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“For a long moment the dragon simply falls, wings tucked in tight as they plummet through the clouds.” –We Danced in the Snow of a Crystal December



Thug Wife

Author: EXOISM @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: Lu Han/OC

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Action, AU

Summary: Jeong Sena is the daughter of a CEO of one of the biggest steel companies in Asia. After drinking a little too much one night, she wakes up next to Luhan, the son of a CEO of China's largest weapon and explosive manufacturing company. For the sake of public image, they are forced to marry. Sena soon finds out that Luhan has many deadly secrets.

 [I assure you guys, this isn’t one of those very cliché arranged marriage fics out there. The climax is very near, I want more!! This is exciting to read and it never bored me so it will probably be one of my fave EXO het fics (well, this is one of the few fics that excites me whenever there’s an update XD). I really love the character development and how the relationship b/in Lu and the OC grew~ the build-up is steady and just right. The action scenes and the details about the gangs were pretty awesome too. Go read this guys!]





Dizzying Confusion

Author: roseyulee @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: OC + Kris, Baekhyun, Kai, EXO

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Drama, Romance,

Summary: If you woke up one day after having your life fast forwarded, could you adapt to the present and piece together the past eight years of your life? Even more importantly, would you be happy with what you've become?

[I know that amnesia fics spells ‘cliché’ for you guys but I assure you that this is not one of your average stories. There’s a plot that it follows and scenes aren’t just put randomly, every chapter weaves together, so BAM— plot development. For a fic that’s written on 1st P.O.V, the characters are well-written and has their own individuality (quirks and habits are present, you can set them apart and actually feel them, and the lead character is very intriguing) On top, after finishing a chapter, you’ll be dying to read the next one to know more. A fic for drama geeks <3 ~Ok, I need an update so badly!! I just wish that the author hasn’t given up on this story yet T_T]





Forbidden Boys

Author: ChaeYo @ AFF

Length: Chaptered

Pairing: Eunbi (OC) + Lu Han & Sehun

Rating: [M]

Genre: Romance, Drama, A...

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lazydayscrazydoll #1
Hello! Hope you can check out my EXO fics, mostly about Kyungsoo:


...and also one for Chanyeol!


Thank you! :)
Some_Random #2
If you're feeling like a crack fic or something laugh out loud to make your day, I totally recommend this one for a quick read. It's probably got the most twists I've ever seen in a crack fix and lololol it's seriously hilarious (one of my favs). Plus, Exo caught up in a matchmaking conspiracy? Totally awesome.

akirasama #3
Hi! I highly recommend this story. The title is Monster Academy written by creepychii.
It's a really good story, in my opinion, and I think it would make a good addition to your masterlist. The plot is unexpected and the author's grammar and writing style is good. I find it really a shame that this story is not getting that much attention despite the fact that it was really well written.
I've never really bothered about AFF before until a friend recommended this fic to me. I've read some of the most popular stories here, and they are good in their own ways, but I daresay that this story is better than some top stories I've read here. I'm really picky when it comes to stories and I'm very particular with grammar and unique plots. Do check this story out if you have time and I hope you can share it with the others who might enjoy reading this story.
By the way, thank you for sharing all those wonderful stories on that thread. It really made my life easier on finding good EXO fics to read. =)
anna950108 #4
Chapter 1: oh my god. you're the best! i come across your masterlist through AT's review from rookietown! thank you a million for this! XOXO 😉
Tina95 #5
Chapter 1: HI ~ why don`t you check this super awesome fic out? maybe you like it and recommend it OuO
fillmewithyourluv #6
Chapter 11: Can I recommend 1 of my stories ? Hahaha

Irresistibly you (baeksoo couple) 3 shot

Its a fluff :)

Hehe no seriously I love that fic called
'En pointe' it was a kaibaek pairing ballet!au and omg it was really good and angsty. The author name is Paradisist i believe.
Beyond_9irls #7
thank you!
choirovin #8
wow thanks for the list.. this is exactly what i need.. can i reccomend "spare the rod, and spoil the child!" by fliuor ?? thats my favourite fanfic of aaalllll time...
fateluver #9
Chapter 1: Two fics I would reccomend would be "And the rose said to me" and "Spare the rod, and spoil the child!". Both of which are written by fliuor.
GuysInEyeliner #10
Maybe you should try "Tempestuous" by CacheAlmirah : http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/680375/tempestuous-supernatural-thriller-wolf-originalcharacter-exok-exom-legendofexo

It has excellent grammar, flawless characterization, and a bit of every genre, actually. It's original, believable, yet supernatural-themed. I think it's perfect, tbh.