EXO Oneshots


A sick collection of EXO


1. Tao 

2. Kris

3. Lu Han

4. Kai

5. --

6. Baekhyun

7. Chanyeol

8. Suho

9. D.O

10. Kai

11. Sehun

12. Poll

13. Kris/Chanyeol

14. D.O

15. Tao 


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Chapter 15: Can i have one....!!!!!!! Personalized ttt puh-lease..!!! I IN LOVE UT STORIESSSSSS KRIS IS SOOOO IN FREAKIN HOOOTTTTT !!!!!! OMGGG OMFGGG <3 <3 < 3
Tyelovestop #3
Chapter 16: To be honest, although they all are amazing, it's a bit upsetting to have Jongdae left out...
frozenprincess #4
Chapter 4: Kai! what was dance? best dance ever `O_Ooo...~` :D
Miss-Nibbles #5
Chapter 4: Jesus someone call the fire department! This was a hot and very well written fic that I wished it was continued! Since Kai is my bias I was only going to read the ones he was in but I'm going to read another one with another Exo member.
JinIsa #6
Chapter 2: Kris was too hot! So far my favorite!
dyo-kyungpoop #7
Chapter 10: kyungsoo was too hot ;//////A//////; ♥♥♥♥♥
winkledust #8
Chapter 15: Tao as friend for benefit hell yassss~~
koripop #9
Chapter 16: This story is all kinds of delicious!
lithium_14 #10
Chapter 16: im reading this at work, i have no ragrets. (kai streap tease yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)
sailormoron #11
Chapter 7: this changed my life wtf