Chapter 11 -- Left Out

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“Son, I know your mom’s very happy for you.” Dad smiles at me as he pat my shoulders.

“I know, I just wish she’s here.”

“She is here, she’s watching.” Both of us looked up at the altar and smiled widely.

“—Dude Congrats!”  All of my friends glomped at me and I threw a death glare at them.

“You’re all late.” I said as they gulped and I laughed at their frightened reactions.

“Aish, thanks this Guy GD who is having a last minute choosing of suit.” Daesung hung his arm on the back of the neck of GD and ruffled his hair.

“Hey, hey! That took 3 hours! Aish!”

“We keep on telling him we’re going on a wedding, not Prom or blind dates!” we all laughed and GD just scoffed, annoyed.

“But seriously guys, I’m glad you all came”

I said, flicking their foreheads.

“Can you believe it? Our school’s Casanova is getting married to the ever innocent Han Minah?” Seungri asked.

“*coughsCHOIMINAHcoughs*” we all cooed to what just GD did. “Sounds perfect huh?” Daesung asked and we all nodded.

“Hey guys, I’ll be going to my place now. Bye!” Youngbae waved goodbye as we replied

“Don’t mess up!”

“Sing well”

“Goodluck!” to him. I’ve chosen him to sing on my wedding ‘cause his voice is just so amazing.


The orchestra starts playing; I and my friends fixed ourselves with our suits.

The *wedding honors* start walking down the aisle, my uncles, aunties, Minah’s friends, her relatives, my nieces and nephews…


The door closed again for the bride can prepare. My friends nudge my side like there’s no tomorrow and I breathe deeply. To be honest, I’m very nervous. My nerves are killing me.


And my favorite starts playing as Youngbae sing it and the door opened again. I saw Minah with her mom and dad, smiling to one another. God. My fiancé looks very breathtaking and I’m falling inlove with her all over again.

A few more steps…

And I can hold my future wife…

And take her infront of the altar and exchange vows.


Minah kissed her father’s cheeks and nodded to her mom. She dropped her flowers, turned around and… run away~


I gaped and looked around, everybody’s whispering to one another, shocked. I run too and tried to follow her. As I came out of the church, I looked from left to right and there she is.


“Minah!” I yelled her name again and again. She turned to me without stopping that she even run faster.


Don’t do this to me Minah.

I stopped my tracks as I see her reaction…

She looks like a bird finally be freed from being trapped in a cage.


I ended up falling on my knees as I watch the woman that I love run away from our special day.


“Seunghyun!!!” Youngbae came over and drag me off the road. Next thing I know is I am at the wedding car, fully drenching wet because of the rain. Tears won’t stop flowing to my eyes. I’m not sobbing but I’m dying inside.


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Chapter 29: I would like more of the cool TOP to appear on the story please! :) ah!
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Chapter 16: I really love it~!!! It looks like the author of this story is very professional~! Anyways, I'll do cherish your story
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Nice story! :)
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Chapter 1: please update author-nim :( i'm your new reader btw..
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Chapter 1: please update author-nim :( i'm your new reader btw..
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