The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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“You know what I like about taking showers together with you?” Baekhyun asked as you ed his pajama’s shirt one by one. His hair was still tousled messily from just waking up from bed, but his eyes shone brightly like he had been staying awake all day. Teasing grins were plastered on his lips, and they never came off as he gazed at you.


“What, ?” you asked casually. “Because no shower today, Sweetheart,you mocked the way he said your nickname, sticking out your tongue as he pushed out his lower lip like a nagging child. “Baek, please. I’m sore. Haven’t you had enough of me last night?”


He smirked, one corner of his lips curving up teasingly. “You know I can never get enough of you,” he replied shamelessly, puckering his lips at you as you pushed his shirt away from his shoulders before you finally threw it into the dirty clothes hamper. Baekhyun leaned in closer until he could whisper in your ear, “I just want to have you my name all day and all night—


You actually shoved his face away with your palm. “Oh shut up.”


He just chuckled lightly in response, kissing the inside of your palm as he dragged it away from his face. “Raise your arms, Sweetheart.”


You obeyed and he lifted your shirt over your head, throwing it into the hamper as well. When he noticed you weren’t wearing your bra, he wrinkled his nose cutely and actually spoke to your s as if they were human beings, “Good morning, ies~”


“Oh my God,” you muttered helplessly. “Just get into the goddamn shower, Baekhyun.”


He went all giggly as he kicked off his pajama’s shorts. “Yes, Ma’am~”


Baekhyun had always been very playful and noisy whenever he was alone with you, but when he took a shower with you, his child-like level went through the roof. He laughed a lot, played little jokes here and there, and threw the cheesiest lines ever every now and then. He sometimes stole a kiss to your cheeks or the back of your neck whenever you weren’t looking, and he liked to trail his fingers along your spine, following the droplets of water that was running down from the end of your hair to the back of your hips.


It was not a very big tub shower, and with more than one person, it was cramped, overcrowded, and just a little bit too close for comfort. Both of you never complained about it, though. At least not until Baekhyun tickled you whenever you started enjoying the feeling of standing and relaxing under the warm shower. Or when he playfully adjusted the shower knob so the water turned from scalding hot to frozen cold in a matter of seconds. (“Will you stop that?” you had yelled once, pinching the tip of his right earlobe and dragged it down until he yelped and begged you to stop trying to rip his ear off his head).


“Come here, let me wash your hair,” you commanded after you poured enough amount of shampoo on your palm.


This. This is why I love taking showers with you.” He grinned childishly. “You remind me of my mother so much.”


“Baekhyun,” you responded, giving him a judging look. “I am seriously scared of you if you still take showers together with your mom at this age.” And you remembered the part where Baekhyun’s mother had abandoned him when he was a child—you felt extremely guilty about bringing this up. God, how could you be so insensitive? You were about to apologize to him, but Baekhyun already muttered his reply without looking weird or tense at all—as if the thoughts of his mother leaving him never occurred to his mind.


“No, of course not!” Baekhyun made a disgusted face. “Eew, oh my God, you just gave me a horrible image of my mother showering with me—eew, eew, eew!”


You breathed out in relieve.


“Oh, shut up and come here,” you said, gesturing with your hands so he’d bend his head down. “Stop moving around or else you’ll get shampoo in your eyes, okay?”


“See? You’re acting like my mom again,” Baekhyun let out this cute little giggle at the back of his throat and you just couldn’t stop yourself from smiling. “When I was a kid, I used to play around whenever I was taking my shower, and my mom would scold me like that. Stop moving around, Byun Baekhyun, do you want to get shampoo in your eyes’?” Baekhyun’s girly voice was awful and pitchy but it made you smile even more.


“Hmm…” you hummed as he brought his head down a little so you could reach his hair. “Did your mom do this to you too?” you met him halfway and playfully sneaked a kiss to his lips.


“No,” Baekhyun said after you broke this kiss and let him go, “And that’s another reason why I like taking showers together with you.”


“Greasy bacon,” you commented back, rolling your eyes at him. You lathered the shampoo on his dark purple locks, and smiled at the way his new hair color looked beautiful as it framed his face. The milky white skin of his was so pale when being compared to his eggplant colored hair, and somehow, it made him look even more adorable. “You know, Baek, I used to hate your purple hair at first.”


“Do you know that your left is slightly bigger than your other one?” Baekhyun asked instead of replying your comment. His eyes were busy analyzing each side of your chest.


“My eyes are up here, Baek,” you said, glowering at him. He snickered and bent his head down to peck the tip of your nose.


“I know. You thought I looked ridiculous, didn’t you?” Baekhyun said, and you were a bit surprised that he was actually listening to you before. “I remember you said things like—” he stopped to change the pitch of his voice and raise it higher, squeaking like he just inhaled a big amount of helium as he did a poor imitation of you. “Oh my God, Byun Baekhyun, you change your goddamn hair back to its original color now or you will not be getting any of these babies—” Baekhyun pointed his fingers to each one of your s “—for a week!’


You made a face. “The only thing I said to you was ‘what the hell did you do with your hair’!”


“Nope, I don’t think so.” He shook his head like a wet puppy, splashing your face with droplets of water coming from his drenched hair. You groaned in response and retaliated by poking your finger at his abs. Baekhyun faintly giggled and continued, “You know, I want a compensation for your insult. Can you pay back with ?” He wiggled his eyebrows naughtily at you. “Shower ? Now? Please, please, please~”


“No!” You pinched the bridge of his nose until he struggled to remove your hands away. “You promised me to keep this innocent, Baek!”


Baekhyun pouted again, admitting defeat. “Fine~”


A few seconds later, you started humming to Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby as you playfully molded the tendrils on his head into soapy tufts. “Baekki-ah~ Can I Mohawk-style your hair again?”




But you did anyway, giggling all the way down.


You slipped your fingers beneath the wet strands of his hair and started massaging his scalp. Baekhyun relaxed under your touch and closed his eyes. “Does this feel nice?”


Mmm-hmm,” he moaned under his breath. “You give the best head massages ever.”


“That’s not the only thing I’m good at,” you replied, and he caught on your smirk. Baekhyun chuckled and mirrored the smug look on your face.


“Oh, I know,” he said, starting to move around to run one hand along your spine and kissed the side of your face.


“Baekhyun, I’m trying to clean your hair here,” you scolded when his touches became less and less innocent.


“Sure,” Baekhyun cooed, grazing his teeth along your earlobe. “And I’m trying to make your work feels more enjoyable.”


“You’re gonna have shampoo in your eyes and I’m not gonna—”


“IT BURNS! IT BURNS!” Baekhyun suddenly shouted to the bathroom’s ceiling with his eyelids pressed shut tightly and he panickly jumped on his feet. “Holy crap, my eyes—”


“See? What did I tell you?!” You yelled back, turning on the shower and let the hot water drenched you both from head to toe. “Stop moving around!”


Baekhyun looked more relaxed when the water streamed down his face and washed the shampoo out of his hair and eyes. You helped him clean his hair, running your fingers along the soft locks that were soaked to the roots with warm water and Baekhyun sighed again under your touch.


“You okay now?” you asked and tried to hold back your laugh when Baekhyun nodded his head like a child and rubbed his eyes. When he slowly opened them, his slanty eyes were a bit red and watery. You giggled as you gently patted his cheeks. “You’re crying, Baekkie~”


“Well, it still burns, all right?” Baekhyun grumbled, lips pouting. “Johnson and Johnson’s no more tears formula, my .”


“Oh come here, you big baby,” you said, pulling him for a kiss under the water drops that fell like soft rain on your skin. Baekhyun reciprocated to the kiss with a sigh and smoothly turned you body over so he could press you against the bathroom’s walls. You slightly groaned when his bare, warm chest met yours—a stark contrast to the cool tiles pressing against your spine—and he angled his face to the side so he could kiss you deeper. He on your lower one and made sure to graze his sharp teeth along the flesh before he let it go, making you weak and slightly lightheaded.


“Baekhyun,” you mumbled against his lips, running your fingertips along his wet backside as he lifted your body up slightly and tangled one of your legs to his waist. “You promised me that we were just gonna take a shower.”


“Uh huh,” he mumbled nonchalantly against the skin of your throat, already nibbling and renewing the marks he had left on you last night.


You moaned at his touch but tried to keep your mind focused. “We’re not gonna have in the shower, Baek.”


You gave him a gentle shove to his chest and with that, Baekhyun finally pulled back with a frown and sad, puppy eyes. “But I wanna~”


“No,” you said, eyes scolding and stern. “You said you were going to take me on a date.”


“And it can wait~” Baekhyun purred while he brought his hands to your stomach and went even lower, caressing you in a very inappropriate way that still managed to make you blush to this day. “We’re not going to be long, I promise—”


No,” you said, wanting to give a congratulatory pat to your own head because you could control yourself even when he was being this irresistible.


Baekhyun groaned in defeat and finally placed you down to your own feet. “But Sweetheart, I’m hard~”


“Well, why don’t you go take care of that yourself while I dry my hair?” you asked, giving him a teasing wink and another hard smooch on his pouting mouth before you whispered, “It’s not going to be long, right?”


You gave a small pat to his cheek and left him alone in the shower.


Oh, come on!”




Despite the not-so-enjoyable morning—according to Baekhyun anyway—the rest of the morning actually went well. It wasn’t usual for Baekhyun to want to wake up and get an early breakfast together with you on a Sunday morning, but then again, ever since that Jongin incident happened, everything seemed to change. After Baekhyun saw Jongin forcefully kissed you on the mouth without permission, he became much more intimate, slightly overindulged, and most ultimately, protective.


He still gave you some space and not looking at Chanyeol like he wanted to murder him in his sleep whenever the 184 centimeters tall boy wrapped an arm around your shoulder. But Baekhyun became way more cautious and cold towards boys that were trying to talk to you. He didn’t do anything rude to them, really. Baekhyun just stared and the look on his eyes wasn’t even judging or anything, but you could feel the tension behind them. And most boys, bigger built than him or not, preferred to just walk away from you than to deal with what he had in store behind those fierce eyes. You felt like you suddenly had your own personal bodyguard.


And when you said Baekhyun became more intimate, you weren’t kidding. A long time had passed since the Jongin incident, and he still acted like you were on the verge of breaking and hurting from everything that happened around you. You didn’t know why, but Baekhyun seemed a lot more caring these days. Before the thing with Jongin happened, Baekhyun never took you out to fancy dinners, or even just walked hand-in-hand along the street on your way back to the dorm (sometimes, he did hold your hand, but only after you’d initiated it first).


But now…


“Are you cold?” Baekhyun asked, intertwining your fingers with his before he moved both of your hands into his coat’s pocket. He smiled when he added, “Better?”


And you just stared dumbly for a second. “Y-yeah…”


Baekhyun’s eyes softened as he chuckled. “Okay then.”


Moments like this always made you blush, no matter how many times he’d done it by now. Because face it, Byun Baekhyun wasn’t really that kind of caring-and-not-afraid-to-show-his-love in public type of boyfriend, was he? He maybe acted cute, spoiled, and all lovey-dovey when you two were together in your room, but he rarely showed it outside.


“Something’s changed about you,” you said as you two walked side-by-side on the sidewalks.


Baekhyun huffed to the cold air, creating visible puffs of warm breath. “Yeah?”


“Like, I don’t know…” You shrugged. “You become more lovey-dovey and stuff—”


And Baekhyun immediately dropped your hand, moving his larger ones away from yours to fix his coat’s collar instead. There was nothing to be fixed, to be honest.


“I, umm—” he cleared his throat but didn’t finish his sentence.


You muffled your laugh with one hand. “Isn’t it a bit too late for acting all shy now, ByunBaek?”


“Shut up,” he muttered, looking to the ground and burying his nose behind the high collar of his coat. “And don’t call me that. It’s already annoying enough when Chanyeol calls me that.”


“What should I call you then?” you asked, moving even closer to his while you silently intertwined your fingers back with his. “And it’s okay, I like it when you’re being lovey-dovey like this.” You sheepishly smiled, before you added, “Baekgu.”


“I said shut up,” Baekhyun hissed in return, still looking quite flustered but not taking his hand of yours. “And what, is that supposed to be my nickname?”


“Yep, it means ‘white puppy’. Suits you best, right? You’re my little puppy Baek~ Yah!”


Baekhyun repeatedly pinched your cheek and dragged the skin away until you couldn’t pronounce a word clearly. “Why are you so annoying? Just call me by my name.”


“But that’s not fair~” you whined, rubbing your cheek after he let you go. “You always call me ‘Sweetheart’. And you know what, Baekgu?” Baekhyun groaned at the new nickname but you continued nonchalantly, “I accept the new you too. This caring, protective, and constantly jealous side of you. I think it’s cute and well, it makes me feel all warm inside.”


You were chuckling before you felt him staring back, boring his eyes into your skull. That was when you realized you just said something awfully embarrassing. You weren’t brave enough to face him after saying one of the cheesiest lines in the world ever.


“All warm inside?” Baekhyun finally snorts, holding back his laugh.


Shut up!”




“Okay, now that I’m full,” you said and stopped for a moment to wipe the strawberry sauce from your lips with a napkin. “I want to know why you suddenly want to take me out on a date.”


“What, a guy can’t normally ask his girl to go out on a date on a Sunday’s morning?” Baekhyun retorted, taking the last bite of his choco banana pancake.


“Well,” you shrugged, “you rarely ask me to go out. I mean, you always prefer doing indoor activities—”


“You’re thinking about , aren’t you?” He winked and clicked his tongue seductively at you.


“No.” You glared, judging him with your eyes. “I mean like watching movies together while lying on my bed, cuddling, playing Temple Run with your head on my lap—”


“I do all those stuff?” Baekhyun sounded genuinely surprised. “Damn, I’m a lazy-.”


“Yeah, you are,” you agreed. “So why suddenly changed?”


“Well,” Baekhyun started, leaning his body over the table. “You know how we’re gonna graduate from college tomorrow, right?”


“Yeah,” you said, smiling when you remember that almost forgotten fact. Somehow, you were too confused and surprised with Baekhyun’s sudden invitation to go out that you didn’t remember you were supposed to be ready for your college’s graduation ceremony. Well, you had prepared for it since a month ago, probably—buying beautiful dresses and finding the perfect make-up for the celebration party you were going to have with Chanyeol and his girlfriend afterwards.


“So, now you know,” Baekhyun continued, taking your hand in his and briefly kissed your knuckles. “I want to spend my last day in college with you.”


You tried to hold back your smile from trying to split your face into two. “I don’t know if I should feel flattered and think that you’re being a total babe right now,” you said, “Or should I be worried because maybe you’re planning something creepy for me? Are you going to prank me later, Baekgu? I do not appreciate public humiliation.”


He made a face again. “Will you stop with that embarrassing nickname? And no, of course not,” Baekhyun immediately denied. “Why would I humiliate my own girlfriend?”


And you gave him a look. You could barely use your fingers anymore to count how many times he had pulled pranks on you. “Fine. What are you planning to do today?”


“I don’t know, you tell me,” Baekhyun replied, pulling some cash from his wallet and dropped them on the table. He put his coat back on while he stood up and gave you his hand, smiling. “Come on, Sweetheart, surprise me.”


But you really didn’t have much to surprise him. Similar to Baekhyun, you weren’t really the adventurous type—unless when it came to . You would rather spend time alone with your boyfriend where you two could talk, share some thoughts and habits, and pretty much just know and explore more about your lover. Leave the spontaneous, creative date to Park Chanyeol and his girlfriend—you weren’t that much of an outdoor person to begin with.


But there was one thing you actually wanted to do.


“Ice-skating,” you said, tugging his hand so he would stop his walk on the sideways and looked at you. “I want to play ice-skating.”


Baekhyun’s face grew tense and he didn’t seem to find the idea enjoyable. “Out of all the things you could choose, you picked ice-skating?”


You crossed your arms on your chest, a bit offended. “What’s wrong with ice-skating?”


Baekhyun rubbed the back of his neck, shrugging. “Well, nothing’s wrong, it’s just… There are so many better things we could do beside that, Sweetheart.”


“Yeah?” you argued. “Then please do tell.”


“I don’t know, like…” Baekhyun looked around before he spotted something across the road. “There. We could go there and have fun.”


You followed the direction of his pointed finger until your gaze landed to a small store that, you were sure, sold all kind of women’s underwears, bras, and . “Baekhyun,” you said, trying to keep your face flat. “Are you pointing your finger to the lingerie store?”


“Yep,” Baekhyun grinned.


And you smiled delicately at him, raising a hand to caress his cheek. “Please tell me something before I punch you right on the gut, my innocent Baekhyunnie,” you said, voice sultry and sweet but it made him gulp under your touch. “Just what kind of fun do you assume we can have there?”


“Well, I mean,” he placed his hand on top of yours just to assure his safety, “You can go try some y lingeries and I’ll be there to help you choice the best ones.” It came out more like a question than a statement, really.


“And will I be undressing myself in front of you?”


“Well, of course,” Baekhyun said, matter-of-factly. “I mean, that’s the fun part.”


“And you would like that, wouldn’t you?” you smiled again before swatted his hand away and smacked him right on the cheek—not hard enough to bruise, but enough to stop him from thinking like a . “I want to go ice-skating!”


“Ugh, fine!” Baekhyun sighed in exasperation before he took your hand back in his and led the way.


About forty-five minutes later, you arrived in Bundang Olympic Sports Center, which had an indoor rink that offered a wide range of skating options including, speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey lessons. You were pleased at the sight of the huge area and how the place was covered in snowy white color. There were many couples holding hands, ice-skating effortlessly from the corner to the center of the ice rink with smiles and grins on their faces. Many adorable children were there too, falling on their faces first because they just learned how to ice-skate, and their worried mothers would scramble to their spots, asking “Honey, are you okay?” repetitively.


“Oh my God, I’m so excited!” you announced, jumping giddily on your feet. “It’s been years since the last time I went ice-skating! Baek, we should start looking around to rent our skates!” And without waiting for his agreement, you already ran your way, trying to look for the rental place.


“Calm down,” Baekhyun pulled you back by the collar of your coat, treating you like a child. “What, are you high? We haven’t even bought the tickets yet.”


“Oh right. Sorry, I was too excited~” you playfully punched his chest a couple of times. “Yaay, finally get to do ice-skating with my boyfriend~ I’m good at this, so prepare to lose, big boy!”


“Yaay, I’m so excited,” Baekhyun only responded flatly, eyes bored and not amused. “Stay here. I’ll go buy our tickets.”


So you waited, and ten minutes later, Baekhyun came back with two paper tickets in hand and two pairs of skates—pink and navy blue ones. You giggled in glee and hurriedly changed your shoes into them. “I’m taking the blue ones!”


What?” It was almost like a girly shriek coming from his mouth and you gave him a judging look.


“I was just kidding, Baek,” you said, “no need to scream like a girl.”


He only retaliated by pinching the bridge of your nose until you couldn’t breathe through it and you smacked his hand away.


You finished changing your shoes less than two minutes—while Baekhyun took forever—and you gave him orders to stack your shoes safely in the shoes’ locker.


“You’re supposed to put your shoes into the locker first before you wear your skates!” Baekhyun groaned hopelessly because the shoes locker were located nowhere near the ice rink and that only meant he had to take off his skates—the ones he had had hard times trying to put them on—again.


“I forgot! I was too excited,” you said, giggling after your last words. “So, put them in the locker for me, please?”


“Why don’t you do it yourself?”


“Because I want to ice-skate now!”


“Are you enjoying this?” Baekhyun asked, gritting his teeth while he pinched both of your cheeks. He seemed to have a knack for squeezing your round cheek buns with his fingers. “You like ordering me around, don’t you, Sweetheart?”


You wriggled away from his touch and just placed a small peck on the corner of his lips. “That’s what boyfriends are for, right? To spoil their lovable, beautiful lovers?” you batted your eyelashes at him and he stuck out his tongue, faking a disgusted look.


“You mean their annoying, bratty girfriends?” he ruffled your hair with both hands until you felt your hair got all tousled and ugly. He left you after you whined over your messy strands and you didn’t wait for him to get inside the ice rink together.


You felt blissful and so happy when the blades of your ice skates met the icy ground, and without putting much effort, you spun your body around on the hard surface and you smiled when you still nailed your old tricks. Lu Han’s smile suddenly went through your head as your childhood memories hit you. Lu Han was the one who taught you all about ice-skating, and maybe he wasn’t the best teacher in the world, but he had never laughed at you when you fell on your , and he had never let go of your hands, always trying to keep you safe. You felt your heart jerked at the thought but you decided to bottle down those eerie feelings for now and buried them in the place that you wouldn’t forget in the future.


You were too busy ice-skating by yourself when the realization hit you. You didn’t come here alone, did you?


You spun your body around, trying to look at where the hell your boyfriend was and you almost burst out laughing when you found him struggling at the corner, just a meter away from the ice rink’s entrance gate. He had one hand on the ice rink’s fence and one hand in the air, trying to balance himself as he placed his ice skates on the cold ground. His face was flustered but deep in concentration, and you thought he looked totally adorable in his long coat and scarf, standing with shaky limbs.


Ah, you thought, so that’s why he got all grumpy when I told him to do this. Poor boy doesn’t know how to ice-skate, does he?


You effortlessly glided to his side. “Ehem,” you said, clearing your throat.


Baekhyun didn’t look at you but the faint blush on his cheeks grew more apparent the moment he noticed your presence. “Shut up,” he hissed harshly even before you could say anything.


It was hard not to tease the High and Mighty Byun Baekhyun when he was being at his lowest condition. “My, my, you look troubled, Grandmother!”


“I said shut up!” Baekhyun spat back, now glaring at you. “I can’t concentrate if you keep talking to me.”


You laughed back at him. “I finally found something you’re not good at other than being in a relationship!”


“Oh you, you’re not helping,” he grumbled. “This is why I preferred the lingerie store option better!”


“The lingerie store was never an option, you !” You flicked the back of his neck and he flinched, stumbling on his steps even more. “Whoa, easy there!” He was just this close from falling face first on the ground but you grabbed his arm in time and helped him maintain his balance. “Are you okay?”


“Damn it,” Baekhyun mumbled under his breath, face flushed and lower lip trembling in the irritation he had for himself. “I look pathetic now, don’t I?”


You smiled earnestly and locked his arm with yours. “No, I think you look adorable,” you said, “You don’t have to try to be so tough and manly all the time, Baek. Everybody has their own weaknesses.”


“Yeah, but this is just embarrassing,” he muttered, sighing. “If only I could skate, we could’ve been like other couples here.”


“Hey, hey,” you stopped him from saying another words and slid carefully until you stood in front of him. “Why do you sound so sad?”


“Because you’re supposed to have fun,” Baekhyun replied, throwing one hand in exasperation. “I want you to be happy with our date, but now I’m being like this and the only thing I’m doing now is just troubling you—”


“Stop right there, Baek,” you said, “You don’t think I’m having fun? You think I’m disappointed because I can’t skate while holding my boyfriend’s hands?”




“I’m already so happy from spending my day with you, Baekhyun,” you placed your arms on his shoulders and shook him awake. “I don’t need you to be good at ice-skating—in fact, I’m probably gonna be pissed off if you skate better than me. You know how competitive I am, right?”


He weakly smiled. “Yeah.”


“So stop getting your in a twist and stop whining like a girl,” you said, poking his cheek repeatedly until he took hold of your hand. “And it’s not only me who’s supposed to be having fun today, Baek. We’re supposed to have fun today.”


“Okay, okay, come here,” Baekhyun laughed and gathered your shoulders with his arms. He placed a simple kiss on the side of your forehead. “I’m sorry for—WHOA!”


You let out a deafening yelp when Baekhyun suddenly stumbled on his feet and toppled you to the ground. You fell on your back and you groaned loudly when the back of your skull met the icy floor. Baekhyun managed to place his hands on each side of your head before he crushed you with his weight and he rolled himself over before he landed on top of you.


“What the heck just happened?” you groaned, rubbing the back of your head.


Baekhyun immediately sat up. Eyebrows furrowed in anger when he shouted, “Who pushed me?!”


Then you saw two little boys, with annoying bratty grins on their faces, scrambled away yelling, “He’s angry! He’s angry! Run!” to one another.


“Hey, get back here!” Baekhyun yelled again, trying to get back on his skates but failed miserably. “YAH! Do you think it’s funny to push people—”


Baekhyun stopped himself when he heard another sound. It wasn’t until you realized he was looking at you with a judging look that you knew he stopped screaming to those little brats because he caught you laughing at him.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you said, trying to stop yourself from cackling. “I’m not laughing at you, I just—” and you burst out laughing again.


Yah!” Baekhyun pouted, jutting out his lower lip in the most adoring way. “Stop laughing!”


“I’m sorry, it’s just that—” you tried to breathe between your unstoppable laughter. “You realize you’re being bullied by kids, right? You bully a giant like Park Chanyeol at campus, but now, you’re being bullied by a bunch of five years olds. They’re not even half your height, Baek.”


“Ah, so this is how Chanyeol must feel like when I bully him,” Baekhyun nodded his head in understanding, tapping his chin cutely.


You chuckled loudly. “And how do you feel now?”


“Incredibly pissed-off.”


“So now you know~” you said, throwing a wink at him and stood back up to your feet. “Give me your hand, I’ll pull you up.”


Baekhyun blushed, clearly ashamed that he had to have his girlfriend helped him to stand on his own feet, but he had no other choices left. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his date sitting on the cold ice, did he?


“This is why I hate children,” Baekhyun mumbled grumpily while he took your offer, gripping your hands tightly as you pulled him up.


“Looking pretty, Princess!” A kid—one of those two brats that bugged you earlier—glided by, spinning smoothly on his skates as he threw a mocking grin at Baekhyun. “Need a help from your prince?”


His partner in crime slid to his side too, blowing raspberry at your boyfriend. “Poor baby needs to get a help from his girlfriend!”


You had to wrap your arms around Baekhyun’s waist to keep himself away from skinning those mischievous kids alive. “GET BACK HERE, YOU BRATS!”


You didn’t know how long you laughed beside your fuming boyfriend that moment. You owed those kids for making the tension between you and Baekhyun less uptight, even though parts of you wanted to knock them on their little naughty heads too.




“You know what I want to do next?” you asked, slurping on your hot coffee and flinched when the scalding hot drink burned your tongue. “Damn it!”


Baekhyun moved the coffee away from your hand and offered you his Slushee. You took a big gulp of that icy drink to wash away the burnt feeling, but now you got a brain freeze instead.


“You are hopeless,” Baekhyun commented as you groaned and tried to shake away the freeze by jumping on your feet—as if it’d help. “What do you want to do? I hope you’re not asking me to go to a swing dance competition or something, because it’s already late and I’m not feeling sassy enough to put on my leather pants tonight.”


“Haha, funny,” you responded, rolling your eyes. “But no, that’s not what I want to do.”


“Then what?”


“Come with me,” you replied, grabbing his hand and led him inside a beautiful park, where dark green grass splayed perfectly like carpets under the starry sky. Because it was already late—like nine in the evening—the park was almost empty. There were only a few benches that were occupied with couples secretly doing inappropriate things with each other in public and you scrunched your nose in disgust at them.


You tried to find the perfect spot where you could gaze at the night sky without having people disturb you. After wandering around for two minutes max, you decided to just lay your coat down on the soft grass—so it wouldn’t stain your clothes or prickle your skin—and you sat on it, signalling Baekhyun to sit down as well.


“This is your idea of a date?” he asked, looking suspiciously at the spot you were sitting on. “What if there are snakes or worms or something even more—”


“Oh, shut up and just sit down, Baek,” you pulled him down none too gently so he fell to his knees and dropped down his Slushee in process.


“Damn it!” Baekhyun whined, looking at his half-filled glass of Slushee getting sloshed away to the cold grass. “Look what you’ve done! You made me lose my drink,” he grumbled as he took a seat beside you.


“Sorry, sorry,” you said, patting his arm in a comforting way as you lay down on your back. “Woaaaah~ So many stars in the sky tonight! Must be my lucky day~”


Baekhyun huffed at your words but you caught him hiding a smile from looking at the pleased expression on your face. He stretched his arms, grunted loudly to the night before he took off his coat and covered your upper body with it.


“Such a gentleman,” you cooed, smirking teasingly at him.


“Shut up,” he spat back as he threw himself down beside you and exhaled long and heavily. “This is one cliché you’re pulling, Sweetheart. I never thought I would actually lie down with my girlfriend on the park like this.”


“Yes, fine, this is kind of cliché, but I know you secretly like it, Baekgu~” You giggle while you squatted closer to him, trying to catch more of his warmth as you wore his coat like a blanket. “Do you remember when we went to see Iron Man together? I had to plead for you just so you’d lend me your jacket, but look at you now~” you leaned up to pinch his cheek. “Such a good baby boy~”


“What the hell is wrong with you?” he shifted his body to the side and tickled your stomach until you felt like you were going to die from laughing.


“So, like,” Baekhyun said as his eyes wandered from one sparkly dot on the sky to another. “What are we doing? Stargazing?”


“Yep,” you replied, “Isn’t it nice?”


“No, it’s boring.”


You wrinkled your nose at him. “Maybe I should invite those two brats to make your life more colorful.”


Baekhyun sighed as the irritation hit him again. “I’m gonna kill those brats.”


You only laughed and shifted your body to lie on your side, so you could admire his side profile. “Baekhyun?”




“Where will you go after you graduate?”


And Baekhyun froze from the question. You could see how he inhaled sharply, but quickly gathered himself well to answer you. He didn’t look back at you, only keeping his eyes on the starry sky. “I still don’t know, actually. I mean I know that I want to pursue my dream as a musician, but…”


“But what?”


“But I don’t know where you’re heading,” he said and he turned to his side as well, facing you directly. “Where are you going to go?”


“Why does it matter where I’m going?” you asked, voice light and playful because you just caught a glimmer of sadness and uncertainty in his eyes. “Is it because you can’t live without me? You can’t breathe without me? You can’t—”


He cut you off with a hard, smothering kiss on your lips. It wasn’t brief. It wasn’t innocent. It was the lip-bruising kind of kiss. The one that always left you breathless and wanting for more after he pulled away.


“You’re becoming more and more like me, do you know that?” Baekhyun asked, smirking against your lips before he started nibbling at the lower one like always. “But we only need one person to be in charge of being annoying, arrogant in our relationship, and that position is already taken, Miss.”


“You finally admit that you’re an ?” you asked, threading your fingers in his hair. “Oh, the world is beautiful again.” You smiled into the kiss and just barely tried to deepen it once more but he carefully pulled away.


Baekhyun’s face didn’t show any amusement whatsoever. His gaze softened as his eyes wandered to every part of your face, but he looked serious when he whispered, “You’re beautiful.”


And you blushed because Baekhyun never really said romantic things like this with all of his seriousness and that just surprised you. “What’s with all the seriousness, Baekgu?” you tried to sound playful, even adding his brand new nickname to .


Baekhyun didn’t complain or answer for a few moments. He just gently caressed your hair, shoving the bangs out of your eyes and bore his eyes into yours. The way he was staring at you made you feel like you were the world to him. You looked away, suddenly feeling nervous and embarrassed when you thought that maybe he could see the same thing in your eyes.


“You know,” Baekhyun started, rubbing comforting circles on the side of your face with his thumb, “I just realized that I’ve never actually said that out loud. That you’re beautiful. That you’re so beautiful.” He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to yours. “And you deserve to know that. I should’ve said things like this more often, I’m sorry.”


You cupped his face and brought his lips down to yours, pressing them in the most innocent way. After he moved back to his spot, you finally answered his previous question.


“I don’t know either, Baek. About where I’m going after graduation, I mean.” you softly smiled and let him play with your fingers. This situation felt just like how your mornings with him usually were. “God, we’re graduating tomorrow, and I still don’t have a single clue about what I’m gonna do with my life.” You ended your sentence with an awkward chuckle.


“Are you scared?” Baekhyun asked, trailing his fingers gently along your jawline.


“About what?” you asked, sighing under his tantalizing touch.


“About the future?” he repeated more clearly. “About us growing up? About life?”


You smiled again, closing your eyes as he tucked a wild strand behind your ear. “I’m always scared with the future, Baek. We don’t know anything about it, that’s why I’m scared. But there’s nothing we can do about it, right?”


Baekhyun just hummed back in agreement.


There was one question you wanted to ask him, and it seemed like he wanted to ask that as well. But both of you kept your mouth shut and just enjoyed each other’s company for the moment.


What about us? Are you scared about what’s going to happen to us in the future?


You quietly answered back your own thought, much too soft for Baekhyun to hear.






“There’s one last thing I want to do before we head back,” Baekhyun said the moment you two stepped right in front of the main hall of your campus. It was already two in the morning, and to be honest, both of you should have been in bed already because seven hours for now, your graduation ceremony was going to start. After a whole day of laughing and bickering with each other, you should have felt tired and drowsy at the moment, but none of it ran through your veins. Your cheekbones still rose so high on your face; a smile still displayed blatantly on your lips. You didn’t feel fatigue at all, only excitement, happiness, and the only one you could care about at the moment was Byun Baekhyun and him only.


You even cringed at the cheesiness of your own thought.


“Yeah?” you asked, “and what’s that?”


“Close your eyes,” he said, simply smirking when his eyes glued to yours.


You squinted your eyes suspiciously. “You’re not gonna leave me here alone, are you?”


Baekhyun exhaled loudly and rolled his eyes. “When are you ever going to trust me? I’m not going to prank you, I swear.”


“Fine,” you sighed and closed your eyes.


“No peeking.”




“If you peek, I’ll have to blindfold you and—”


“Shut up and just go with whatever it is you wanna do, Baek.”


“Okay,” he finally said, trusting you enough to keep your eyes shut as he placed his hand around yours. “Keep your eyes closed and follow me.”


“Where are we going?” you asked as he pulled you forward and you just decided to follow him for now. “Are you going to take me to the place where you’ll kill me, Byun Baekhyun?”


“Ha-ha, funny,” he answered, and you could imagine him once again rolling his eyes at you. “Just shut up, and you’ll know when I let you know.”


“Ooh, so bossy,” you cooed, chuckling. “You’re so hot when you’re being demanding, do you know that?”


“I’m always hot, baby, please,” Baekhyun bantered with a laugh. “Be careful. Stepping stones.” He raised your hand higher and you imitated his move by lifting your leg higher as you walked, passing through the stepping-stones.


You heard a sound of rattling keys and you tangled your eyebrows together as you asked, “Are we going to the main hall?”


“More like the auditorium,” he said, “and what did I tell you about shutting up?”


“How did you get the keys?”


“I asked Mrs. Kim to lend me these.”


“Doesn’t she hate you?”


Baekhyun gave out a small laugh and his voice grew closer and deeper when he responded, “You hated me too back then, but now you love me, don’t you?” and he didn’t give you the chance to answer back because he already planted his lips on yours. He granted you one of the briefest—but not less smothering—kisses you’d ever had before he pulled away with a soft chuckle. “Let’s just say anything is possible when Mr. Byun works his charm.”


And yes, you had been charmed so intensely by him that you didn’t know what would you do if he ever walks out of your life. “I am thoroughly amazed, Mr. Byun.”


Baekhyun led you even further to the room. You could hear the quiet sounds of your flat shoes meeting the marbled floor and you could tell how dark the room was even behind your closed eyelids. “Baekhyun?”




“Are we currently doing illegal things? Are we trespassing?”


“Technically, no, because I already asked for Mrs. Kim’s permission to use the auditorium,” he explained, “but maybe she didn’t think that I would use it at this kind of hour, so yeah, maybe we’re breaking rules a little bit here.”


“You’re graduating tomorrow, and yet, you still haven’t changed a bit,” you commented; your tone sounding a bit snarky. “What will you do in the future, Baek?”


You,” he snickered, “because that’s what I’m good at, right? Pleasuring you?”


“One more word and I’m gonna open my eyes just so I can punch you right on the face.”


He blew raspberry at you. “No you won’t, my face’s too pretty.”


You two kept on bantering with one another until Baekhyun stopped on his feet and placed his hands on your shoulders. “You trust me, right, Sweetheart?”


“Baek,” you said, still with perfectly closed eyes. “I just willingly closed my eyes for you even though—”


“Yes or no?”


You sighed. “Yes.”


You could imagine him smiling down at you. “Then wait for me here, and count to one hundred. No peeking as well.”


“What?!” you squeaked. “You’re gonna leave me alone here? In the dark?”


“It’s just until you finish counting to one hundred—”


“That’s too long! Baekhyun, you know I’m scared of ghosts—”


And Baekhyun laughed, raising one hand to cradle the back of your skull as he placed one reassuring kiss on your temple. “Nothing’s gonna happen to you, Sweetheart.” He kissed you on the mouth this time, and you softly gasped at the sudden warmth of his lips. “I’ll be around here. I just need to… prepare something.”


“Prepare what?” you asked, sounding desperate and pleading. “Something like what? Let me help, just don’t leave me—”


“Hey,” Baekhyun whispered, gently cupping your cheeks with his hands. “I won’t leave you alone, do you hear me? Look, I’ll keep talking to you so you know I’m here, all right?”


You nibbled anxiously on your lower lip until you finally gave in. “Fine. But just so you know, I count faster than most people.”


“Well then,” he kissed you again and ruffled your hair. “I’ll just have to move faster.”


Just like what he promised, Baekhyun kept saying something every minute just so you’ll be rest assured. Baekhyun even started humming and singing like a child when your counting just barely reached seventy.


“Baekhyun,” you called when you reached the number ninety-four and you grimaced at how pathetic you just sounded. “Can I open my eyes now? Please~”


“Still have six seconds left!” Baekhyun sounded breathless and hurried, and you could also hear rustling sounds of fabrics being changed at the background. He started counting the rest of the numbers himself until it finally reached one hundred. “Time! Okay, you can open your eyes now.”


The moment you unsealed your eyes was the time you felt like all the air in your lungs got taken away.


Byun Baekhyun was standing in the middle of the stage—that same stage he once played the song Angel to you before he confessed to you in front of three hundreds people in the room. The lights in the spacious auditorium were still off, but you couldn’t protest because now, the room was perfectly glowing with the bright yellow fire of small candles that were placed organizedly along the edge of the stage, framing it with their presence.


And your boyfriend was neatly dressed in the same way like he did through the entire day, but instead of a dark brown coat covering his white button-up shirt; he now wore a licorice black blazer with a cute bow tie wrapping his collar. It was as if he was dressed in a tuxedo; a high school senior waiting for his prom date to approach him and dance the night away.


Baekhyun stepped down from the stage and walked down to the spot you were standing robotically on. “Happy Graduation Day, Sweetheart.”


You covered your smile with your hand but couldn’t hold back the sound of your chuckle. “The graduation’s ceremony isn’t even going to start until the next seven hours, Byun Baekhyun.”


“Yeah, so?” he snickered, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulled you into a hug after he kissed your left cheek.


“So is this what you’ve been planning to do?” you asked with your chin resting idly on top of his shoulder. “You asked Mrs. Kim for a permission to use the auditorium just so you could lite up some candles and congratulated me that?”


“No, of course not,” Baekhyun said while he pulled back from the embrace. “Come on, I’ll show you.”


He linked your arms with his again and led you up to the center of the stage. You always felt tiny whenever you stood on this huge theater, but this time you felt more relaxed because you weren’t here for your own dance performance or auditions. Baekhyun, on the other hand, seemed a bit nervous—actually, very nervous—as he told you to stay there for a minute or two because he had something else he wanted to show you. You nodded, telling him that it was okay to leave you alone. With so many candles surrounding you like this, the only thing you feared the most at the moment was a bad case of fire emergency.


Baekhyun swiftly went to the back of the stage and you couldn’t see what he was doing because the red curtains were hiding the backstage neatly behind their long drapes. You started humming to yourself so you wouldn’t feel so lonely and quiet standing in the middle of the stage like this, and you only stopped when there was a gentle sound of a classic music came to your hearing zone.


It didn’t take so long for you to notice that this was one of those waltz songs you often heard in a ballroom dance: Johan Strauss II’s Vienna Blood Waltz.


“Good evening, my lady,” you heard Baekhyun called from behind you, and you turned around on your heels to face him directly. He was looking perfectly handsome, skin tinged with a golden glow from the candlelight and he shot you a blinding smile as he gave you a bouquet of red roses.


“What…” You grinned from ear-to-ear as you took the flowers from his hand. They were beautiful, and gleamed just like the color of your dress. “Why did you—you seriously planned all of this?”


“You’ve only seen a small part of it,” Baekhyun said, a smug smile appeared on his thin lips but you could tell how his hands were a bit shaky and how he occasionally wetted his lower lip, even nibbled at it sometimes while he spoke. “Now, do you want to put those flowers away first or should I just twirl you around right away?”


You raised an eyebrow, looking curious. “Huh?”


Baekhyun only smiled again and took the flowers off your hand. He placed them on top of the grand piano that was standing on the corner of the stage, before he walked back to you and bowed politely like a gentleman. “May I have this dance?” he asked as he offered you his hand. His voice sweet and melodious, even sweeter than the song that was playing in the background.


“Oh my God, Baek,” you mumbled under your breath, lips parting in awe and surprise. “Are you serious?”


The first thought that came to your mind was how amazing your boyfriend was to actually went through all of this just to present this for you. But you couldn’t help it when the thought of Kim Jongin doing this similar thing a few weeks ago entered your mind. You cursed yourself for remembering it and tried to ignore the pain and anger in your chest.


“Hey, come on, Sweetheart,” Baekhyun replied, gesturing you to take his hand already. “We don’t have all day. The candles are about to burn out. Unless you want to burn the entire stage down, then…”


And you laughed because this was so Byun Baekhyun. He could be romantic as hell if he wanted to, but it always ended up ridiculous at the end. You took his hand, blinking when you noticed how cold and sweaty his hands were—he must had been extremely nervous—and he carefully brought your body closer to his.


“I didn’t know you could dance,” you said, as Baekhyun placed his hand near the upper center of your back. He tangled one hand with yours, being confident with his pose and you chuckled while placing your other hand on his shoulder.


“I know nothing about dancing,” he said, guiding you to match his move as he somewhat awkwardly danced to the music. You stifled back a laugh.


“And yet, you’re asking me for a dance,” you retorted, “To what do I owe this honor?”


Perhaps it was your imagination, or the candle lights were doing tricks to your eyes, but you dared to swear that you just saw a faint blush spreading on his cheeks. “W-well, I, u-uhh…” he cleared his throat, trying to sound manlier after he stuttered miserably. “I know how you always wanted to go waltz-dancing and well, I was being kind of a for being so ignorant about it, so—” He suddenly twirled you around and you gasped when you thought you were going to fall. Baekhyun didn’t know or think much about his or your balance while he danced, so you ended up bumping your face against his chest.


“Crap, I’m sorry!” Baekhyun announced, helping you back to your feet as you rubbed your nose. “Are you okay?”


“Goodness, you at dancing,” you said, shaking your head while trying to contain your laugh. “You can’t just spin me around like that, Baek. I’m not some wooden doll you can just throw all over the place.”


Baekhyun laughed in an apologetic way. “Sorry, sorry. I’d practiced a lot for this, but it’s a lot different when your partner is an actual breathing human being, instead of a mop stick.”


“What?” you burst out laughing. “You practiced waltz dance with a mop?”


“Well, I didn’t have any choice, all right?” Baekhyun shouted back, looking bashful. “Chanyeol was too tall for me, and he became overly jealous when I tried to dance with his girlfriend, so yeah, a mop stick would have to do.”


“Oh my God,” you placed your chin on top of his shoulder, giggling as you wrapped your arms on his neck. The both of you had stopped trying hard to do the waltz and so, you just ended up swaying lightly on your feet with Baekhyun’s hand circling your waist. “I kind of want to see you dance with a mop stick, Baek. I bet you look all confident and less awkward.”


“Oh, you don’t even know,” Baekhyun leered, “If that mop stick was alive, she would have tried to rip my pants off and get it on with me.”


You pulled back from the gentle embrace and tugged on the back of his hair. “You’re ridiculous.”


You’re ridiculous,” he retorted back, playfully stealing a kiss from your lips. “You’re ready for another surprise?”


Your eyebrows flew up so high to your forehead, gaping. “You still have more?”


“Uh huh,” he nodded, wiggling his eyebrows at you. “Close your eyes and count to ten.”


“What is with you and counting?”


He jokingly flicked your nose. “Just do it.”


And so you did. “Eight… Nine… Ten! Baekhyun, I’m opening my eyes now!”


The second you opened your eyes, you were faced with a giant box, almost as huge as an eight years-old fat kid. The squared thing was enfolded in adorable wrapping papers—a combination of pink and light blue, with hundreds of tiny brown Rilakkuma on them—and there was a giant red ribbon tied into a bow on top of it. The height of that box almost reached half of your body.


“What is this?” you said, as you walked circling the box, looking at it like it was the most bizarre thing you’d ever seen.


“A present, of course,” Baekhyun chuckled at your expression. “For you.”


“What are you giving me, a fridge or something? This is freaking huge!”


“Well,” Baekhyun laughed again. “Open it and you’ll know.”


You couldn’t hold back the excited, gleeful smile from breaking on your lips as you started unravel the knot on the ribbon. “Don’t mind me if I do~”


Baekhyun only smiled while he folded his arms neatly on his chest. “Take your time, Sweetheart.”


It took forever for you to unwrap the box because it was so huge, and at the first two minutes, you tried to restrain yourself from just shredding the wrapping papers in one try because you thought those Rilakkuma babies were so cute, but then you decided to just go the hell with it. You ripped them away from it, and when you opened the box, you found another similar less huge—but still freakishly big—box. This one wasn’t decorated with the wrapping papers though.


You shot Baekhyun a curious look, rising one of your eyebrows slightly at him. The boy just smiled again and said, “Told you to take your time.”


You frowned again but decided to drop it just now, and opened the second box.


You found another box inside it. This one was a tad smaller than the last one.


“Baekhyun,” you called, already a bit irritated. “What is this?”


“Take your time~”


And you opened that smaller box… only to find another one resting peacefully in it.




Your boyfriend laughed. “Honey, I tell you what? There are like twenty boxes in there. So stop asking questions and just continue with it.”


“See, I knew you were going to prank me,” you pouted and Baekhyun grinned as he leaned closer and kissed it away.


“This is hardly a prank, Sweetheart,” he said, giving you a gentle pat on your cheek. “Now, come on. Open some more.”


And Baekhyun was right, you kept finding another box inside every box you just discovered, and even though it annoyed you, you were curious about what he tried to hide at the very bottom of the present. By the time you got to open the hundredth box—or at least that was what you thought—the small candles around you were already burned out. The auditorium fell into darkness again, but you could still see because there were still two candles, just beside the spot where Baekhyun put down your flowers. They were about to burn out as well.


“Baekhyun, I swear,” you said, “if this presents turns out to be nothing but an empty air, I’m gonna light a candle up your .”


“Ooh~” Baekhyun cooed, faking a wince. “That’s not pretty.”


“But seriously!” You shouted when you opened another box that was now just a couple inches bigger than your hand, and still found another box in it. “I thought you were giving me a huge- present and I was expecting it to be like a TV or something but…”


Your sentence hung in the air when you realized that the box you just discovered, was now only smaller than your palm. This little box was utterly different with the previous ones. It was a rosewood box, looking elegant and glamorous, and you had a guess of what was hidden inside it but you didn’t dare to say it out loud.


Could it be…


Baekhyun suddenly reached closer and snatched the tiny box away from your grasp while you were sinking so deep in your own thoughts.


“So, let me ask you something first before you open this one.” Baekhyun said, playing with the tiny box in his hand. “What day is tomorrow?”


You shook yourself awake from your thoughts and replied, “Our graduation day?”


“Right, but that’s not just it,” Baekhyun corrected, a half smile displaying on his lips. He strolled around the edge of the stage, swaying easily on his feet although you could tell he was being enormously nervous inside. “Tomorrow is the day we're going to end our reckless college life and enter a whole new world. We're going to be adults, I'm going to be a man, and you're going to be a full grown up lady.” He stopped to throw a very Byun Baekhyun-ish wink at you. "A very y-looking one too, I’m sure.”


And you smiled but not saying anything back. You could see how his voice sounded a bit tense and how he tried so hard to keep the tension between you two at ease.


“We're going to start looking for jobs, I'm going to have a beard on my face and you're probably going to be fat but well that's life.” He shrugged playfully and laughed when you rolled your eyes hopelessly at him. “And we're going to be ready to be responsible for every decision we make because it's every man for themselves out there."


Baekhyun closed the distance between you and him, before he took a gentle hold of your hand. “And tomorrow,” he said, voice quiet but firm and unyielding. “just like today, I'm going to love you. And not just tomorrow, I'm going to love you for the rest of my life.”


It was when he cupped one side of your cheek and caressed his fingers along the soft skin that you had the chance to properly breathe.


“Ever since that incident with Jongin happened, I…” His eyes searched every corner of your face, trying to memorize every detail. He swiped his tongue along his lower lip anxiously as he grew breathless while he spoke. “ I realize that I can't lose you. Call me possessive, call me selfish, but I don't want to see you with anyone else but me. I love you,” and he leaned in to give the shortest kiss on the corner of your lips, as if he couldn’t contain himself from not doing it at the moment but realized that it was not the proper time to kiss you when he did. “I love you so much. I want to keep you by my side. Forever.”


You gazed into his eyes with a surprised look on your face, because what you witnessed on his face wasn’t something you usually saw. Baekhyun gave the impression of being in love but also hurt, and just entirely nervous and worried and you didn’t know why he was looking like that at all. He looked scared and fragile, but at the same time, his eyes seemed to gleam with this uncontained happiness and you had a hard time to decide which side was the winner.


“So,” Baekhyun continued, as he brought his eyes down to his feet and cleared his throat. You told yourself that he was going to end his sudden confession and just walked away, bringing the tiny box with him, but you knew that wouldn’t happen. “If it’s not too much to ask…”


You had guessed it all along, but when he brought himself down to one knee in front of you, you still found yourself speechless and heart banging against your ribcages.


He opened the tiny box which had a beautiful, white leatherette interior and brass hinge but that didn’t mean as much as the diamond ring you saw lying inside it. A white, solitaire engagement ring that shone as bright as Baekhyun’s nervous, but fully contented smile at the moment.


He offered the ring in his right hand and his voice never sounded as beautiful and gentle as the way he called your full name right now.


Will you marry me?”


And you cried.


Maybe Baekhyun thought those tears—the ones that were streaming down your face like waterfalls—were happy ones. Maybe he thought you were crying because you were relieved. Maybe he thought you were breaking into tears because you loved him so much that you wouldn’t think twice about marrying him.


But that wasn’t it.


That wasn’t it at all.


So you dropped to your knees too, immediately wrapping your shaky arms around his neck and sobbed to his chest. “I love you, Baekhyun,” you said, choking on your tears and Baekhyun, even though you knew he was shocked at your sudden reaction, tried to calm you down by stroking your hair with one hand. “I love you so much, Baek—oh God, you have to understand this—I love you.”


Maybe he heard the guilty, apologizing tone you had in your voice, because he suddenly went still. Both of his hands dropped to his sides. You wrapped your arms tighter around his body, trying to console him and forbid him from running away from you.


“…but?” His voice was quiet and on the verge of breaking. “You’re saying no?”


You cried even harder after those words left his mouth. You clutched to him tighter, asking for his understanding, his forgiveness, and for him to not crumble into pieces.


Baekhyun let you embrace him one more time as another silence moment passed by, but then he reluctantly let go of you and cupped your cheek with his hand again.


“I need an answer,” he weakly said, voice shaky and deeply wounded. You shook your head, praying to God that Baekhyun would let go of this somehow, even though you knew it was impossible. “Don’t leave me hanging, please,” Baekhyun pleaded and when you stared back at him, you might as well rip your own heart out and jab a javelin through it. It would feel the same anyway.


“Is it yes or no?” Baekhyun asked, begging for a clear answer.


“Baekhyun, you have to understand that I love you and—”


Answer me.” The sudden tense in his voice made your skin shiver.


You breathed in and breathed out. But no matter how many times you did those actions, your lungs still felt like burning.


No.” You buried your face in your hands, crying until it felt like you couldn’t breathe and your brain stopped working. “I’m sorry, but I have to say no.” You kept muttering the words ‘I love you’ just to assure him that love wasn’t the reason you refused his proposal—even though you knew it would mean nothing by now.


Another silence, and then he asked, “Why?”


Because I’m not ready. I’m scared. I love you. I accept every part of you. But I can’t convince myself that you won’t run away from me after I say yes. The first time I told you about my feelings, you took off. You went missing and left me hanging for days. The first time I asked you about our future, you excused yourself from my sight. And now, you suddenly asked me to marry you. I don’t know which one to believe. If I say yes, and you run away again, I’m not sure I can prevent myself from breaking apart.


“It’s not…” You hugged yourself, feeling your body quivering violently. “It’s not something I can explain.”


And there was a small laugh, filled with nothing but pain and disappointment, flowing from Baekhyun’s mouth. “Of course.


After that, you could only hear the sounds of your own crying. Because if Baekhyun didn’t want to show his wounded feelings, it was your job to steal them away.


The candlelights disappeared as your heart sank to the ground.





so I ended up writing this long- chapter, and guys you have to understand that I wanted to make this chapter as fluffy as possible at first but as you may have known I AT WRITING FLUFF HOW TO WRITE FLUFF OMG GUYS TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE FLUFF!!

I don't know why this chapter turned out to be so depressing like this BLAME THIS ON BAEKHYUN AND HIS GIRLY ATTITUDES TOWARDS KRIS OKAY I'M A HARDCORE CHANBAEK SHIPPER BUT KRISBAEK AT HAPPY CAMP WAS JUST SO CUTE I THINK I'M GOING TO CRY my words don't make any sense, I know, can someone just kill me now?

I hope you still enjoyed this chapter anyway. Can I have another comments from you all? please pretty please? :') I LOVE YOU ALL~

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Kyoong 0 points #1
Chapter 18: cant count how many times i've read this story already literally my fave TT im still waiting for your updates huhuhu pls if u have time, do come visit this page and update this story thank u i hope ur doing fine! :)
Chapter 34: its been more than a year :( pls update soon ilyy
Eunsmoon 75 streak #3
Chapter 34: They're finally having the babies! I don't know if you still update this at l but I'm going to stay subscribed cause its super cute.
Eunsmoon 75 streak #4
Chapter 17: Ok this is the fluffiest, cutest chapter I have ever read. I love this so much! I hope that I get a proposal like this :)
I've read this fic in persian.....I luv it!
It's so funny and this type of baekhyun is so hot
Chapter 34: It's been two years since the last update, yet I still find myself always coming back to this masterpiece. It's my favourite fanfic of all time tbh - as in favourite of all EXO fanfics and all fanfics in general including different fandoms. I hope life is treating you well, and want to express my gratitude for this story and the fact that you left all your great work up for everyone who loves it to keep rereading it! Thank you <333
visiting this story again~~~~
fgtalks #9
Chapter 34: The babies probably two yo now. Well. Hello. I hope you're always healthy and happy author. And i hope the babies are okay. Yay. Uhm. This story is fantastic. Well, but if you don't want to continue this, uhm. I'll try to be fine. It's okay. As long asthe babies are okay. And maybe now Chanyeol is finally happy again, right? Either he's moved one already or just got back together with his ex. Have a good day (^^)/