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Colors Swirl [Kris Version]


Drugs or death wouldn't change it, if even by some miracle.


This is the alternate version I mentioned writing.

But you have to read part 1 to understand some things. You can find that here.

You can find me on Tumblr. and yes I am shamelessly promoting.


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crimson_yin #1
Chapter 3: Kris may as well follow Tao? not the drug addiction, if you know what I mean XD I just love this kind of story and thank you author-nim for writing such an awesome story :') taoris angst ftw!
ShaZam #2
Maybe Kris can get over blaming himself for Tao's death.
But he still loves Tao. :P
Anysoul #3
Chapter 3: So touching. its a good thing Kris had one person to rely on
Anysoul #4
Chapter 1: Update sooon.!! Please!
stewchicken91 #5
Chapter 1: tao is dead? well he was a druggie *sobs*
update soon though, i wanna hear what he has to say!
-xfanni #6
Subscribing to this no matter what. Just stumbled upon your other version of this story. Plain amazing. Update soon please <3