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EXO Oneshots


A sick collection of EXO


1. Tao 
2. Kris
3. Lu Han
4. Kai
5. --
6. Baekhyun
7. Chanyeol
8. Suho
9. D.O
10. Kai
11. Sehun
12. Kris/Chanyeol
13. D.O
14. Tao 
15. Chen 


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TheodoraNoona #1
Chapter 8: Suho Oppa... <3
wait-a-moment #2
Chapter 14: Thank you so much for making Chen's ver, especially since he's my bias, ahaha.
deanneXoxo #3
Chapter 11: what what what what what what what what what what
Chocolate_Crush #4
Chapter 14: Oh my..... Jongdae is killin' me....
GabbieYo #5
Chapter 12: Holy fudgeballs. Pleaaaase make a continuation to this~
brelyn1215 #6
Chapter 7: This is too good for my soul. Just too good.
Damian00 #7
Chapter 14: Lol at the end all i could think was

"Are you ready kids?"
"Aye aye captain!"
"I can't hear you~"
"Aye aye captain!"
*Spongebob theme starts
LessPants #8
Chapter 14: Omg why so hot Chen and it just ended like that !?!?! It was still amazing
Paula94 #9
Chapter 10: Would've been better if jaebeom was taemin