Twilight Love

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The vampires of Twilight Academy is known to be dangerous and have low tolerance when it comes to blood.Therefore,everyone is advised to stay away from them as much as possible.

But then,one day,a group of students decded to become friends with them,putting themselves and the vampires into deep trouble one after another as their friendship grows...



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mypuppyeyeliner_0506 () says about chapter 3:
haha! ohh gahhd baek you've spilled it!

exo_saranghaja () says about chapter 11:
Can't wait for your update!!!!

Heyyz_ima_taemin_fan () says about chapter 11:
Update author-nim ~!!! Fighting~^^

itsmekaiii () says:
You aren't updating anymore! Comeback. T_T

ItsXinYi () says about chapter 11:
omg what is rumour up to... taoris jjang! :D

T_Pyro () says about chapter 11:
I want Hunhan please~~
just so u know~~ i really didn't reme,ber this story *soory (_ _")*
so i have to reread chapter one and fiiiuuuhhh~~~ i remember it againn!!! ASSAAA~~ XD
now i'm curious with Hunhan. Soo please update for Hunhan. >/<
and Oh!! Kaisoo too~~ (this is the effect when u reread the story, so u rmember the last part each couple have in the story chapters) XDD

nightStar () says about chapter 1:
new subbie
#try to catch up

sherilyntheeurasian () says about chapter 11:
Yes!!!! He totally meant it <3

TinkerGel () says about chapter 10:
Please do update soon! ^^

NoBodY_KnoWs_Me () says about chapter 11:
update soon want to see more hunhan, kaisoo, baekyeol, taoris

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