The Model And The Student [ONE-SHOT]

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Tao, the social outcast, gets a visit in school by Kris, the most famous model in Korea.

Dragged out from his class, Kris tells him that he's not one to and leave.

Asking Tao to go home with him, the student declines, thinking that all the blonde model wanted was .

And then he has a flashback of the fateful night he met Kris at a club.

At the club, where he was trying to forget everything, drowning himself in drink.

And he met Kris, who happened to take an immediate liking.

Will Tao go back with Kris? Or is it just too much of a fairytale to go along with?






This is one i've been writing for a while, and i just remembered about it tonight.

So i decided to upload it!

I've been shooting out oneshots so many times!

This is actually my 70th story on AFF.

Which is a LOT.

Anyway, pure Taoris here, and a little bit of Baekyeol to whoever wants it ;D

I hope you enjoy this!



It'll make me happy :3

Love you all <3


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Chapter 1: Loved this story.......
taostan #2
Chapter 1: I love this story so much. This is my second read through, and I still find it just as awesome as I did the first time. Fighting, authornim!
Jayluvskpop #3
Chapter 1: I'm drowning in fluff right now and I don't even care. Omo, so sweet! Plus the bonus Baekyeol at the end was the cherry on top^^
LittleGuri #4
Chapter 1: Author-nim!!!! XD daebak! Daebak! Daebak!! TaoRis feels uhh :'3 love thissss
EclairDenise #5
Chapter 1: Baekyeol. >////< And TaoRis. My heart, please~ That was so sweet, and so... ugh. I love this. *_*
[deactivated] #6
chanyeol in a motorcycle, fml.... absolutely loved this! so hot and swet and ohmygod how about a sequel for baekyeol? please?
Abhieghail #7
Chapter 1: Whoah!! So cute <3 ~~ can you make a Baekyeol sequel..? Please..? ×Π×
xxkittykuxx #8
Chapter 1: The Baekyeol in it was just too good q(❂‿❂)p Loooved it <3
natsume124 #9
Chapter 1: Erm, is that a sportster?
Lol, I couldnt help but wonder..
Doesnt looked like Iron..
2haruko #10
Chapter 1: waaa~ that was soo sweet .. all of your stories are written so well~ i cant wait to read more of your work!