Uhhhh, Nichkhun!

Chapter 3

Nichkhun was going back to the United States today for a week vacation at his hometown. He was going to meet up with his family there to have a small reunion, it's been a year since they last saw each other. 

Nichkhun arrived at the LAX International airport and saw his brother waving a banner with his name on it. No fans were there because this was strictly privately planning. 

"Nichkhun!" Nichan yelled seeing his brother putting him in a headlock and messing up his hair.

"My little brother's all grown up now. Doesn't even have time to see his family anymore." He said letting Nichkhun go. 

"I'm busy you know." Nichkhun smirked at his brother earning him a smack on the head. They both laughed and walked to Nichan's car. They drove to Nichan's condo. Nichkhun stepped out of the car for the fist time seeing his brother's condo. 

"WOAH! Dude your place looks nice. It's better than where I'm living." Nichkhun joked. Nichan opened the doors to his condo and they were greeted by cheers of welcome.

"Welcome back!" Nichkhun's family and a few close friends shouted.

"Aww, thanks guys!" He hugged his parents and two sisters and went around the house greeting a few friends. 

Nichkhun was finally done, he sat on the counter chair and got a glass of wine. He stirred the wine creating a small whirl pool in the glass. Suddenly someone stumbled out of the bathroom, Nichkhun almost spilled some wine on himself. He stood up and went to help the girl. 

"Are you alright?" Nichkhun asked concerned.

"Yeah, just tripped over my own feet." The girl said fixing her tight fitted navy blue dress. When she finally looked up her face turned bright red and she started mumbling, "Ohh I didn't know you were here already, I thought you were still at the airport. How was your flight? Were you feeling ok? I know you always get air sick." She said in one breath. 

Nichkhun laughed at her actions, "My flight was fine, I just got here a couple minutes ago and I don't get air sick much anymore." He smiled. Nichkhun missed her, her voice, her dorky smiles, her touch, her presence. When she's around Nichkhun always feels comfortable. They didn't really end things between them, it was a mutual agreement that since he's an idol he'll be busy and won't have time to have a girlfriend. _________ understood that, she knows what it's like to have hectic schedules and barely getting enough sleep, she is currently a professional ballerina, with her training and rehearsals she's practically living an idol life as well. Minus the screaming fans of course. 

"You know for a ballerina you're pretty clumsy." He joked. 

"I know I think I can only balance well if I have my point shoes on." She said scratching her head. 

They mingled for hours and before they knew it, it was already midnight, there was only Nichan left since it was his place. 

"It's getting late, I should get going." ________ said getting her bag ready to go.

"Ohh, yeah it's already passed midnight. I'll walk you to your car." They headed for the elevator and down to the parking lot. 

"My car's that way." ________ pointed towards a black Mercedes.

"I guess being a ballerina pays well huh?" Nichkhun joked.

"Yeah." They reach the car and Nichkhun held onto ________'s hand. She looked at him with shocked eyes.

"What's wrong?" She turned her gaze towards their intertwined hands. 

"Nichkhun, why are you--" She was cut off with his lips. His hands moved from her hands to her face holding their kiss longer. 

"I've been wanting to do that this whole night." Nichkhun said letting go of the kiss. Being a gentleman he opened the car door for her but she continued just looking at Nichkhun while touching her lips. She hadn't felt that feeling in years and she missed it. 

________ pulled Nichkhun back into a deep kiss which took him by surprise but he gladly responded. Nichkhun started moving towards the driver's seat with ________ sitting on top of him with both legs straddling his waist. She started taking off Nichkhun's shirt and he quickly slid it off. She moved her hands against his toned abs which earned a from Nichkhun. She started grinding her against his obvious . Nichkhun got the hint and started taking off his belt.

"Nuh uh, let me do it." She said seductively. ________ removed his belt painfully slow, unbuttoned his pants and eased the zipper down to it's limit. Nichkhun switched positions and moved to the back seats of the car. He took off his pants and shoes but left his boxers on. 

"Come here babe." He said almost . 

_________ slammed the driver's door shut and moved to the back seat sitting on top of Nichkhun's crotch swaying her hips back and forth.


"You like that?" She asked teasingly. Nichkhun just put his head back and ed deeply. His was now clearly exposed. His thin boxers are the only thing in the way. 

"Shall I take this off?" ________ teased grabbing a hold of Nichkhun's long hard with his boxers still on. She started moving her hands up and down his as he ed in her ears. 

"You're already hard for me babe and I haven't even done anything to you yet." She said moving her hands faster. She could feel his precum coming out of the tip of his and that's when she decided to take his boxers off. Nichkhun's hands started wondering around her body, he caught the end of her dress and pulled it over her head leaving her only in her underwear. Nichkhun kissed her neck down to her s, he bit her right lightly while playing with her left with his hands, she ed being by it. 

"Uhhhhhh, Nichkhun!" She panted heavily. His hands slowly moved down to her , he could feel her wet as she grinds closer to his hand. He circled her with his middle finger. 

"Nichkhun! Finger me!" She demanded. He quickly inserted his middle finger in her and moved it in and out. He loved the sound it makes. 

"More! Nichkhun! More!" He added two more fingers and moved it faster into her . The site of her s moving rapidly from just his fingers was . His was getting even harder than before.  Nichkhun could feel her tightening around his fingers and he knew she was about to , he took his fingers and laid her down on the seat. 

"What the hell Nichkhun!" She yelled irritated.

"I was clo--" He stuck his tongue into her and tongue ed her. Her s filled the parking lot, she wrapped her legs around Nichkhun's head and pushed her closer to Nichkhun's tongue so it could go deeper. She finally climaxed in Nichkhun's mouth and he up all her . He wasted no time and into her .

"AHHHHHH! !" She yelled. Nichkhun became excited, he gets when _________ cusses when they have . 

"Nichkhun, me! me hard!" She commanded. Nichkhun pounded into her harder and faster her legs wide apart into a perfect 180 degree angle, being a ballerina, it was easy for her. 

"Faster Nichkhun!! Faster!" Nichkhun did what he was told and jammed his deeper and faster into _________'s . The whole car was shaking and their s and grunts were loud and furious. The windows of the car were moist because of the heat of their bodies. _________ could feel Nichkhun's pace slow down so she decided to take control. Switching positions she sat on top of him, her legs straddling his. She began to ride Nichkhun's shaft slowly getting used to the rhythm. With no time she was humping Nichkhun's body wildly, he was helping her by ing his in the pulse as she had. Nichkhun and bit her neck leaving marks all over her. She felt herself close to climax and humped Nichkhun even faster. 

"NICHKHUUUUN! I'm gonna !!!" She screamed in her .  They came at the same time. Panting from the lack of air Nichkhun kissed _________ on her forehead.

"I've missed you so much." He whispered in her ear. 


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