Babysitting with the Stars


Nam Woohyun is a washed up former child star looking for a way back into show biz.

Kim Sunggyu is a bad boy rocker looking for a way to improve his image.

They both get a chance when they’re invited to participate in a reality show in which two random stars are paired together to take care of a child.


A cliche show-biz fic with a cheesy title  -_-

Uh...I wanted to try writing something more light hearted.

Pairings: Woogyu, with a side of Myungyeol and Yadong

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Fluff

Warning: Starts out with a 15+ rating, but contains later on~

Thank you to ToxicGyu  at ˚★ℳetric Constellations★˚||Graphic&Review; Shop|| for the poster~


There's now a sequel!

Read it here if you want toHoneymooning with the stars


Thank you for reading everyone! Maybe we'll meet again in the sequel?^^

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Fxdstar7 #1
Usually I am not into comedy but this is so cute and still sweet so why not >< I can't stop myself from reading this, I love this!❤
Datbootay #2
Love that u write bout infiniteee, its been so long reading a nice infinite ficc ♡
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 54: Loved this story, so glad they still kept in touch with Hyun Su <3
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 23: So innocent > . <
[deactivated] #5
Chapter 22: *laughing*
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 21: Aye, Woohyun >///<
Chapter 54: I'm so happy they stayed in touch with Hyun su.
MiszCJung #9
This is soooooo sweet!
Its a cliche story like u said but it has the right flavor. And the people who makes this sooooo fun and exciting! :)
Chapter 19: congrats on getting featured!!! and now i'm reading your story in one go !!