In Bloom


Shy florist Jongin meets pragmatic accountant Kyungsoo when Jongin is forced to deliver flowers to Kyungsoo's office because of an emergency. Too shy to ask Kyungsoo out, Jongin pretends to be a delivery guy so he can continue to see him.

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Hi everyone,

I'm a huge reader of Kaisoo fics but I always feel devastated when I read angsty ones where one or both of them get hurt badly, or omg even worse, one of them dies! I want my OTP to be happy - I'm a total sap like that. So that's why IN BLOOM is embarrassingly fluffy and cheesy and romantic and a little funny. For those who love tragic kaisoo above all, I am sorry in advance but you won't be finding anything tragic here otl.

I hope you will adore Jongin and Kyungsoo as I do. I really really reallyyyyy adore Jongin. I think this will be obvious to anyone from Chapter 1 lol. I can't help it. SORRY! He's my ILU <3

Last but definitely not least, truckloads of tulips and confetti go out to the amazing ING of Selcouth for coming up with such a beautiful poster.








Thanks also for all the congratulatory messages - I won't be able to reply them all but I read every single one and they all mean a lot to me;;;

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Heelina #1
Chapter 9: Re read. Still amazing❤
inkanara 1 points #2
Chapter 29: This is so beautiful story author-nim. I'm sorry i just read this now, I really love Jongin and Kyungsoo relationship in here and how their personality changed because each other.The characters are really good, especially Jongin. (I love Shy and adorable Nini!!). There's so much emotions in this story, Funny, sad, cute and I'm so happy for Jongin and his Father relationship end well. Thank you for writing this, author-nim. Fighting!!
Jimin_Got_No_Jams 1 points #3
I found this fic from Stained Glass and omg this fic is amazing, and this the first fic I've read in a while without any angst. The fluff and shy Jongin got me cracking up everytime. :')
JSM5421 1 points #4
I love this fic SO very much. Its been months since I finished, but I'm still not over the feels, laughs, and over-whelming happiness this amazing fic has left me with. I'll definitely be rereading it soon. But thank you SO MUCH author-nim for writing this. You have no idea how much this story means to me. It's not only one of my favorite fics of all time, but actually of my favorite things I've ever read period.
1 points #5
Chapter 29: this is such a good story you are such a good writer love love love this could be a movie it must be a movie omw. thank you.
1 points #6
Chapter 21: This is so pretty... I might have shed a few tears while reading this chapter. This is so, so pretty.
1 points #7
theYada 1 points #8
Chapter 28: Aw this is such an adorable story ^.^
1 points #9
Chapter 28: Oh wow, then a lot of your stories are related to each other ! I like knowing that the characters I've come to know in other stories are the same :-)
I felt like the writing style of this story was different from the others, but maybe that's because it's an early work ?

By the way, just a small correction on the Kaisoo oneshot, when Kyungsoo and Jongin's dad say goodbye to each other, it should be : "안녕히가세요 (annyeonghi kaseyo)" to the one who leaves, and "안녕히계세요 (annyeonghi kyeseyo)" to the one who stays !
TheHotSquadRP 1 points #10