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EXO Oneshots


A sick collection of EXO


1. Tao 
2. Kris
3. Lu Han
4. Kai
5. --
6. Baekhyun
7. Chanyeol
8. Suho
9. D.O
10. Kai
11. Sehun
12. Kris/Chanyeol
13. D.O
14. Tao 


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huangzitaoist #1
Chenchen action soon?! Awwwh yeah!
amechania #2
Chapter 7: Left me breathless, maybe? The way you write is awesome TT /// TT Admirable.
annisaprmdn #3
Chapter 11: love your writings, so damn hot! where is my panties #sorrynotsorry
Nicolaaahearts #4
Chapter 14: Wow that was insanely hot!!!!
Bluedayz #5
Chapter 3: I've read all of them, but I always go back to this one. It's my absolute favorite!
salimatou #6
Chapter 3: Damn that was hot only if it was real life
janjan6315 #7
>~< You are pretty good at this
kwonairen18 #8
Chapter 5: hoya oh god! you can come over and we can make love! hehe
kyungyeojachingu #9
Chapter 5: hoya ;w; so hot, fluffy and yet so sad. I've splitting between cry or laugh at the thought about child