Paper Mâché


Trapped in a cardboard box, Kyungsoo always feels at home. 


Paper Mâché

Kyungsoo moves a lot.

Like clockwork, as soon as he felt settled in at school and in his new home, his mother would wake up one morning and deemed their current residence no longer acceptable. So, along with his father and him, they would pack up their belongings and move to another location.

It doesn't take much to get that he hated it. Kyungsoo worked so hard to make new friends and to adjust to the new settings every time. Then, all his efforts would go to waste as soon as his mother’s fickleness kicked in.  Besides the constant whirlwind of relocation, nothing was ever the same in Kyungsoo’s life. The houses always had different layouts. The towns and cities always had different people along with different sceneries.

By some of luck, Kyungsoo had come across a comfort that helped him cope with his situation. It was a comfort that was easily accessible and never changing; no matter how many times he was forced to move.

He wasn’t sure when the fixation started, but he knew he felt safe inside a cardboard box.  Every time his family would settle down in a new place, Kyungsoo would take out his tool kit consisting of scissors and tape and get a little creative. He would hack away at a cardboard box and tape it together until he created something he considered to be his real home.

His most pleasurable times were to sit inside his box creation and stare through a small cardboard window he always cut out at the top of his boxes. Everything would be the same in that moment. Be it the sky, the tan colour, the texture, or the smell, it was always the same.

However, when one by the name of Kim Jongin appears and asks if there’s room for one more in Kyungsoo's cardboard sanctuary, he isn’t quite sure what to do.

(Revised foreword 29/08/12)

Author's blurb:
Ahaha, so here's another OTP for everyone. KAISOO <3! So, I thought this would be a neat, though also admittedly strange, idea. A cautionary note to everyone: I have only moved twice in my life, once when I was two and once around two years ago (and we just moved to a different neighbourhood in the same city :P). So, I hope that I depict everything okay in this story's future. 
This fic is probably going to be light-hearted and probably hints of angst in there(at least, that's what I'm aiming for). Definitely not as fluffy as my fluffy-as-hell Baekyeol fic. Ohhh well.

Much love everyone.
PurplePluto signing off~~

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Poster credits to: the marvelous timemachine! She is so amazing! I love it and thank you so much! ><



Папье-маше, translated by blinchic

Paper Mâché [Indonesian], translated by amusuk

Paper Mâché, translated by annannes (LJ)

Paper Mâché, translated by perezperez22

Những mảng bột giấy, translated by hoaphong


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BTS_Rania_ARMY 23 streak #1
This still is the cutest fic I've ever read . It's beauty is endless .
Chapter 17: it's so simple and so beautiful
leesdaehwi #3
i read this soooo long ago and ive come back and still love it as much as i did all that time ago which is AMAZING i salute you
i came back to remind myself how much i adored this fic ??
Chapter 17: i want to cry, i love this story so much
bubblegum365 #6
Chapter 17: 2nd time reading this but it still gets me every chapter >.<
yehetohoratkaebsong #7
Chapter 17: This is just so beautiful author-nim, I didn't know that Jongin suffers so much T T... I just-i can't describe how much I love this fic. I really love how Kaisoo's relationship develop slowly but stronger each time. I just-i really wish you are here and reading this. You've done a really great job author-nim, this fic makes me laugh,cry, sad, happy and excited altogether. You're really amazing. Really loving this fic and love you~ <3
yehetohoratkaebsong #8
Chapter 6: Here i am reading this when it's already late at night and i have school tomorrow. I actually already find this pretty long ago ,but i just didn't read it yet.. And i know i will regret not reading this faster and i am regretting it now. I'm just halfway but this fic is really good, i really love kaisoo's relationship development here. And i think exo's newest song Walk On Memories would really suit this chapter.. Aaarrgghh, this fic is really good. I just wish you're still here reading this.. Eventough you're not i'm just gonna leave my piece of mind here for others to read. You've done a really great job author-nim. Love you~ <3
I cannot describe in words how i love this fic!! Thank you for the wonderful fic dear author!!
Chapter 17: My fav child book was about a boy and his love for a box so as you can understand this story brought back memories of decades ago, and you are so good at what you're doing. The best story are the ones you read without acknowledging it, feels like no barrier between the reader and the story, that could have been a fiction about other people it would have been the same cause your story is a real creation and I'm so glad you actually didn't delete your work after you left, I think its really generous of you but I feel that like your characters you are also very free minded and if you think something isnt for you anymore then it was what worked best for you. Thank you thank you I swear your story won't be forgotten anytime soon! Its a masterpiece.