Good Boy, Bad Girl? or Good Girl, Bad Boy?

You're Mine...For A While


He started to walk really fast in my direction and I thought he was going to jump on me so I closed my eyes strongly but I opened them again when I heard him passing me and heading for the door. I turned around and saw him locking the only exit and closing the windows curtains all around the room, leaving us completely out of sight.

When he finished, he turned around and looked at me with some complete lustily big brown eyes, and slowly, very slowly, the most naughty and devilish smirk that I’ve ever seen in my life started to form in his face.

- You know Soo, I have this feeling that you’re trying to tease me……and you know something….I hate been teased.

- What are you talking about? – I said playing the innocent – Didn’t you like my dance?

- You are DEFINITELY NOT one of my es, but that’s not going to stop me from making you suffer and beg…you’ve been a really bad girl and you deserve to be punished… - he said in the most lowest and iest voice I’ve ever heard, I started to shiver unconsciously and felt an overwhelming heat all around my body…I wanted him to me roughly…right now…

- Well, Donghae shi…I’m not a , and I definitely DO NOT beg – I said walking straight to him, trying to control my knees from shaking very scandalously – However…I’m very disposed to be punished by you as long as you want…BUT! I warn you! If you only tease me again and don’t me after…I’m going to ually torture you in every performance that we have, in every interview, in every conference, everywhere! So…if you don’t want to die from ual frustration you better me hard right now!! – I finished grabbing his shirt and attracting his mouth to my lips, kissing him desperately.

- As you wish, my lady, but I also warn you, I’m not having any mercy of you – he said breaking the kiss in need of air and attacking me again after taking a deep breath.

- Neither will I – I answered when he broke the kiss again to bite my neck.

In that moment we both lost the small rest of wisdom we had left. We forgot we had to rehearse, to create a full choreography, to dance together, we even forgot the manager was coming in about an hour. All we wanted was to have each other. Feel each other. Touch each other.

He began to , bite and every inch of my neckline with the voracity of a vampire, making my entire skin got wet, so desperately that felt like his mouth wasn’t big enough. I was in heaven. Knowing us covered out of sight because of the curtains, and of sound because of the music that kept sounding really loud, I started to out really loud while I felt his hot, wet and now swelled lips keep stroking my skin frantically, and his hungry tongue every single centimeter of my now red neck, making some astonishing electric shocks convulsion my body.

I couldn’t take been like this anymore, so I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him hard until his back hit against the mirror wall, and getting him off my neck, I started to unbutton his shirt as fast as I could, but the damn buttons didn’t cooperate, so I pulled both sides of the shirt and ripped the sewing apart.

- You’re really, really aggressive, miss Sooyoung – he said laughing when he saw his ripped shirt and bent towards me to whisper in my ear – I like it…

I laughed in a y tone and also whispered in his ear – I know…but you haven’t seen anything yet… - then I turned my head to his ear and bit his lobule, exhaling my hot breath in his external ear. I heard him groan and smiled.

Apparently he didn’t want to be the only one with a ripped shirt, because he immediately grabbed both sides of my half-opened blouse and pulled as hard as he could, ripping it from the edges.

- Hey! I didn’t rip it so badly… - I protested.

- Sorry darling – he said before pull my shirt off my body and throw it away – I didn’t mean to be so rough, but you’re so ing hot and I couldn’t avoid it.

He didn’t even give me time to respond that because in that instant he started to kiss my collarbone skin at the same time that he pulled up his hands and slightly touched the top of my s.

- Ah! – I ed so hotly grabbing his arms, and I realized that he still had his shirt on, so without losing time, I pulled it off and also threw it away.

- God, you’re so y Hae… - I said touching his back muscles very light and softly with my fingers.

- Call me oppa… – he responded lifting his head and kissed my lips again. He squeezed my s gently and I groaned loud.

- AH! Dong….hae…

- I said call me oppa! – He said and squeezed me harder.

- AH! Op…oppa!

- Good girl… – Donghae exclaimed and head his mouth to the division line between my s. He it very slowly from bottom to top and kept going up until he reached my neck. He kissed one of my pulse lines really sensually with his bare lips and blew his hot breath on it again.

I was dying. He was slowly killing me. BUT GOD, I WAS ENJOYING IT SO MUCH!! He kept touching my covered s and he didn’t seem to be hurried to take my bra off, but I just couldn’t take it anymore so I extended my hands to my back and searched for the bra hooker, but a hand stopped me and Donghae whispered to me without elevating his head:

- Not yet, darling…I said I would punish you, and that’s exactly what I’ll do, even if I have to punish myself as well…

- Oh come on Hae…I mean, oppa…don’t be so mean… - I protested putting my best puppy face – I'm not naughty anymore...I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I?

- Oh yes Soo…you’ve been undeniably good – he said getting up straight again – but you’re wrong if you believe that I’m just as good as you…especially now that you’re all mine and only mine.

- You really are a bad boy – I said huskily, hugging his neck and pressing my mounds against his chest, winning a soft from his part – Just the way I like it.

- Oh yeah? You like me being bad?

- Absolutely…

- Then you’re going to love this – he answered and suddenly grabbed my roughly with his right hand, and my left with the other hand, beating them a little bit. I gasped and opened my eyes excessively, I couldn’t even from the huge pleasure I felt at that moment. Donghae kissed me right away, like if he would be trying to steal the groans from my mouth.

He finally gave up to my wishes and unhooked my bra, drawing its edges on my skin with his fingers as he was pulling it off me little by little, until he finished crossing it through my arms and pitched it away next to the other clothes. He stood a while gazing at my stripped chest and smiled lovingly.

- You have the most beautiful s I’ve ever seen my love…they just look so…delicious…I wonder what they taste like…

Without any other word he opened his mouth as he speared himself to attack my right , around my to arouse it. When he saw it turned hard in no time he grinned and nibbled the tip teasingly while his other hand pinched my left . If I thought his earlier touches were driving me crazy it’s because I wasn’t prepared for this. He was so damn good!! I enveloped one of my hands around his hair as the other kept touching and now scratching his back and I leaned my head back closing my eyes.

- They’re more delicious of what I imagined – he said separating a bit from so he could breathe and going back to his work after. I wasn’t capable to think anymore, my brain was officially liquefied and my body didn’t belong to me anymore. It belonged to Donghae. Every single part of it was now his: my long brown hair, my brown eyes, my now very stilted lips, my red marked neck, my “delicious” s, my tensed and butterfly-filled belly, my small hips, my soaking wet womanhood, my slim long legs, my trembling feet…everything in me was now claiming for his touch, I could feel it in my goose skin.

Hopefully for me, my body language was very understandable for Donghae, because once he finished tasting and playing with my s, he directed his mouth straight to my tummy, all the way down till he reached my navel. He started sliding his fingers inside my sport pants and got rid of them along with my socks and snickers in no time leaving me in my underwear. He got a little far from me to contemplate me better, and I saw his bulge beginning to throb a little. He was suffering so much right now, just like me…

So I decided to release a little bit of his pain and reached where he was, I kissed him lightly on the lips and crouched in front of him, facing directly his palpitating member. I heard him starting to say something, but I didn’t want to be interrupted so I brushed my hand against his , he instantly hushed his mouth and just ed. Ha, that was easy. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans at some really hurting slow pace, he fisted his hands and I heard him growl and whine in despair…

- Calm down oppa, good things must be done slowly…I know it hurts, but don’t worry…I’ll release your pain…so just relax and enjoy it – I said with a seductive and calm voice. I saw him relax his hips and ungrasp his hands slowly.

I pulled down his jeans, boxers, socks and shoes and dropped them with the rest of our clothing, and when I turned my face to his crotch again I froze in place.



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