Cupid's Match

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Besides the fact that she’s completely inexperienced in dating and relationships, Junah is just like any other girl. But when a boy who’s caught her eye since so long ago suddenly shows her interest, she panics and enlists the help of Chanyeol, a self-proclaimed and lonely match maker who gladly helps people connect with the one they like. 


Hello! New story. I hope for this to be both light and thoughtful. Featuring everyone's favorite Virus... here's to!

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vanillasoul257 #1
Chapter 37: Thank you for this story. It's sooo well-written! I love it very much and read it in one go. It's sweet, captivating and addictive. Well done, Authornim!
Chapter 37: This story melted me all the way ♡♡♡
I loved it so much!
Chapter 15: vsjavsjbdks WINTER BALL
Chapter 1: if that tall guy is Chanyeol, then bless him
CaterpillarARMY #5
Chapter 36: Is their university in Dallas? There is a restaurant just like the one described in dowtown. Reunion Tower.
Chapter 37: Love this story! The flow of the story was amazing. I love Chanyeol more now haha
Gstwln #7
Chapter 4: It just 4 chapter.. And i can see me in Junah's personality. The way she thinks about herself haha
mykaddiction #8
Chapter 37: Lovvvvvvvve this!!!!!!!!
So interesting at the same time really thoughtful n beautiful story:))))))
Saranghae author nim:)
Will remember this masterpiece for life*sobs*( happy tears of course)
semi_1234 #9
Chapter 37: This is a masterpiece
Chapter 37: AUTHORNIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM THIS IS DAEBAKKK >.< all these emotions I'm feeling because of u ugh I can't even. Thank chuu ~.<