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The Teacher, The Student, and The Ghost (Editing)


            How if one day you encounter a ghost?

            She will haunt you at first, ask for your help, possess you and even make you date your English Teacher?

            Hey! That's a total PEST!!!



Park Chanyeol

A Senior High School Student that will be trapped by the chain of fate just made by a random ghost.



Kris Wu

The Perfectionist English Teacher stalked by a ghost. There is a mystery on why a rich man like him choose to be a teacher instead.


Genre:  High School AU, Horror, Comedy and Romance?

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys.


Author's NOTE:

After being obsess with EunMin... My new bias has BLOOMED.


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Chapter 17: Done, author-nim. Let me read your story. Jebal!!!.:)
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Chapter 17: Nice story author-nim!
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Chapter 17: Wow! Your story is just awesome.It's super interesting n i'm getting curious. Please accept my friend request!! hehe!!
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Chapter 17: This is a good story. Please do accept my friend request.
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Chapter 17: Authornim, I got curious to your story and I want to read more. Please accept my friend request immediately. Haha Your story is daebak!!! I love it <3
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