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Into Your World (너의 세상으로)


Pure, soft and white feathery wings, a handsomely chiseled face, a smile to die for... Now that I've finally ventured onto the planet of EXO in hopes of finding my angel, I have just one problem... Out of all t...

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Hello, hello! :D   I'm back with a brand new story featuring none other than EXO's Byun Baekhyun and Oh Sehun! ^^   Although there might be a lot of EXO-K in the beginning, EXO-M will come out later as well, too. ;)   This is inspired by their new song off the EXO album, "Into Your World / Angel / 너의 세상으로"!   Please enjoy the story and look forward to it! ^_^   And PLEASE don't plagiarize in any way! Thank you~ :D


    Song Naeun      A very sweet, sincere girl that used to be a victim of leukemia. Her soul was saved by the hand of an angel that she has a hard time remembering. After making a wish, she is given a chance to find her angel and help him on the journey to regain his wings. But maybe… just maybe… she’ll become a victim to love as well.     Byun Baekhyun     Power: Light   A kind boy that would do anything to help the people he loves. Although he can be sarcastic at times, he’s a genuinely nice guy. He helped a girl named Naeun by changing her fate and restoring her to full health when they were little, causing him to temporarily lose his wings and be casted off into the world of EXO as ...

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ChulliePetalss #1
I... This... Ah, i don't know what to say. I really, really love this story. One of my favorites! You made an amazing story, author-nim. Good job:)
IrisButterfly #2
Chapter 47: I love this so much ;A;
muzikmaster #3
Thanks so much for your love and support! :D
-hoodbyair #4
This story has been up for such a long and I miss this kind of storylines tbh
im looking forward to read it!
j-itaex #5
Rereading this for the thousandth time. This may be an old story, but it's still one of my favourites. I will never get tired of it. You made me fall in love with writing over and over again because of this. Thank you.
nowaywth #6
Chapter 47: I enjoyed it
exo_sj #7

I’ve read this story and I think it’s really good. I hope you don’t mind me recommending this story on my account. I will understand if you don’t allow me to but I hope you’ll get back to me soon!

Thanks :)
lenlalink #8
Chapter 47: Nice fic! Although there are some inconsistencies, I still love the whole plot and storyline. <3
MaryLolaQueen #9
Chapter 47: Reading this story for the 5th time and it always feels like the first!!!
LOVE THIS!!! It's one of the best stories!!!
chuulii123 #10
Chapter 47: Awwwww..this is too sweet! I'm so happy for the BaekEun and ChanMin (Chanyeol and Mina) couple! This is soooo sweet and I love it! Like REALLY LOVE IT! Thanks for writing this story!