faith in me. Convince yourself that I won’t leave you. Prove it to me that you believe in me.


You had to bite the insides of your cheek to keep you away from sobbing back to his chest. He wanted you to prove it. That was what you should do.


So you stepped back.


“Thank you,” he said, smiling as he took a step toward the door and exited your room. “Sleep tight, Sweetheart.”




Despite what he’d told you to do, you didn’t sleep at all. How could you, really? Your boyfriend just asked you to break-up with him with no clear reason and somehow he managed to get you to agree to it. So you spent the night staring at the ceiling with empty eyes, confused mind, and painful heart, trying to repeat the part where Baekhyun looked like he was saying, ‘Breaking up with me is a good start for both of us’. But you shook your head in disagreement, because no sentence with the word ‘Baekhyun’ and ‘Break-up’ in it would sound good to you. Not now. Not ever.


On the next day, Baekhyun showed up at your door at eight in the morning. You had been counting the seconds until he came knocking on your door so you were so immensely happy to be able to see him again. You almost fell down to your knees and cried right then because God, you had never felt this relieved in your entire life before.


Baekhyun was looking as handsome as always, dressed in a casual pair of dark jeans, dirty sneakers, and a plain shirt with a charcoal coat on top of it. You dressed casually as well: a creamy colored belted trench coat, combined with dark jeans and a pair of matching boots.


“Ready to go somewhere?” he asked. His mouth quirked up as his eyes formed that cute eye smile you grew to love.


That somewhere turned out to be the dorm’s hallway—the place where you first met Baekhyun because Lu Han asked you to ‘hang out’ in here at like one or two in the morning. Today, the hallway was just as quiet and empty like how it was that night. Most of this year’s graduates had already packed their bags—ready to leave their dorms in any second, while the juniors had gone back to their houses for a long weekend. So it wasn’t really surprising to find the dormitory this empty at the middle of the day like this.


“Baekhyun, what—” You shut your mouth when Baekhyun shushed you with a finger placed on his lips.


“You know this is the place where we first met, right?” he asked and you nodded. “We played the Spin-The-Bottle game; after that you asked me to come to your room but you threw up on my shoes instead—”


“Sorry,” you said, blushing at the memory.


“It’s fine, those shoes were hideous anyway,” Baekhyun said, waving you off. “Anyway, because of that incident, I kind of hated you and you kept on bugging me—trying to pay me back with bubble tea and asked me to play truth-or-dare and so on and so on.”


You smiled as he rambled because wow, Baekhyun actually remembered perfectly those old bickering days.


“We didn’t start it off right,” Baekhyun summed up, “So now, I’m going to fix everything.”


He let go of your hand and told you to stay in the middle of the hallway. You joined your eyebrows together in confusion but you did as he said.


Baekhyun took a few steps back away from you and he had this everlasting smile glued on his beautiful lips. When he looked like he was satisfied with his current position—which was a few meters away in front of you—he grabbed his cellphone, busying himself with it while he walked towards you with confident steps.


You frowned when he kept on walking without looking to the front, “Hey, Baekhyun—”


He purposefully bumped into you, acting like it was an accident and put on a panic expression as he grabbed your waist to prevent you from falling.


“Oh crap,” he said, mouth gaping in surprise but his eyes were playful and teasing. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking. Are you okay?”


“H-huh?” you asked because seriously, what the hell is he doing?


“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Baekhyun asked again and brought you up to stand properly. “I’m sorry, I got distracted by my phone. Hi,” he offered his hand and threw one of his best lady killer smiles. “I’m Byun Baekhyun.”




Everything fell into places. You understood what he was trying to do. He really meant it when he said ‘I’m going to fix everything’.


Baekhyun raised an eyebrow, giving you a cue to play along. You nodded and smiled back, trying your best shot to act in his little drama version of his love story. You greeted back politely before you told him your name.


Baekhyun grinned in response. “So this is the part where we first met.”


“This seems a lot more innocent than the reality,” you commented and he shook his head.


This is our reality now,” he said before he checked his watch, starting to put on an act again. “Anyway, I’m so sorry for troubling you like this. You’re seriously okay, right?”


“I’m okay, Baekhyun-sshi. Are you?”


“Aaaw, I’m the one who’s at fault here and yet you still care about my condition.” He chuckled and the sound he produced was heartwarming. “You’re such a Sweetheart.”


You held a hand over your lips to contain your laugh. You couldn’t handle his cheesiness. “Aren’t you being too forward, Baekhyun-sshi? Careful, I might think that as one of your flirting attempts.”


“And what if I am flirting with you?” Baekhyun asked, wiggling his eyebrows.


“Oh my God,” you slightly laughed, “Honestly, Baekhyun-sshi, is this how you get your ways with the ladies?”


“Hmm, no, not at all,” he responded, grinning boyishly. “But this is my way of getting you.”


“Huh, what do you know?” you said, tucking a strand of your hair beside your ear. “I find you a bit cute with your eyeliners on so maybe I’ll forgive you for being this lame.”


He pressed a palm over his heart. “Ouch, but hey, as long as you’ll go out with me as soon as we finish our conversation, I’m perfectly okay with your snarky comebacks.” He offered his hand to you like a gentleman, even bending his body a little to make a polite bow. “I was just about to get some coffee. Care to join me? My treat, of course.” He smiled adoringly and offered his hand in a gentle manner.


You mirrored the way his lips curved up and took his hand with yours. “Only if you insist. But I’d rather have a nice large cup of honeydew bubble tea instead.”


Baekhyun laughed, airy and casual. “Well I know just the place.”


You thought it was just another act, but Baekhyun really took you to Oh’s Bubble Tea Shop. The place was just as cute, comfy, and as crowded as you had seen it four years ago when you forced Baekhyun to go there.


Baekhyun bought the kind of drink you wanted for you and got a cup of green tea latte for himself. He asked if you wanted to go have some breakfast there too, and you nodded so the two of you sat on a small wooden table with two matching wooden chairs, just beside the glassy window. He kept smiling at you, telling new things about him as if you two were strangers and you just played along, faking a gasp or surprised face when he told something outrageous even when you’d heard him telling that story months ago.


“And this is the part where we become friends,” Baekhyun said as he threw his empty cup to the trashcan. He took your hand again and continued walking beside you on the sidewalks.


You smiled, asking, “Just friends?”


“Don’t rush it. We’ll get there soon,” Baekhyun replied, displaying another boyish smile.


He led you back to your campus and you thought he was heading to your room, but instead, he took you to an empty classroom. When you frowned, deep in confusion, Baekhyun asked you to take a look inside the room. The door is locked so you stood on your toes, trying to take a peek from the small window right beside the door.


“This—” Baekhyun said, leaning his back to the wall and standing casually beside you. “—is the part where we get to be in the same English class.”


The moment he said it, you realized the reason of why this room felt strangely familiar to you. This was the first time you met Baekhyun again after you went out with him to pay him back for the embarrassing shoes-and-vomit thing you did. You were honestly surprised that Baekhyun still remembered small little things like this.


“So,” Baekhyun said, putting his hands inside his coat’s pockets. “On the first month of our friendship, we become closer and closer because we’re in the same English class. I , but you’re smart at it and you keep teasing me about this on and on and on.”


You let out a small chuckle.


“And then one day, we get into a fight because I’m in a bad mood—let’s just say that Chanyeol just did something stupid that annoyed the hell out of me—and I’m being childish and whiny so I throw my anger out on you. You snap back and slap me on the face—”


You held up a hand to correct him. “I honestly won’t slap someone who I just befriended for a month, no matter how big of an he is, just saying.”


“I know, but who says we can add some dramas into it?” Baekhyun retorted and you could see him smirking with that mischievous twinkle on the corner of his eyes. “I call you names, you tell me that I’m an , and Lu Han tries to stop us but he at it so I punch him because he’s annoying. Let’s say he faints after that.”


“My, my,” you fake a gasp. “Such a strong man you are.”


“Yeah, well I work-out,” Baekhyun simply retorted back and you rolled your eyes at him but he just shrugged it off and continued, “Anyway, the dude is out of the picture. And that’s our first fight. But then we make-up because our English teacher wants us to write three thousand words of things related to English’s poetry and that makes me feel like dying so I go to your room, tell you I’m sorry and you forgive me with a smile.”


“We clearly fight over stupid things,” you said, giggling.


“Well we’re young, aren’t we? We should do stupid things so we can learn from them.” He responded with the same light, cheery chuckle. “We become best friend after that. You know how I can be selfish and spoiled sometimes, and you understand that I like to say mean things to you but I don’t actually mean them. I get the part where you can be so moody from time to time and I accept every flaw you have just like how you accept mine.”


You smiled and sighed contently at the thought. “That sounds nice.”


“It does, doesn’t it?” Baekhyun chuckled and d your hand before he took a firmer grip and led you somewhere again. “Come on, I’ll take you to the next part.”


Baekhyun took you to the dance studio where you had spent hours and days breaking sweats and perfecting your dance moves until your body grew sore and your legs wobbled. Today, the studio was empty, but it wasn’t locked—perhaps the janitor was in the middle of cleaning the room but he suddenly had to go somewhere else for sudden important janitor thingy or maybe he just forgot to lock the door. Whatever. You didn’t care much about it anyway. The only thing that was swirling in your head in that moment was the question of ‘why is he bringing me here?’


Baekhyun took you inside the room and both of you walked until you reached the center of the place and he stopped right there. You followed his moves, standing still on your feet, noticing how the mirrors were covering almost every wall of the room.


Then suddenly, he took a step ahead and turned around so he could meet your eyes directly as he stood in front of you. “Close your eyes,” Baekhyun told you, showcasing his well-aligned teeth in an excited grin.


You narrowed your eyes, sending a questioning look. “Why?”


“No question!” He shook his head giddily like a puppy ready to catch a Frisbee. “Just do it, please~”


You continued frowning at him before you sighed and just did as he asked. “Fine. There. My eyes are closed.”


“Now imagine this,” Baekhyun said, taking a deep breath. “You’re currently dancing right here in this studio, practicing for one of your shows. You’re so deep in concentration and the only thing you can hear is the music you’re dancing to. You only care about how your dance moves look in the mirror and you try so hard to keep your body in perfect balance. You do not know that I’m actually here, watching you just by the door.”


“Are you stalking me?” You decided to tease.


“I’m not stalking you,” he yelled, playfully flicking your nose and you just laughed in response. “Let’s say that I was just passing by. So, back to the point here, I see that you’re dancing and even though I know you’re majoring in contemporary dance, I’ve never seen you danced before. So I get curious and I decide to stay. My eyes follow your every movement and I tap my feet against the beat.”


“That still sounds a bit stalker-ish,” you commented and even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell he was pouting. “So what do you think of my dance, Baekhyun-sshi?”


“I think you look beautiful,” he admitted and suddenly, you just couldn’t breathe as easily as before. “You look beautiful as you move your hands and feet gracefully, matching the slow beat of the songs. By watching you dance, I see the other sides of you that you haven’t shown me before. I see how you can be so fragile even when you usually put a tough look on your face. I see how you can be so gentle, so delicate, and so tender, when I know you try to mask all of that at all when you’re off stage so people won’t take advantage of you. To me, it changes everything. To me, that is the first time I fall in love with you.”


You fell quiet because the way Baekhyun described that part of his story, didn’t feel like it was just solely based on his imagination. It was as if he had been through that for real. He’d never really told you when exactly the moment he realized he loved you, and suddenly you remembered Lu Han’s words when you asked him about Baekhyun seeing you dance.


He was looking at you like he adored you. Like you were the most beautiful girl on earth. Like you were the only girl in his world.


Maybe that was it. Maybe that was the time he fell in love with you.


“And the same thing happen to me too,” you suddenly spoke before you couldn’t really think it through. “I see you playing the piano in that old, abandoned studio. Your face is open and free, and it surprises me because you always have this guarded look on your face. You look so small behind that grand piano and I feel a shiver runs through my spine when I hear you sing. Maybe that’s when I realized that I don’t want just to be your friend. I don’t want to share you with anyone. I want—”


“—you for myself,” Baekhyun finished your words, saying his feelings through them too. “I want to call you mine—to be with you, and that’s why I ask you out on a date. I take you out, hand-in-hand, to a small nice café to have an early dinner before we take a walk on the side of Han River. The night is bright and clear, but it’s a bit chilly, so I take my jacket off and place it around your shoulder.”


You smiled and opened your eyes, wrapping your arms around his body as you lay your head against his chest. You breathed out when he hugged you back and you said, “I put it on properly, realizing then that your jacket is much bigger than my size so I think I look like an idiot—”


Baekhyun laughed and corrected you, “Adorable is the right word, actually.”


“Okay, well you tell me I look adorable,” you said, inserting his word. “And I laugh when you admit it out loud that you like seeing me in one of your clothes.”


Baekhyun blushed and rubbed his nose as he cleared his throat awkwardly.


You tried not to laugh too loudly. “And then you intertwine your fingers with mine. I laugh at that moment because your nose get so red from the cold air and you look like a freezing puppy.”


Baekhyun twirled a strand of your hair around his finger as he rested his chin on top of your head. “And I give you a snarky remark, telling you that I don’t like being compared with an animal,” he said, following to your story. “We argue a little after that and then, out of nowhere, I tell you that I like you.”


You pulled back from his hug and smiled at him. “And I tell you that I like you too.”


His gaze softened and he reached forward to gently toss your hair out of your coat’s collar. “I like you so much.”


“I like you more.”


Baekhyun tried to contain his smile from breaking too wide on his lips. He continued, “And after that, I ask you to go out with me. I ask you to be more than friends and I grow nervous and anxious as I wait for your answer.”


You softly laughed. “I tell you no just to tease you. I want to look at your expression when I tell you that it’s better for us if we just stay as friends. But you pout and you look so cute but also sad like a kicked puppy so I kiss your cheek and tell you that I’d love to go out with you. I’ve actually been waiting for you to say it but I don’t tell you this. I don’t want to boost your self-esteem—you’re already an over-confident without me helping.”


Baekhyun scrunched his nose at you before he made a mess of your hair. After that, he brought his eyes down to your hands, taking one of them in his and said, “Come on, the next part is my favorite.”


Maybe he didn’t really realize it but Baekhyun was walking too fast for you to catch up so you had to run a little to match his steps. You didn’t mind at all though. Baekhyun looked so excited like a five years old on his way to get his first toy, and somehow it made him look much younger and adorable. You secretly giggled as he kept shouting, “Come on, come on, we’re almost there!”


The next place turned out to be his piano studio—the one that was old and a bit dusty with a beautiful but just-as-old grand piano in it. The two of you actually ran the whole way here so both of you had to catch your breath before someone could start the story.


Baekhyun laughed when he saw you made a mess of your hair by running like a mad person. “You look like a tornado just hit you,” he commented, swatting your bangs away from your eyes.


“Shut up,” you said, still a bit breathless. “Why are we here?”


Baekhyun exhaled deeply, and out of nowhere, he pushed you hard against the wall and kissed your lips as if he was a dying man who needed your kiss to stay alive. He kissed you in the way he could make your knees wobble and knock the air out of your lungs. He laced his right hand with your left one and brought it over your head as his other hand went down to your waist, grabbing and pulling you closer to his body even more. The first thirty seconds of the kiss was filled with passion, and Baekhyun was nothing but rush, needy, and hungry for your kiss. You felt your lips grew swollen when Baekhyun nibbled on your lower lip and parted your mouth easily with his before he brought his tongue into game. You may or may have not moaned loudly into his mouth at that moment.


When Baekhyun broke away, giving you the chance to the air you thoroughly needed, he wiped his thumb across your red bottom lip and his eyes were dazed as he stared at it. “And this,” Baekhyun said, eyes slowly reaching up to reach yours, “is the part where we share our first kiss.”


You wanted to laugh—maybe you actually did. “That’s a bit too strong for a first kiss, don’t you think?”


Baekhyun threw a sheepish smile, “Yeah well, let’s say that I’ve waited long enough for it to happen.”


You shook your head in amusement. “So our first kiss is in your music studio. Aren’t you supposed to be concentrating with your practice or something?”


“Yeah well, see,” Baekhyun tried to explain, grinning cutely. “I was practicing, but then you showed up in here, wearing nothing but my oversized shirt, so I kind of lost control of myself.”


You put your hands on your hips, playfully glaring at him. “There’s no way in hell I’m walking around only in your shirt, Baek.”


He laughed and bent down to steal a kiss from your cheek. “Let a man dream, Sweetheart.”


The trip to the music studio was worth every drop of your sweat because after that sudden make-out session, Baekhyun asked you to sit down right beside him as he let his finger danced across the piano keys. He taught you how to play the basic chords, even creating an impromptu song with three easy chords for you to follow. He looked at you with adoring eyes when you had trouble finding the right key and he laughed whenever you grew frustrated with yourself.


“Relax, it takes time to be good at it,” he said, poking your cheek when you pouted. “You think Beethoven could suddenly play Fur Elise the moment he popped out of his mother’s vajajay? I don’t think so.”


You wrinkled your nose at his random words and he kissed it away. “Ready to go to the next part, Sweetheart?”




“Where the hell is he?” you asked to the empty, cold air that surrounded you. It was already in the evening; the sun just turned the clouds to red before he walked down from his throne, asking the moon to replace him. You huffed as the day getting colder and tighten your coat around your body. Baekhyun had been gone for almost half an hour even when he’d told you that he was only going to be away for ten minutes max. You shouldn’t have trusted him and forced him to take you with him instead.


“What is he doing anyway?” you grumbled again, biting your lower lip in annoyance. You sat on one of the benches at the park, and just dragged your thoughts to the young couple that was holding hands and laughing at each other a few meter away in front of you. The boy’s haircut kind of reminded you to Lu Han’s and even though his smile was different, you could imagine the boy as him, and the girl as the one Lu Han had been chasing on in college. The one that you agreed to call Algebra Girl. You wondered whether someday, Lu Han could find her—or at least, anyone that would make him happy enough—and be together with her for the rest of his life. You had never seen Lu Han being committed to one girl, or to bravely declare that he was in love with someone—not until he met this so-called Algebra Girl. And to think that the first time he fell in love would be rejected just like that just wrenched every part of your heart. You couldn’t blame her though. She was in love with Minseok anyway, so it wouldn’t be right to take Lu Han just as a replacement. You actually admired her, to be honest, because she was able to decline Lu Han’s offer, even when her love just got crushed to the ground because Minseok was marrying someone else. Lu Han was nothing but a handsome, funny, loyal, and basically he was a nice guy—no matter how ed he could be. Many girls would throw themselves on his feet just to get a tiny part of his attention, and yet, this Algebra Girl was brave enough to turn down his love.


“I’m back!” Baekhyun’s sudden shout snapped you back from your reverie. Your heart beat faster and you almost yelped loudly but managed to hide it on the last second.


“Where the hell have you been?” you asked, scowling at him. “I feel like I’ve waited for three hours for you.”


He checked his watch. “I’ve only been away for thirty-five minutes—well, now thirty-six.”


You puffed your cheeks in annoyance. “Whatever.”


Baekhyun exhaled, creating puffs of warm breath in the air. “Hey, it’s not my fault, okay? They don’t sell flowers near here, so I had to run a couple blocks to get it.”


You raised an eyebrow in confusion. “What?”


Baekhyun sheepishly grinned when you noticed that he was holding something in his right hand behind his back.


Your scowl started to vanish from your face. “What are you hiding from me?”


Baekhyun took a deep breath and in the blink of an eye, he already held out a small, cute bucket of roses in different colors in both of his hands. He covered the fact that he was actually embarrassed by this with a loud “TA-DAAAA!” and another awkward grin.


Your frown grew even deeper as you took the flowers out of his hands. “Are you okay?” you asked, analyzing his face as it contorted into a really weird expression. “You’re… twitching.”


“I know! !” Baekhyun stomped his feet to the ground as he turned around to hide his face from your vision. “I thought this would be easy but I’m too goddamn nervous and—” he stopped to groan like someone just stepped on his toe, “Damn it, I am so not cut out for this.” He was grumbling to himself but he was being loud enough for you to hear.


You realized that he was trying so hard to be romantic that even he couldn’t handle it. He refused to look at you even when you asked him to, so you stood up from the bench and gave him a quick, small but reassuring back hug. “Thank you for the flowers. They’re lovely.”


“Oh shut up, this is not how it was supposed to be,” he said, still hating himself from failing at the last second.


“Stop grumbling. You’re not five anymore, Baekgu.” You chuckled and forced him to turn his body around. “Tell me then. Tell me how it’s supposed to go.”


Baekhyun sighed and still kept his eyes away from yours as a blush started to creep out to his cheeks. “This is supposed to be the part where I confess my feelings to you.”




Love,” Baekhyun stated more clearly, trying to ignore the heat on his cheeks. “I’m supposed to tell you how I much I love you here.”


“Oh…” The seriousness in his voice made you feel shy and very flattered, so you couldn’t help but to blush too. “So, I’m not the one who says it first in this reality?”


“No,” Baekhyun said, smiling softly as he stared at his hands, “You’re the one who hears it first, because that’s what you deserve. I’m not running away from you, and I’m not running away from my feelings either.” He finally brought his eyes to yours and you could see the sincerity hidden behind his beautiful slanty eyes. “I love you.”


You parted your lips in awe because even though you had heard those words coming from his mouth a dozen times before, he still managed to make you feel like you were hearing this for the first time. You could see how serious and determined he was about this, but after he saw the entranced look on your face, Baekhyun blinked his eyes as if he just snapped out of something and he grew nervous and embarrassed once again.


“Or a-at least, t-that’s how it’s supposed to go, anyway,” he stumbled on his words, his bottom lip in anxiety. “My plan has failed miserably, so umm… You know, I…” he stopped to rummage a small shopping bag he dropped beside his feet, and you didn’t notice it had been there all along from the moment he got back. “I even prepared, err, stuff,” Baekhyun said nervously as he picked out a small chocolate box and a flamingo colored greeting card. “Here, take these.”


You tried to hold the bucket of flowers in one arm as you took the chocolate box with your other hand. The box was covered in white with a red ribbon decorating it, and the whole package was just so lovely. You couldn’t help but to grin and giggle excitedly when you realized Baekhyun just ran through every shop in town to get all of these romantic stuff for you. He had never gone through all of this effort in these three—almost four—years of your relationship with him.


“Can I open this?” you asked, gesturing to the box.


Baekhyun just shrugged, feeling a bit bum that he failed his own plan. “Maybe you should read the greeting card first. I got it specially made.”


“Really?” you blinked your eyes in amazement. “Oh okay, umm—” You looked around before you decided to just place the flowers and the chocolate box on the bench you were sitting on. You giddily opened the cute greeting card with funny, creative sketches in front of it that somehow didn’t match with the concept of love at all, but you didn’t put a lot of thought into it. You started to read through every word. “You make me want to have more middle fingers.


A moment of silence.


“Wait, what?” Baekhyun immediately took the card away from you to take a decent look and his eyes grew wide after they skimmed through every word. “!” He cursed to the air again. “They gave me the wrong card!”


And you laughed so, so loudly because this was just too absurd for words. The way Baekhyun looked so angry over small things like this was cracking you up, not to mention that he had gone through every detail of his plan just to be stomped to the ground by the slight mistake of giving the wrong greeting card.


“Oh my God,” you managed to croak out between your laugh and Baekhyun glared at you with his cute angry puppy look and an apparent blush on his cheek.


“S-shut up,” he spat, bringing his eyes to his feet as he jutted his bottom lip cutely. “You don’t have to laugh that hard. This wasn’t my fault. That stupid cashier dude was too busy flirting with his co-worker so—ah, damn it! I ing ruined the night, didn’t I?”


“No, not at all,” you said, still gasping from cackling too much. “You actually just made my night.”


Baekhyun pouted even more and he pinched the bridge of your nose. “This is not funny! Stop laughing!”


You slapped his hand away but didn’t stop giggling like a stoned person. “What was written in the real greeting card anyway? The one that you wanted to give me?”


“It’s—” Somehow, Baekhyun suddenly looked even more flustered than he already was. “I… I’d rather not talk about it.”


“Oh, come on,” you whined, throwing a small punch on his shoulder. “Isn’t it too late to act shy now? Besides, I deserve to know about it, you know.”


“But—” he tried to protest but hurriedly stop himself. “Fine, but if you laugh, you’re going to pay for it and I swear, I’m not gonna let it go with a simple kiss or anything, do you hear me?”


“Yeah, okay, whatever,” you waved him off.


“No, seriously, if you even let out a tiny laugh—”


“I’m not gonna laugh.”


“You promise?”


“Just tell me!”


Baekhyun bit his lower lip anxiously before he finally sighed out loud and braved himself to say the words. He opened his arms so wide and he shouted the words with his eyes tightly shut due to his embarrassment. “I LOVE YOU THIIIIIIIIIS MUCH!”


Another moment of silence.


You covered your mouth with your hand. “That’s it?”


“That’s…” Baekhyun cleared his throat and his face was as red as an apple. “T-that’s it.”


That’s your specially made love greeting card?” you asked again.


Baekhyun nodded his head reluctantly. “It also has a cute drawing.”


And you just couldn’t hold it. You laughed. Again and again for such a long time even when Baekhyun kept on shouting “YAH!” and “You promised you wouldn’t laugh!”


“You—” You wiped a tear away from your eyes, still cackling. “You made such a big deal out of it that I thought you were going to give me a love poem or something but—oh my God!” And you laughed some more. “I think got a card just like that when I was still in kindergarten.”


Baekhyun blushed even redder and he tightened his coat to his body as he took angry steps away from you. “Enjoy your stupid flowers and card, I’m leaving!”


You spent the next hour trying to stop yourself from laughing and to convince him that no, you weren’t laughing at him because of his stupid, cheesy plan, but because of his adorableness. Baekhyun didn’t buy it at all, but you always had your smoldering kisses as your back-up plan. And unlike his, you could guarantee that your plan wouldn’t fail. Ever.




“This toffee coated thingy is so damn delicious,” you exclaimed, taking another ball of sugar. Unlike the rest of his plan, Baekhyun’s chocolate box was still as delightful as its first impression. The box contained of various kinds of chocolate and candies, from toffee-coated macadamias, peanut clusters, nougat, to chocolate-coated licorice. Every time you took one of these sugary sweet chocolates or candies, you felt like heaven just burst in your mouth. “I can’t stop eating it, seriously! Baekhyun, you have to try one of these!”


Baekhyun scooted closer to you as the last two people on the bus just went their way out. The mini bus was now empty of passengers, leaving you with him only at the back seat of the vehicle. “Careful, you’re gonna be fat,” he cooed, smoothly landing an arm around your shoulders, taking his time to be intimate with you now that the bus was vacant.


“But, honestly!” You were too busy with your chocolate candies to notice that he was making a move on you. You plopped one of the cinnamon-dusted almonds to his mouth before he could protest. “Doesn’t that taste good?”


“Hmm…” Baekhyun carefully munched the nut. “They all taste the same to me.”


You squinted your eyes at him before you flicked his Adam’s apple. “Insensitive!”


Baekhyun jumped in his seat, rubbing the itchy and burning feeling he got on his throat. “, that hurts like a !”


You finally gave in to his pathetic look and felt a bit sorry because he wasn’t really doing anything wrong. “You know what part is it now?” you asked when Baekhyun kept on cursing under his breath, still clutching desperately to the skin of his throat.


“What?” Baekhyun asked a bit too harsh for your liking.


You shifted on your seat; taking the chocolate box away from your lap but not before you took a chocolate truffle in your mouth. You swiftly straddled his hips, sitting on his lap while Baekhyun was gaping at your sudden unpredicted action.


“This,” you said, eyes gleaming mischievously, “is the part where we make-out in public.”


“What—hmmph!” Your mouth immediately muffled Baekhyun’s protest and he groaned softly when you parted his lips and moved the chocolate truffle away from your mouth to his with a smooth movement of your tongue. You opened your eyes slightly to peek at his expression and you wanted to giggle when you saw how his eyes pressed shut tightly and his eyebrows knitted together, feeling a bit strange with the alien taste on his mouth that wasn’t you.


You kept kissing him until the chocolate truffle melted in his mouth and you ran your tongue along his to know how delicious Baekhyun would taste when his own flavor was being combined with chocolate. And you were immensely satisfied with the answer.


When you pulled back, Baekhyun actually looked dazed by your dominating kiss and you giggled at the sight. He was like a clueless child with chocolate smeared on his lips. You leaned in to wipe it off his lips with your own tongue.


“You… That was…” Baekhyun didn’t finish his sentence. He just blinked and his hungry eyes followed the movement of your tongue as you your own lower lip clean.


“Did I just leave you speechless, Byun Baekhyun?” you teased, taking another chocolate truffle and held it between your fingers. “Want some more?” you asked, before you brought it to your mouth.


When he saw the invitation in your eyes, he almost literally growled before he responded by grabbing your hips firmly with his hands.


“You’re such a tease,” Baekhyun whispered against your mouth and this time, he took his revenge. He was much more aggressive and dominating than the last kiss you shared with him, running his tongue along your teeth before he your bottom lip until it became swollen. He’d already known which part of his kiss that could make your stomach do somersaults and he was exploiting it—kissing you in that way until you had to hang on to his shirt so you wouldn’t fall off his lap.


“Excuse me,” a sound coming from a small speaker that was located on the back of the bus. “No ual activity in the bus, please.”


You immediately leaped out of his lap just on the right second Baekhyun pushed you away.


Sorry,” you and Baekhyun muttered to the bus driver at the same time, looking absolutely flustered but you smiled to him when he glanced at you. He did the same and shyly stole a quick kiss from your lips again.


“You’re right. The chocolate does taste good,” he said, winking greasily and you laughed while you playfully pushed him away.


“Shut up, you cheeseball.”





“And this—” Baekhyun said, lacing his finger together with yours as both of you entered the welcoming gate of Adventureland—the huge amusement park where you and Baekhyun had experienced your first unofficial date a few years ago. “—is the part where we act like a child and spend the most enjoyable night of our lives.”


You looked around and noticed that the theme park still looked just as beautiful as you remembered. The lights from the carousels and the Ferris wheels were just as bright as the stars on the cold night sky, and you smiled when you saw the ride that made you want to die the last time you were here: The Pendulum. Baekhyun snickered when he caught you looking at it and whispered, “Want to take another ride?” to your ear and you immediately shook your head no.


For a while, you just walked together hand-in-hand with him, taking in the sights and sounds and smells of the amusement park and looking for all the world like a lovey-dovey couple out for a day of fun. You passed vendors selling ice cream and fries and hot dogs, and Baekhyun bought you a big fluffy cotton candy. You were surprised to find that the candy didn't feel like you thought it would: rough and tasteless, like a mouthful of wool. You stuck your tongue out, looking displeased and Baekhyun laughed at you as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.


Baekhyun was so hyper that night. You thought that after a day running back and forth from so many places, he would be tired and whine like a baby for the rest of the night. But no, he was too excited for his own good. He asked you to go to the 4-D Theatre and you watched him grinning in glee and shouting at the screen whenever the effects made the movie come to life. And he didn’t give you a chance to rest, not even for a second. He just kept on asking you to get on adrenaline-inducing rides like the roller coaster or the Hurricanes, but you said no because unlike him, you weren’t really an adrenaline junky. Baekhyun pouted but he took your offer to beat him on playing bumper cars. You lost.


You hadn’t really gotten the chance to enjoy your time when you visited the amusement park with him back then—blame Lu Han for putting handcuffs around your wrists—but today, everything was so fun and relaxing and you’d never seen Baekhyun being so carefree and childish like this. This was definitely the moment you’d store in your memory forever.


“Hey,” Baekhyun said when the both of you stopped on your feet and watched the cute little children laughing and having fun in the carousel. “Can you wait for me here? I’ll be back in ten minutes.”


You stared at him suspiciously. “The last time you said you’d be back in 10 minutes, you left me alone for a half an hour.”


“Well then now I’m saying that I’ll be back in two and a half minutes so you’ll just have to wait for ten.” Baekhyun pinched your cheek and played with the soft flesh until you groaned and jabbed his stomach with your elbow.


“Stop being a smart-,” you said as he leaned in to kiss the tip of your nose.


“Stop being so cute,” he responded and brought out the cute little Rilakkuma beanie he just bought for you a few moments ago. He placed it on top of your head and he giggled as he pinched the brown plush’s ears. “Look at you, being all warm and squishy!”


“I’m not a kid,” you pouted but you were grateful for the warmth. “And are you on drugs? You’re so hyper.”


“I ate too much sugar for today, so maybe that’s why,” Baekhyun replied, puckering his lips in a playful manner, “Or maybe you’re just too cute at the moment so I—”


You shoved his face away with your palm. “Just go, you greasy bacon.”


He left with another airy laugh and you waited patiently for him. To your surprise, he did come back in about ten minutes later with a grin plastered on his face.


“Here,” Baekhyun said, giving you a nicely wrapped lollipop.


“You went away to buy me this?” you asked, staring at it before you raised an eyebrow curiously at him.


“Yeah, and some other things,” he answered, unwrapping his own lollipop before he plopped it into his mouth. He groaned when the bundle of sugar hit his tongue. “Oh God, have I told you how much I love sweets?”


You ignored him and asked “What other things?” instead.


“Just things,” Baekhyun shrugged nonchalantly as if he just gave a proper explanation. “Come on, I want to ride that one before we go home.”


“What kind of things?” you insisted in asking—Baekhyun seemed a bit suspicious, to be honest—but you decided to just throw it aside for a moment because he was pointing his finger to one of the most horrifying amusement rides: The Giant Loop. It was basically a roller coaster ride made only of one big loop, and from where you were standing, you could see how the passengers were constantly taken for 360 degree spins in a wide circular rail. The most terrifying part of that ride was that it actually stopped for about ten seconds in the air while being upside down.


“Oh no no no no no,” you said, unconsciously letting out an awkward laugh, “there’s no way hell I would ride that thing.”


Baekhyun snatched his lollipop away from his mouth with a pop. “Oh please, Sweetheart, it’s not that scary.”


NOT SCARY?! You shrieked and Baekhyun winced at the sound of your girly yelp. “That thing almost does the same thing as The Pendulum.”


“Oh yeah, The Pendulum was fun,” Baekhyun chuckled but he abruptly stopped when you glared at him. “Oh come on, we haven’t taken any thrilling rides since we got here.”


“That’s not true! We rode the Ferris wheel.”


Baekhyun gave you a judging look before he sighed. “Look, you know how I don’t want to force you when you don’t want to ride—”


You jab a finger to the air, posing your victory pose. “Yes!”


“But I am going to,” he said, smirking and your eyes flew open in horror. “Remember that I still have that one wish, Sweetheart? This is my last one out of three and I’m using it now. You can’t say no to this.”


“BUT WHYYYYYYY?!?!” You grabbed the collar of his coat with both hands and shook him hard. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?! ASK ME FOR SOMETHING ELSE!”


“Stop being so dramatic,” he said and took possession of your lips with his when you were about to whine some more. He grinned cutely when he broke away and left you dazed with his feverish kiss. “Come on, Sweetheart, we have a ride to catch.”




“I hate you,” you said as your boyfriend forced you to take a seat beside him. The Giant Loop had twelve seats in total where the passengers would be seated in pairs—just like how it worked in the usual Roller Coasters.  Baekhyun wanted to take the front row but you literally screamed at him to not be crazy and stupid so he pouted—puppy’s ears went down in dejection—and he chose the middle ones instead. You were satisfied enough with the choice even though you kept on grumbling while you took your seat. “I hate you so goddamn much, Byun Baekhyun.”


“Not the right time to curse at God, Sweetheart,” Baekhyun casually said, chuckling.


“You’re mean,” you said again, “You’re so mean.” Baekhyun only pecked your cheek in response and helped you putting on your safety belt before he took care of his own. You two waited for two more people to take the last seats and after that, you tried to breathe properly in your seat. Your heart felt like it was ready to leap out of your chest when you took a peek to the ground below. You weren’t really scared of heights, but when you were sitting about one hundred feet up in the air, it was hard for you to not be scared.


“B-Baekhyun…” You gulped when your mind started its own imagination. “What if something goes wrong? What if we get stuck upside down in the middle of the—”


“WELCOME TO THE GIANT LOOP!” A booming voice came through the speaker and you placed your hands around your ears in reflex. It was a man’s voice and maybe your ears played tricks on you, but for a moment there you thought how similar his voice was to Park Chanyeol’s, and you wanted to laugh because how could he be here? The best thing you knew about Chanyeol was how he was so freaking rich—the boy even got his own beach house since he turned eighteen—so there was no way he would be working here as one of the operators, right?




“Does he have to speak this loud?” you groaned at your boyfriend and he just shrugged.




You frowned. “What did he say—AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


The Giant Loop suddenly started moving before you could prepare yourself enough, and even though the first pace was set not too fast, you were already screaming.


“Hey, relax,” Baekhyun said, laughing as he took your hand off the railing and held it in his in attempt to calm you down. “We’re just barely starting and—MY HAND, YOU’RE CRUSHING MY HAND!”


“OOOOOHHHHH MYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!” You screamed like there was no tomorrow the moment the coaster sped up and you felt your eyes getting teary from the wind—or at least that was what you told yourself. You were just crying from the horror, to be honest.


The ride took on a couple of inversions, turning the riders upside down and you just continued screaming until your throat felt sore and burning but you still didn’t stop even then. Your own ears started to ring but you could hear how Baekhyun kept begging you to stop turning the bones on his hand to dus. The thing was, you just didn’t care. You just had to grip on something and it wasn’t really your own brilliant idea to take one of your hands off the railing.


When the ride reached the highest rail, the ride really did stop for what felt like a year for you before it went down again and take more inversions. Most of the passengers were screaming in excitement—the rest of them screamed in fear—but at that moment, your face grew purple and you almost fainted on your seat. Baekhyun, on the other hand, was laughing to the air and shouted, “MORE! MORE!”


Crazy bastard.


“READY FOR MORE?” The operator guy with the booming voice asked through the speakers and you screamed, “ NO PUT ME DOWN” but he didn’t hear you—even if he did, you doubted he would have cared about your death wish. So the ride started from the beginning again and you literally cried because when the hell was it going to stop?


Then, just like what you wished for, the ride stopped.


The problem is, it stopped just when you were two hundreds feet up in the air, and after you dared to open your eyes, you were hung upside down.


“WHAT THE—” you gasped in horror as you watched the messy strands of your hair dangled in the air. You were screaming along with the rest of the passengers and you kept on begging the operator to “PUT ME DOWN NOW, YOU CRAZY S! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!”


But the operator just chuckled to the microphone and at first you couldn’t believe it, but you were sure you heard him shouting, “THIS IS THE TIME, BYUNBAEK!” through the speakers.


What. The. Actual. ?


You were getting lightheaded and the insides of your stomach felt like lurching up to your throat but you managed to glance to the side to see your boyfriend and ask him what the hell was going on.


When you saw him, you got your answer.


And you realized how big of a freaking lunatic he was.


Baekhyun was there, sitting calmly on his seat with a tiny box on his hands. He dared to take his hands off yours and the railing even though he was hanging upside down in the air. His forehead was showing and you could see how his eyebrows curled in anxiety. He called you by your full name, stuttering a little bit as he said it, before he proceeded to his speech. The moment his mouth began to form a word, Adam Sandler’s Grow Old With You started to play. The sounds of the ukulele and the acoustic guitars being played didn’t make the situation less horrifying for you, to be perfectly honest.


I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you


“Two days ago, I proposed to you,” Baekhyun voice was loud and clear enough even when the wind was blowing hard through your ears. “Two days ago, I told you how much I loved you and how I wanted to spend my life with you.”


I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you




“I’m not, so please listen to me.” He smiled though his cheeks were burning red. “And even if—”




“—you told me ‘no’ that time, I didn’t—and wouldn’t—give up on you because—”




“—I love you and I want to be with you. Only you.




I’ll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold


“I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life—”




“I’ll love you and always be with you no matter what—”



Need you
Feed you
Even let you hold the remote control


“I know that maybe we’re young and reckless, but I’m ready for this—”




“—I’m ready to have you for the rest of my life. I’m ready to spend every morning, and every night, and every season, month, year with you.”


So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed if you've had too much to drink


“Look, I’ve even found an apartment for us to stay, even though it’s not much but—”




“—all I ask in return is for you to—”




“—love me and want to spend your life with me—”




“—because I want to keep you beside me forever—”




“—so now I’m asking—”




He opened the box, displaying the ring he once showed to you.


Will you marry me?


I could be the man who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you


The second Baekhyun popped out the question, the song started to play even louder through the speakers and you were too shocked to continue screaming. All you could think about was ‘is this really happening right now?’


The operator’s voice—no doubt, he was definitely Park ing Chanyeol all along—sang along to the song and you grimaced because he sounded horrible and then he chanted, “SAY YES! SAY YES! SAY YES!”


Baekhyun shyly smiled and his face grew red, but you doubted that it was because he was blushing. Surely, it had something to do with all the blood on his body rushing down to his head from being hung upside down for too long. “Will you marry me?” he asked again, eyes hopeful and adoring and just purely filled with love. He looked like an overly adorable lovesick puppy, and if you hadn’t been hung down like this, you would’ve pinched his squishy cheeks.


This was all sweet and cute—the way he was proposing in public—but not when you were dangling in the air like this!


“JUST SAY YES FOR GOD’S SAKE!” One of the passengers who sat behind you started groaning impatiently. “I’M ABOUT TO VOMIT!”


“YES!” You shouted, desperate and just really, really wanted to place your feet back to the ground. “YES, BYUN BAEKHYUN, I’LL MARRY YOU!”


Baekhyun threw the brightest smile he could ever make. At this rate, you already felt like your soul was leaving your body so you really couldn’t respond coherently. Baekhyun giggled and raised his hands in the air, screaming in joy, “SHE SAID YES!”


“SHE SAID YEEEEEESSSS!” Chanyeol screamed through the microphone and you could imagine him jumping in delight. All you could think about at the moment was how hard you could smash his giant stupid head to one of the railings the minute you got off from this ride.


Some of the passengers clapped their hands, sharing Baekhyun’s happiness, but most of them just grunted in relief and moaned, “NOW PUT US DOWN!”


Baekhyun grabbed the top collar of his coat and brought it closer to his lips as he mouthed, “Yeol-ah, put us down so I can kiss my fiancée properly.”


Of course he ing planned this. He had a microphone attached to his collar all along, that sly bastard.


Chanyeol’s familiar laugh could be heard through the entire place. “OKEY DOKEY, MR. BYUN!”


And just like that, the ride started to move again and this time, you really did faint on your seat.






You heard a voice calling you.


“Hey, come on, wake up…”


You felt gentle fingers tapping your cheek.


“Sweetheart, hey, we gotta go back.”


You finally opened your eyes. Your vision blurred for a moment and you tried hard to keep them open and focused. A few seconds later, you managed to deal with your surroundings and you caught Baekhyun, Chanyeol, and your best friend staring at you with wide grins on their faces.


“She’s awake, she’s awake!” Chanyeol shouted excitedly, clapping his hands while he jumped giddily on his feet. His girlfriend had her hands covering and she was staring at you with a proud look on her teary eyes.


“Are you okay?” Baekhyun softly asked and you dragged your eyes to the side to see him properly. “You scared me. I thought something bad happened to you,” he said, stroking your hair with his lean fingers.


You just blinked slowly, trying to relax on your bench as you breathed deeply.


What the hell just happened?


Chanyeol scooted closer, kneeling in front of you while he watched you with big, lively eyes. His perfectly white teeth were dazzling. “Good evening, future Mrs. Byun.”


Oh right. Baekhyun proposed.


Chanyeol’s girlfriend ran to your side and cradled your head in her arms as she broke into tears, “Oh, I’m so happy for you! You’re gonna get married, oh my God! I can’t believe this! Congratulations!”


And oh yeah, you said yes.


“Hey, hey, come on,” Baekhyun said to the two es. “Give her some space. Let her catch her breath first.”


You moved your eyes back to Baekhyun’s joyful ones. He looked like he was a proud young gentleman who just won a Nobel Prize or something. When really, all he got was you. But maybe to him at the moment, you were worth much more than that. You were everything that he wanted. And to you, he was too. Byun Baekhyun was the only one you could ever wanted.


But there was one other thing you had to do before you could be happy with all of this.


“Hey, guys,” you started speaking, feeling your throat sore and dry from all the screaming you did. “Come here, I want to say something.” You gestured them weakly by your hands for them to get closer.


Without any suspicion whatsoever, the three of them bent their heads down and leaned closer to your face to hear you better.


Instead of saying anything, you slammed your knuckles hard to each of their heads.


“AAW!” Your friend stood up from her seat and rubbed her forehead repeatedly, trying to wash the pain away.


“HEY, WHAT THE—” Baekhyun held a hand over the spot on his head you just knocked on and glared as he sat beside you.


“JESUS, IT BURNS!” Chanyeol curled himself into a ball and threw small punches to the ground, trying desperately to distract himself from the pain on the side of his head.


“THAT WASN’T FUNNY, YOU S!” You screamed while they kept on in pain. “THAT WAS EMBARRASSING AND I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!”


“But you didn’t, you got a handsome fiancée instead,” Baekhyun said, grinning although it looked more like a grimace because he was still reeling in pain from your previous head slam.


“You shut your hole, Byun Baekhyun!” You pointed your fingers dangerously at him. “We’re going to talk about this later.”


Baekhyun pouted and rubbed his head again. “Yes, Ma’am.”


“Park Chanyeol!” You shouted and Chanyeol stood up quickly, looking stern and horrified. “What the heck were you thinking?”


“Err…” He looked to his sides, asking for Baekhyun and his girlfriend’s help, “I… I was…”


“You’re an idiot!” You yelled again. “You’re a big, giant idiot!”


He curled into a ball even more, ducking his head down like a child. “I’m… I’m sorry.”


“And how on earth did you get to be in control like that? I didn’t know you worked here!” You didn’t stop and you noticed that Baekhyun was smiling at the sight of you scolding his bestfriend like a mother to a child.


“I—I’m not, it’s umm…” Chanyeol laughed awkwardly. “My father is one of the investors of this place, and I asked him to do me a favor to help my friend, Baekhyun, and—”


“UGH, you stupid rich bastard!” You dragged your eyes to his girlfriend who was standing still with a nervous look on her face. “AND YOU! How could you let them do this? You’re supposed to stop them whenever they’re about to do something stupid, not encouraging them!”


“B-but…” she said, about to cry again. “I thought it was romantic…”


Romantic?” you repeated, staring incredulously at her. “IT WAS ING LIFE-THREATENING, THAT’S WHAT IT WAS!”


“Hey, come on, Sweetheart~” Baekhyun dared to place an arm around your shoulders and brought you closer to him. “No need to make a big problem of something that already happened—”


Get your hands off me, Baek.”


He raised his hands in the air but playfully stole a kiss from your cheek, “Okay, wifey~”


Both Chanyeol and his girlfriend went “AAAAAWWWW~” at the sight but they hurriedly pressed their mouths shut when you scowled at them.





“Oh my God, what a night,” you sighed after Chanyeol and his girlfriend bid farewell to you and Baekhyun. Chanyeol said that he had to say thanks to the staff for helping him and Baekhyun earlier and you just shooed him away without really caring. The pouty look was back on his face but his girlfriend laughed and when she intertwined her hand with his, he just went back to smiling like a lovesick guy—which maybe he was.


You and Baekhyun stayed on the your seats, watching young mothers trying to bribe their children to go home because it was getting late. The carousel was still spinning, and the theme park’s song was still playing through the speakers and it made you feel a bit dizzy.


“A moment to remember, huh?” Baekhyun asked as he shifted closer to you and hummed in delight when you rested your head against his shoulder.


“I’m gonna kill you someday, Baek,” you said, closing your eyes and tried to even your breath. “You’re one crazy son of a .”


He just chuckled and laced his fingers with yours. “But did you mean it?”


“Mean what? When I called you one crazy son of a ? Very much, yes.”


“No, when you said yes,” his voice grew quieter as he played with your fingers on his lap. “Did you really say yes because you wanted me to marry you?”


“Baekhyun…” You raised your head and placed a hand on one side of his face, angling his face to the side so you could stare into his eyes. “Baekhyun, you know that I’ve always wanted to marry you.”


He stayed in silence for a few moments, before he finally asked, “But?”


You stared deep into his eyes, really, really looking at what was hiding behind those dark brown irises. He stayed. Baekhyun stayed. He didn’t run away—he tried to fix things up. He didn’t give up on you. You’d already prepared the word ‘yes’ when he came to your door this morning. There was no hesitation, or anxiety, or bad prediction of the future, because you were just sure that he was the one for you.


 “There’s no ‘but’,” you said, caressing his cheek with a gentle trace of your fingers. “I want you to marry me. That’s it.”


He softly sighed, pressing his temple against yours. “I want to marry you too.” You giggled when he pressed a simple kiss on your lips. “But that’s not the actual reason, right? You said you’d wanted to marry me too back then but you said no. So, what’s with the sudden change of mind?”


“Because you didn’t run away this time.” Your lips were still a breath away from his when you spoke, and sometimes, he even stole a kiss, taking your words directly with his cherry lips. “You stayed even though I’d rejected you. So I thought that maybe it’s true. You won’t leave me this time.”


Baekhyun pulled away from you and looked at you with an insulted look on his face, but he also had this mischievous gleam in his eyes so you knew he was just teasing you. “Just how many times should I tell you, Sweetheart? Of course I won’t leave you. Do I need to hang you upside down again and scream it to the world?”


“I’m sorry.” You laughed as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “But there’s no way I’m going back there with you, Baek.”


“So you believe me now?”


“With all my life.”


Good,” Baekhyun hummed, suddenly pressing his mouth against yours in an open-mouthed kiss. You were dazed and feeling insatiable when he let go. “You know, Sweetheart, you should’ve seen your face when I proposed to you earlier.”


“Shut up.” You wiped off his smirk with an even longer kiss. He let out a soft groan against your mouth and your skin tingled in delight. “Can I ask you one more thing, Baekgu?”


Baekhyun sighed after he wrinkled his nose at the sound of his nickname. “Only if you stop calling me that.”


You only flicked his nose in return. “Did you pick the song?”


“Umm… Yeah,” Baekhyun said, looking somewhat embarrassed again and you just wanted to snuggle with him until the break of dawn. He was like a cute little teddy bear.


You smiled jokingly. “Couldn’t you have picked a better song?”


“Chanyeol said it was either that or Careless Whisper, so…”


“Oh God,” you stifled a laugh. “That would’ve been worse. But still, you could’ve gone with something more romantic with pretty words.”


“But… I thought that song was kind of… cute and funny.” Baekhyun sheepishly looked away as he jutted out his bottom lip. “You… You didn’t like it?”


In your vision, Baekhyun looked like a dejected puppy with its ears and tails down. The word ‘cute’ wasn’t even enough to describe him at the moment.


“Ah, damn it!” You shouted, almost yanking your own hair. Why is he so cute? “I loved it, Baek. I did. I do. I want that song in my phone now.”


Then his cute little pout turned into his familiar cocky smirk. “I know you can’t handle my aegyo.”


You scoffed and folded your arms on your chest. “You’re such a !”


“But you love me,” he said, chuckling while he kissed your cheek, “And I love you,” he brought his lips to your chin, “I love you so much,” he kissed your nose before he landed on your plump lips again. “I love you so goddamn much, do you know that?”


“I love you too, but can you please stop?” you asked, giggling like a schoolgirl when he nuzzled his nose to the skin below your ear. “You’re tickling me, you greaseball.”


A thought came to your mind when Baekhyun hugged you and settled his chin lazily on your head.


“Baekhyun?” you called, and he responded playfully, “Yes, wifey?”


You tickled his stomach and he laughed adorably like a child. He let you go after he pressed another kiss on the side of your forehead.


“This is just a random question, but…” You hesitated for a second too long that made him frown uncomfortably upon your words. You took a hold of his hand when you asked him, “If I said no—if I rejected your proposal again back then, what would you have done?”


You noticed his hand grew stiff for a moment before he finally relaxed and properly grabbed your hand in his. “I would’ve cried,” he said and you made a face. He laughed. “What, a man can’t cry? Have you ever been rejected before?”


You pouted, suddenly feeling a bit guilty. “Well, no, but…”


“I’m just kidding, Sweetheart.” Baekhyun was still chuckling when he brought his free hand to play with the end of your long, brown hair. “But honestly?” he said, “I would’ve tried to put on a smile, taken you back to your room, and asked you for another chance so we could start the whole thing from the beginning. And this time, I would try to do my best to sweep you off your feet so you wouldn’t be able to say anything else but ‘Yes. Yes, I will marry you, Byun Baekhyun’.”


You didn’t speak; just letting your eyes lingered on his. He looked confident, determined, and above all, honest to every word.


“Why?” you asked, already losing yourself under his gaze.


He moved his hand from your hair to your cheek, framing your face again as he looked deeply into your eyes. “Because I don’t want to be with anyone else but you.”


You unconsciously parted your lips as if there were words waiting to flow from your mouth, but you didn’t speak.


I said the exact same thing too.


You didn’t realize you were going to cry until you felt a tear slipped away from one corner of your eyes.


Baekhyun wiped your tear away with his thumb. He softened his gaze and whispered, “Why are you crying?”


“It’s—I’m…” You shook your head, not knowing what to explain so you just blurt the first honest thing that entered your mind. “I’m just so happy—and I shouldn’t be crying but this—I can’t—” you laughed between your sobs and even when there were more tears spilling down your face, your heart was too filled with joy that you started to feel like you were suffocating but in a good way. You knew it didn’t make any sense at all but that was how you felt at the moment. “Oh you, Byun Baekhyun, for doing this all to me.”


“Hey, what did I do?” Baekhyun retorted, smiling into the kiss the second he pressed his lips against yours. He placed a hand under your chin, tilting your face up as he angled his head to the side. The kiss wasn’t deep and passionate—it was soft, and gentle, and the kind of kiss that you loved the most because when he kissed you like this, you could tell how he was feeling. And he was indeed happy. Very, very happy at the moment.


You were too absorbed with the kiss so you didn’t notice when Baekhyun slipped a ring onto your finger. You finally realized it when something cold hit your skin, so you idly broke the kiss and looked at your fingers.


A small gasp slipped from your mouth when you saw how beautiful the white solitaire engagement ring was. The design was very pretty, and although the pure diamond wasn’t huge or anything, you didn’t feel disappointed at all, because what was important for you was the person who gave you the ring, not the ring itself.


And at that moment, you couldn’t wish for anything more.


Baekhyun cleared his throat uneasily as you stared at your ring and he hurriedly said, “I—I know it’s not much, but—”


“Shut up and just kiss me before I cry again,” you said, grabbing him by the collar of his coat and kissed him senselessly. Baekhyun chuckled into your mouth and sighed in content, returning your kiss with a greater passion than you could offer. You melted in his arms, clutching to his neck desperately as if he was the air you needed to breathe.


When he let go, he was laughing—not because something funny just happened, but because he was just so happy. His eyes turned into crescents and he looked so beautiful and you thought that he was practically glowing.


“This,” Baekhyun said, leaning in close until the tip of his nose touch yours. “is the best date I’ve ever had.”


“Why do you have to be so cheesy all the time, Baekgu?” you asked, giggling while you breathed in his sweet, but masculine scent. Baekhyun reciprocated your words by pinching the bridge of your nose.


“Hey, Mr. Byun,” you whispered, angling your face to the side until your lips graze his earlobe. “Can you do it again?”


Baekhyun tilted his head to trace his lips along your jawline. “Do what?”


“Propose to me.” So I can answer it properly this time.


Baekhyun leaned away, looking at you with knitted eyebrows, but the frown didn’t stay for long. The moment he gazed into your eyes, he smiled in such a delicate way and pressed another lingering kiss on your temple before he mumbled, “Okay.”


He stood up from his seat and turned around to bend forward and take your hand. You followed his move, standing up from your seat as well and you noticed how your heart just thumped faster.


And when he got down to one knee, your heart literally skipped a beat.


There was a faint blush on his cheeks when he smiled adoringly like a little boy at you. He held your hand in his and kissed the ring that stayed perfectly on your thin finger. He pronounced your real name, loving every syllable that came out from his mouth, and after he wetted his bottom lip, he asked once again.


“Will you marry me?”


Yes,” you said with no hesitation at all. “Yes, I will ing marry you, Byun Baekhyun.”


He smirked and shook his head as he stood up properly on his feet, sighing, “You better, because there’s no way I’m ever going to kneel on that dirty ground again,” before he swept you off your feet and kissed you feverishly right on the lips.


The kiss started playful. You circled your arms around his neck, smiling and even laughing into the kiss when your nose bumped his. Baekhyun kept on placing small kisses to every corner of your face he could reach and you giggled when his hot breath fanned the skin below your earlobe.


“You’re ridiculous,” he said, hugging your waist with both arms.


“And you’re cheesy,” you retorted, unconsciously playing with the hair on his nape with one of your hands.


“Well,” Baekhyun started but he stopped to suddenly lift you up—just a few inches off the ground—and spun your bodies together in a circle. You let out a small shriek as you hung on to his neck for your dear life. When he put you back to the ground, you noticed he just pulled the cheesiest stun ever—the one that you often see in the ending of a cliché romantic movie. Baekhyun had a mischievous smirk on when he uttered, “You’re just gonna have to bear with it for the rest of your life, Sweetheart.”


“Oh gosh, what am I going to do with you?” you sighed exasperatedly, mocking him more by ruffling his hair. “Forget Baekgu. Your nickname should be Greasy Bacon.”


Baekhyun wrinkled his nose, clearly disapproving. “That’s even worse!”


You only grinned and gave him a hard smooch on the mouth again.


“So, Baekhyun…” you started, trying to speak when Baekhyun nibbled at your bottom lip shamelessly in public—not that you cared at the moment.


“Hmm?” he hummed; peppering small kisses to your cheek, jawline, and to your nose before he went back to your lips.


“When’s the part where we have ?” you whispered against his hot mouth and he let out a deep groan from the back of his throat before he abruptly broke the kiss.


You always thought Baekhyun looked beautiful with his messy hair and swollen lips, but he looked even more handsome and adorable today with that naughty smirk on his face.


I know I’m marrying the right woman.”



Please read the author notes I left on the next chapter if you want to know more about the sequel of this story :)

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