Mirror Mirror


Kim ~~~~~ is no ordinary person... she's a clone. She's the clone of her lover's love.

Don't get it?

Kim Jongin, aka, Kai, is her creator. After his lover died, he created her.

But, Kai, does not love her wholeheartedly. Having her is not enough for him. He wants the original person. Nothing ~~~~~ ever does satisfies Kai. She is just too different to the original.

No matter how much ~~~~~ and the original look alike, their personalities contrast. Kai wants the original back.



Kim ~~~~~/you - (place your name where ~~~~~ is) The Clone. You were created by Kai who is a young genius. You were named after the original. Though you and your original ~~~~~ look alike, you do not have the same personalities. You are outspoken, though you try not to be, good at housework, very intelligent, and very clumsy. You get abused by Kai, when he is angry. Though you're meant to be 17 years old, you were only created 2 years back, meaning you're only around two years old.

Lee ~~~~~ - The Original. Lee ~~~~~ died from Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). How she got HIV was unknown to everyone. She was only 15. She had been dating Luhan and Kai. Complete opposite to Kim ~~~~~, she is quiet, simple-minded and graceful. One trait you share with The Clone is that both of you are very intelligent. Your corpse was stolen by Kai during your funeral. 

Kim Jongin/Kai - The Mad Stalker Scientist. Kai had been in love with Lee ~~~~~ since... forever, practically. He had been stalking her for years, following her every moves. When The Original had a fight with Luhan, her boyfriend, he comforted her and that was when they started dating, secretly. Of course, their love was a forbidden one as The Original was engaged to Luhan at the time. Though it is obvious that The Original cheated on both him and Luhan, he was never angry at her. He kept her body for all the 2 years she had been dead, in hope of finding a way to bring her back. He frequently abuses The Clone out of frustration because she is just too different from The Original. 

Lu Han - The Boyfriend. Was The Original's fiance. Heartbroken and betrayed when Lee ~~~~~ died. Confused when his fiance's corpse was stolen, and is still trying to find it, as well as trying to find out what happened to cause her death. 


Note: At times, if I think it's too confusing, I will call Kim ~~~~~ 'The Clone' and Lee ~~~~~ 'The Original'



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exoluva #1
Chapter 35: omg, i actually thought she was gonna end up with luhan D:
well either way the ending was still good ; u ;
thanks for making a sad but very good story <3
kyungseu #2
your story is different from the others. I like it :3
AloOoOolE #3
Chapter 35: A really different fic, in a good way ofc. I live ur imagination about things ^__^
Even I thought the end 'll be something else, but I still like it ♡ ~~
Thanx ~ I'll look forward ur other fic ~
infinite7myungsooL #4
Chapter 35: Beautiful story :') it's so sad but i love it :')
aigooooo #5
Chapter 35: it would've been cute if Kai actually knew that she was the clone and loved her too ^^ good story though
kpop_fan_1998 #6
Chapter 35: Omg. That was propobly one of the best sad fics I've ever read on AFF.
But I feel sad for the Clone. Just imagine your lover thinks you"re someone else. The fact that your lover 'loves' you back becomes insignificant if he thinks youre someone else...
rlab4ever #7
Chapter 35: You made me cry!!! But then my annoying and cheerful brother came in which ruined my mood again!!! And I have the same question as KimShinYeong94, did he actually think that the girl was the original or clone?
KimShinYeong94 #8
Chapter 35: Can u please tell me who he actually think that girl is ? Did he actually thought that the girl was the clone or the real one ? Please answer me :( you left it hanging there <///3.
catsoup #9
Chapter 35: WOW. i never expected to cry at the 35th chapter,just..WOW.
it was truly amazing.just WOW. i can't say anything right but WOW and "THEY DIED TOGETHER!!*INSERT LOUD SOBS HERE* "

All i'm saying is that....your story is .WOW. lol
it was rockin' :)
Cheonsa #10
Chapter 35: .....

What is my life about?