Everyone Experiments in College


Title: Everyone Experiments in College - EXO Style

Author: heegdtop2min (aka [email protected])
Genres: Humor, (eventually)

Pairings: Taoris, Hunhan, + Kai

Rating: (overall) NC-17/M

Warnings: (overall) Swearing, ual references, (eventual)

Summary: Tao must rely on his crazy friends to help him get along with his new roommate, the only person in the world who doesn't know that Tao is gay (and really into him).


A/N:  On the off-chance any of the readers out there have also dabbled in JRock fandom, this story might be familiar.  I originally started it two years ago as a GazettE fanfic, but after a few chapters, my JRock muses flew the coop.  I’ve lately been so invested in EXO, that I decided I might be able to continue this story (which I really like) if I simply change up the characters.  So now I present the revamped first few chapters, hopefully to be shortly followed by the rest of the story.  Enjoy!  And please comment!!!


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213elieve #1
Chapter 1: I read this a lonnnnnggg time ago but stopped after leaving aff ( not because of this story OFC!)... I remember loving it. Now, i'm reading it again and i can't stop laughing...
SohmaYumi #2
Chapter 13: Please update
xXdongXx #3
I miss this story so much! How Luhan react if he will know about Sehun and his bed adventures? Oh my gosh i am so curious about every character in this fic.
Artemys94 #4
Chapter 1: rereading for the umpteenth time lol i love this fic
RormyPond #5
Chapter 6: Hugs recharge your Care Bear power. So remember to hug your friends and family to restore their Care Bear power when they're feeling down. Totally aging myself with you. And that's mighty brave to write on your work computer. I'm always nervous that my desktop would be the one the IT guy decides to check history that day.
Hilarious fic by the way.
exocouplesx #6
Chapter 13: will this story ever be updated??? its soooo gd!! hmm its been 2yrs... oh authornim where have you gone?? :( ~xo
exocouplesx #7
Chapter 13: pleaseee update!! plz dont leave this story hanginggggg!! ~xo
SmlHorses #8
Chapter 13: Please update soon!! <3
Moonlight360 #9
Chapter 13: Please more! XD
xiu_mine #10
Chapter 6: This ain't completed yet? Dang.. I couldn't help reading it though. I crave for witty dialogues and funny characters and I am so happy to read this. Even had to stop for a while to tell you how I laughed a lot over this.. I can't get used to the scandalous versions of Kai and Luhan but I can't help love their crazy personalities. Not to mention how I dig oblivious Taoris