Everyone Experiments in College


Title: Everyone Experiments in College - EXO Style

Author: heegdtop2min (aka reeses6826@livejournal)
Genres: Humor, (eventually)

Pairings: Taoris, Hunhan, + Kai

Rating: (overall) NC-17/M

Warnings: (overall) Swearing, ual references, (eventual)

Summary: Tao must rely on his crazy friends to help him get along with his new roommate, the only person in the world who doesn't know that Tao is gay (and really into him).


A/N:  On the off-chance any of the readers out there have also dabbled in JRock fandom, this story might be familiar.  I originally started it two years ago as a GazettE fanfic, but after a few chapters, my JRock muses flew the coop.  I’ve lately been so invested in EXO, that I decided I might be able to continue this story (which I really like) if I simply change up the characters.  So now I present the revamped first few chapters, hopefully to be shortly followed by the rest of the story.  Enjoy!  And please comment!!!


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classca #2
Chapter 13: This series are hilarious and entertaining!!! I nevet thought TaoRis can be this cute~
And.. Oh, aren't luhan just adorable???? One does not simply reject whatever his request is when he look at you with that doe eyes of him!

The only thing missing is... The Updates!!!
Please please please author-nim.. Come back to us~ *cries*
luminescentgalaxy #3
The updates Dx waiting....
XxMOCxX #4
Chapter 13: where's da updates????!!!!
Chapter 13: Update? Please? Come baaaaaaaack~ AUTHOR-NIM! YOU GET BACK HERE AND MAKE THEM LOVE EACH OTHER! :'( Please?!
ExoticKitty2000 #6
Chapter 13: Imma die if u dont update ;-;
TheFrostToMyDarkness #7
Please PLEASE update!
haruhoseok #8
update...or I will seriously die soon x_x please;;;
DiJsohappy #9
Chapter 13: Please update! I'd be as happy as a choking Lay if you do [:
EXOticMinSoo #10
Chapter 13: I meant an update, oops*