It Didn't Work Out


Some things don't work out in life.

It just so happens that this relationship didn't end well. 

Tears, there's plenty of that.

Heartbreak, it happens.

Breakups, is not the end.

Don't give up, just because it didn't work out.


I made this because I thought that AFF, no the world, didn't have enough MirHo in it.

And because I'm having a writer's block, so this seems like the most efficent way to get rid of it.


Don't mistaken me for a noob on AFF, because I'm not. This is just a new account...because of purposes. Yeah, let's just leave it at that.

Warnings; This is . Don't like it, leave. I finished writing it and it isn't rated! I didn't even make a character curse! I'm so proud of myself. XD I don't own the character, even though I deeply wish I did, I don't. This is just a random drabble, don't think you can plagiarize. But I will get mad if I found something copied word for word. So let's keep it clean, neh?




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Victae #2
Chapter 1: A little short but, anyway is a good story ♥
Thank you :3
ClaudineB #3
Chapter 1: This was great! I loved this! Angsty and heart-breaking. But I do wish there was a sequel. In my mind, Seungho would make a mad dash to the airport and begged Mir for forgiveness. But of course Mir won't forgive him. At least not yet. *stretches the angsty bit*

Anyway, thank you for a terrific read!
Applescent #4
This story is simple, beautiful and sad, it's rare to find this kind of story in AFF especially for mblaq fics and i just wanna say i love this story a lot :)
creepyeoll #5
sad T-T
lollysheep #6
Ooooh mireu! *hugs him and ruffles his hair*
Great story!! <3
SeungHodaebak #7
*kick seungho's ....
wae you did this to Mireu??
gkg_2011 #8
awe this was sooo good yet so sad! loved it!
VitalDelusion #9
Awww. That was a good oneshot~
But it really has potential to be chaptered. +_+
Either way, you write really well~~
kami_wings #10
So true that there's not enough Mirho. Hope to know how this turns out. ^-^