Into Your World (너의 세상으로)


Pure, soft and white feathery wings, a handsomely chiseled face, a smile to die for... Now that I've finally ventured onto the planet of EXO in hopes of finding my angel, I have just one problem... Out of all t...

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Hello, hello! :D   I'm back with a brand new story featuring none other than EXO's Byun Baekhyun and Oh Sehun! ^^   Although there might be a lot of EXO-K in the beginning, EXO-M will come out later as well, too. ;)   This is inspired by their new song off the EXO album, "Into Your World / Angel / 너의 세상으로"!   Please enjoy the story and look forward to it! ^_^   And PLEASE don't plagiarize in any way! Thank you~ :D


    Song Naeun      A very sweet, sincere girl that used to be a victim of leukemia. Her soul was saved by the hand of an angel that she has a hard time remembering. After making a wish, she is given a chance to find her angel and help him on the journey to regain his wings. But maybe… just maybe… she’ll become a victim to love as well.     Byun Baekhyun     Power: Light   A kind boy that would do anything to help the people he loves. Although he can be sarcastic at times, he’s a genuinely nice guy. He helped a girl named Naeun by changing her fate and restoring her to full health when they were little, causing him to temporarily lose his wings and be casted off into the world of EXO as ...

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bacon_overdose #1
Chapter 1: Omg this is already amazing!!!!
muzikmaster #2
Thanks so much for your continued love and support! :D
Vi_vien_C #3
Dear Author-nim, this story is one of the most amazing story which I have ever read! Throughout my time of reading it, the story stirs a variety of mixed emotions in my heart and soul, which I absolutely cannot believe it^^ This story is undoubtedly awe-inspiring and conventional~~ Well, I really do hope for more of these stories from you but as you said, authors have their own lives and yes, I acknowledge and agree with what you are trying to voice out~ Nevertheless, I will continue to support you and your fantastic stories for now!! ;)
Ranshina #4
Chapter 47: This is a nice story /claps/ and da fluffz... oh gawd..
adyoreyou #5
Chapter 47: Ahaahaahahah super junior ahhhahaha I laughed out loud at that part! XD
lovingasianfanfic #6
Chapter 47: My tears when naeun 'died'. But thank goodness it was such a beautiful ending. Great story and heartwarming. Thank you author-nim =)
ReadTheGems #7
Chapter 47: I hope readers will remember the messages of hope you have included in your story. Thank you.
codenameshawol #8
Chapter 47: Wow~~ Here I am at the end of the story... This story was amazing and it played with my emotions. It had a balance of cute fluff to tragic angst. The characters in the story matched EXO themselves which was very nice! :D. Thank you for sticking with the story as it turned out wonderful. Also, thanks for introducing me to so new songs!! :P.
On a side note: Can I just say how much I love SHINee and how I fangirled every single time I saw a SHINee song at the beginning. WOOOO GO SHAWOLS!!! MY ULTIMATE BIAS IS TAEMIN!!
loveshineenexo #9
Chapter 12: I got kinda shocked when the background music was one of TOUCH's songs like finally someone knows them!! :))))) I know that I am suppose to be commenting on the story but I commented on the BGM cause I'm weird~ /rolls off a cliff/ Anyway the story is so nice and fluffy! Love this story~ <3 <3 <3