Colors Swirl


Colors swirl around right before you die.


*It'll be another sad story of mine. In which there is no Exo as a idol group.

It'll probably end up being really weird at times. It will include character death, just fair warning.*

This probably won't update until a couple days from now. Please subscribe, I promise it'll be good.

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kaisoo22 #1
Chapter 1: I don't understand........I'M really stupid
JaeYong_TY #2
Chapter 1: Ugh 3rd fic tonite where tao died

'well maybe its cuz i searched up taoris death'

But still
Its so sad
Love2Laugh #3
Chapter 1: Omo this is sssooo sad. Please make a sequel~
HaneulD #4
Chapter 1: i lost wordes, this needs a sequel
stewchicken91 #5
Chapter 1: wowwwwwww! u needs to be a writer or something gurl cuz this is amazing!
like amazing! wow!2 dumbfounded to speak!
ill read the sequel now!
-xfanni #6
OMFG. you're an amazing author, you are /applauds
My feels... I can't even explain... ;~;
I could totally feel what Tao was feeling when Kris left him, and it broke my heart. And when he died, god, it was... Wow.
Please please please write more of these amazing stories because they are far too awesome for words. <3
Pls more omg this was great I reared up a bit ;_;
please please please write a sequel omg kdsjfskdjf my taoris feels
This needs more added ;-; need moreeee soo good
;_________________________________; WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY