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STRUM OF LOVE is a comedy romance story of two destined people.

Love created by time's trick, lies and truth.

Entwined by music and melody.

A chance for a lifetime, a change of fate. 





ANNYEONGHASEYO!! this is me Park Jae-Eunnimida..

This is my first time writing a fanfic for asianfanfic.com.

And I hope that you'll enjoy reading STRUM OF LOVE.

I am really a fan of CN BLUE especially Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin hye.

I hope you'll support me with my fanfic.

Remember comments are LOVED and HIGHLY APPRECIATED.





     #PARK JAE-EUN (박 재 은)



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Glady221 #1
Chapter 6: Nice story, please update, wanna to know when Yonghwa will meet Shinhye
2heartstrings #2
so intresting keep updating
shinyung #3
Chapter 5: I well your fic, mes I press to see how and when it will meet Park Shin Hye. warns me later
catthy #4
Chapter 5: ok thanks waiting for the next chapter
catthy #5
Chapter 3: oh my why so sudden . . . so happy then now no more minhyu
catthy #6
Chapter 1: wonderful .... i like your story .... chp 2 please
Starlight_Flames #7
please continue this author :) we would appreciate if you could add some chapters please :)
Emotional_Angel #8
Chapter 5: hi Park Jae Eun .. ireally ike your story ... and im very excited for the next chapter... pls update me soon.. tnx.. :))
YenChan2012 #9
Chapter 5: Hello Park Jae Eun! THis is YenChan! I would like to say I like your story, and that I'm excited for the new updates! :) HWAITING! Btw, I hope you'll read mine too! ^^ http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/279006/bad-girl-academy-korean.
Kamsahamnida! :)
Starlight_Flames #10
Subscribed! :)