The Morning After


It was Sehun's first night over Luhan's house.  This is about the morning after when Luhan wakes up first.


Hi everyone, I have finally built up enough courage to make a oneshot.

But be warned.

It will be so fluffy you will die. 


Edit:  I took away the foreword because it was bothering me.  XDD 


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trappedsoul #1
Chapter 1: Lol, but hey it's good hunhan stop or else the time they were doing lovey dovey would be the moment the cockblocker mom entered the room, and that means chaos XD
Abbll16 #2
Chapter 1: This was super cute. Luhan was so adorable and shy. Leave it to parents to always ruin the mood. -.- Haha
waterair #3
Chapter 1: *throws candies everywhere* asdfghjkl fluff
_Miss_Imperfection_ #4
Chapter 1: squeaaaal
It's so good omg
Dear_Lu #5
wonderful *-* I was reading it with bated breath *-* Author, dont you mind if i translate it into Russian and put it on the website? ;)
Hollywood1999 #6
-Vixxen- #7
Chapter 1: It so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!! lol it wqs cute.
nightStar #8
Chapter 1: sweet.. sweet.. ;)