Chapter 6 -- Last Chance

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No one’s POV


You took a glance on the mirror. Seeing you very pretty. With that strapless long white gown and Belo attached at the top of your head, your curled hair, you checked yourself on the mirror, from your doe eyes to your porcelain flawless skin. A knock was heard, you opened it and smiled cheekly.

“Minah!!!” the girl with a cute chubby cheeks glomped on you. It was your girlfriends for 10 years. They’ve been on your side every single time. You were shocked when you noticed their eyes were swollen and red.

“Girls! What happened with those beautiful eyes?!” you cupped your hand on every face of them. “They cried on our way here” Dongwoon,Sohyeon’s boyfriend suddenly popped out, you chuckled a bit and hugged him “Chukahae Minnie Mouse!” you slapped his arms lightly but then thanked him.

“Uwaaaaa~” Hyuna suddenly break into tears and everybody sobbed, well except Dongwoon.

You pouted and requested… “Group Hug Guise!!!”






Your POV

After the girls and Dongwoon left, mom entered and burst into tears too like my friend just did few minuted ago.

“My princess is getting married” she hugged me and I d her hair “Awee umma~”

“You have a last chance” I raised a brow and pulled away from the hug of my mom as I look at her. We both sat on the couch, “I know you don’t want to do this. And this is so painful. Ttal, I’m sorry if I didn’t do about it…cause we need this so bad.”

I can’t say a word right now. “It’s not too late…”


I braced myself for what my mom can probably say













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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 29: I would like more of the cool TOP to appear on the story please! :) ah!
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Chapter 16: I really love it~!!! It looks like the author of this story is very professional~! Anyways, I'll do cherish your story
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Nice story! :)
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Chapter 1: please update author-nim :( i'm your new reader btw..
marshcatsy_ #5
Chapter 1: please update author-nim :( i'm your new reader btw..
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plez update soon...
can't wait what will happen next..:)
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Doojoon is so cold to her. That's what I feel. But I think he likes her. I dunno .
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