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Wanted: Dead or Alive!

The Heenim Gang is the most notorious gang in Mamasita. They spend their days taking what they want and never looking back. Sheriff Choi Siwon has been after the infamous Kim 'the Cat' Heechul for years, their relationship a push and pull of dangerous gam

Rough Life

ByKaioticen updated
CharactersKai, Kyungsoo, Sehun, Luhan, Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun
With13 chapters, 60 votes, 1335 subscribers, 15780 views, 172 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

What happens when Do Kyungsoo gets kidnapped? What happens when he is forced to become Kim Jongin's slave? What happens if Do Kyungsoo finds out what Kim Jongin does for a living? What happens when Do Kyungsoo becomes pregnant?

Bloody Knuckles

Byrilukuma updated
CharactersLuhan, Sehun, Joonmyeon, Zitao
With2 chapters, 18 votes, 16 comments
Status[M], Members Only

There are a lot of unhealthy things in Luhan’s life: he likes to sleep late at night when the sun is barely under the horizon, include McDonald’s sundaes as a vital part of his meal, buy clothes in lieu of real food due to his meager income, ignore the dwindling number of days he has left to continue his half-finished degree, and obsess over a boy with pretty pink lips, adorably sleepy eyes—a boy who just so happened to be his nephew.      warnings: psuedo-, kidn

You're mine

ByNyreen updated
CharactersEXO MEMBERS ~
With9 chapters, 5 votes, 93 subscribers, 1070 views, 17 comments

Luhan Kyungsoo Tao Baekhyun Yixing and Minseok are the transfer student Little did they know they fall at the most devil Kingka What happen to the Nerd ??? Mostly what happen when the Nerd and Kingka fall at each other There are something that called Kingka ruled.. Once  they marked their slave they will never let the other Kingka take their own slave or else the other Kingka will find a fist at their face.  EXO are the most popular Kingka at SM High Sc

Oh Sehun's Little Precious/ Dry Romance

ByYoYoMan_Yehet updated
CharactersLuhan Sehun Exo
With3 chapters, 11 votes, 174 subscribers, 1920 views, 18 comments

Luhan has forever lived with a habit of calling his Master,' Daddy,' after Jongin had suggested him it for his Master's birthday.

Between Ribbons and Funerals

Byevynekomimi updated
CharactersJongin, Kyungsoo,Sehun and other K-pop celebrities as they appear.
With10 chapters, 20 votes, 203 subscribers, 3100 views, 72 comments

                                                                                                           Kim Jongin, a man of challenges has a mission: the achievement of Synergy between two businesses as different as water and oil:  A Gi

Tech Support and Other Things

ByMegLee06 updated
CharactersLuhan, Sehun, and other exo members
With6 subscribers, 30 views

(The Cross of Your T's Universe) When Sehun thought of going to the computer lab to see one of the techs about a virus that was destroying his computer (read: life), he had envisioned a dungeon of a room with overweight sweaty guys seated in the back, complete with greasy hair and acne. And yes, maybe that was stereotyping, but it was what he expected. What he got was a wide-eyed, beautiful boy whose smile was far brighter than the room.

Exo Ideal FanFic Dump

ByExoMsKungfuPandaTao updated
With16 chapters, 1 votes, 25 subscribers, 710 views, 1 comments
Status[M], Members Only

Basically I have a BUNCH of ideas that i just can not get out on paper =_=

Favorite Twin

ByKaioticen updated
CharactersKai, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Sehun, Luhan
With5 chapters, 23 votes, 526 subscribers, 5150 views, 78 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Kai and Jongin are twins and Kyungsoo is Jongin's boyfriend of one year. Kai was jealous of their relationship and tricks Kyungsoo into bed with him. Kyungsoo immediately hates Kai after finding out that he didn't spend the night with Jongin Kai accidentally gets Kyungsoo pregnant. How will Kyungsoo break the news to Jongin?

Burning Relics

Byrilukuma updated
CharactersLuhan, Sehun
With3 votes, 6 comments

As a result of strife between the pack he belongs to and the rogue wolves in the forest, Luhan is captured as a bargaining chip by Oh Sehun. What Luhan doesn’t realize, however, is that Sehun’s plans are far beyond just gaining a bit more territory, and require the assault on sacred traditions…     warnings: violence, noncon/dubcon, mpreg????????, wolf stuff. (knotting, biting, etc.), Y STUFF (rimming/luhan is my otp) 

Like Stars We Fall

Bycheondeong updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Luhan
With4 chapters, 4 votes, 136 subscribers, 750 views, 7 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

When a stray catboy breaks into his house Sehun does what anyone would do. He adopts him.

Teacher's Fault

ByKaioticen updated
CharactersKai, Kyungsoo, Luhan, Sehun, Tao, Kris
With4 votes, 39 subscribers, 200 views, 1 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Is it wrong for a teacher to love a student? According to Kim Jongin, it isn't.

My Hot Chinese Lover

Byalexa0509 updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, Kai, Kyungsoo, Kris, Tao, Baekhyun, Chanyeol
With7 chapters, 30 votes, 575 subscribers, 5380 views, 76 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

SEQUEL TO "MY HOT CHINESE TEACHER" <3  Poster credits:  Thank you so much Conversemaniac from the

Cherry Blossom Game

Bycami97 updated
CharactersExo members
With28 chapters, 9 votes, 25 comments
Status[M], Completed

People in high school are fools. Too old to be kids, yet too young and immature to be adults are what we call teenagers. After all those years, they didn’t grow up for a bit. The charismatic ones always end up being in t

Stay With Me?

ByTaeHyun22 updated
CharactersLuhan and Sehun
With1 subscribers, 20 views

Sehun finally has his Luhan, but what happens when he has to leave for America for two years? Luhan is not willing to let go of his Hunnie as Luhan refused to leave his LuLu, how will these two make it when Sehun HAS to leave whether he wants to or not? And what will become of their newly formed friendships between each others friends when one starts falling for the other?

Robot Boyfriend Model

ByFantalysia updated
CharactersSehun, Luhan, Tao, Kris, Kai, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Chen, Suho, Lay
With3 chapters, 2 votes, 50 subscribers, 4 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

In wich Luhan gets a robot boyfriend. And in wich it should have been a Love model, but was a Model. Things gets complicated, when Luhan doesn't want a robot boyfriend from the beginning. Can Sehun change that?          

Stay With Me

By--nicolineofficial updated
CharactersLu Han | Sehun
With3 chapters, 21 votes, 180 subscribers, 4020 views, 63 comments

"Let's break up."  The 3 words stabs Luhan's heart as he snaps his head upward. Searching for any playful smile in Sehun's face, indicating that he is joking, but it never comes. Instead, Sehun just keeps wearing the same expression. Serious.

That Guy Is Mine

Byraindokun updated
With8 chapters, 18 votes, 451 subscribers, 3890 views, 43 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only


I Me My Yours

Bybomi_- updated
CharactersLu Han, Sehun
With19 chapters, 182 votes, 1628 subscribers, 40620 views, 756 comments
Status[M], Completed

In which Lu Han is back and turns Sehun's life once again upside down, Kai must save his Kyungsoo from fanboys, Kyungsoo is in his own little world, Kris successfully returned from Canada, Tao wants to become a model, Baekhyun now thinks that he's the best singer in the entire campus and Chanyeol still agrees with whatever Baekhyun says.     "You still have to marry me Sehun."

Life Atilt

Bybomi_- updated
CharactersLu Han, Sehun
With18 votes, 175 subscribers, 650 views, 20 comments

It was a normal day for Lu Han, he left work and took the bus like always to go back home. He sat down on a seat and in the next second he was blindfolded and a gun was placed on his forehead. Apparently the bus was under control by some thugs. And it seemed like the leader was especially fond of Lu Han. Maybe something exciting would finally happen in his life.    He would regret that thought.

Transferred Again!!!

Bymirmanymanyhappy updated
With2 votes, 15 subscribers, 70 views, 2 comments

Luhan , Baekhyun, Xuimin, D.O (Kyungsoo), Tao & Lay have recently tranfered schools again........... Why? Well u will find out .........    (This is rated M because of foul language and in the distance ^^)  

The S Name

Bytaedaebae updated
With30 chapters, 60 votes, 962 subscribers, 21260 views, 565 comments
Status[M], Completed, Subscribers Only

    Luhan went out for a fortune reading. Sehun has a mole on his neck. Chanyeol and Kai... well, they are blinded fools.    

Evil Starts with L

Bytaedaebae updated
With9 votes, 144 subscribers, 420 views, 23 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

      ...And when he's back, he's up for revenge and there's nothing an Oh Sehun can do but to kiss his .    

Not Soon Enough

Byliameterces updated
CharactersLuhan, Sehun, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Jongin, Chanyeol, Kris
With8 chapters, 20 votes, 402 subscribers, 3250 views, 74 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Luhan has always known that Sehun would be his alpha. They were friends. They were boyfriends. But they aren't mates... yet. Sehun must wait until he is of age to claim Luhan. So close. He is so close.  But what happens when time, along with several other things, just isn't on their side. ------- For some reason, I can't un-check "members" or "subscribers" only. I'm sorry!

New School New life

Bylala995 updated
CharactersSuho,Lay, Kris, Tao, Kai, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Luhan, Chen, Xiumin and Others
With7 chapters, 3 votes, 133 subscribers, 1400 views, 15 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Welcome to a new year of the school S.M Highschool In this story Exo K has different members check the Forwards. My

Carved in me

ByLianeNyles updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Lu Han, EXO and slight SHINee
With2 chapters, 1 votes, 27 subscribers, 230 views
Status[M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

This fiction is written to satisfy my own desire to see Sehun and Luhan in a well deserved soul embrace. Sehun tops Luahn like a bawss! Luahn loves Sehun! A wolf-bred story. An alpha/omega universe. Might be OOC.