Diary of Zhang Yixing


Zhang Yixing always had dreams of opening his own flower shop in South Korea, in hopes of meeting his Prince Charming When his life seems to going in the right track, is when he meets cold-blooded Mafia boss Oh Sehun. It's clear that Yixing can't stand him, despite the man being a daily customer.

It isn't until Sehun saves him from a rivaling gang that Yixing discovers who actually Oh Sehun is. Can the florist and the Mafia boss fall in love in peace? Or will they forget this love and move on?


"If you can't even say you like me, why do you bother coming?!"

Yixing glares at the man before him. His tiny fists balled up, tears streaming his face. Sehun stands expressionless. He knew it all along. Sehun was just another man who thought he could play with Yixing's feelings. "I... I-" "Just go! I'm already embarrassed that I said what I said! You don't have to embarass me anymore." 

The tiny florist turned around, wiping his eyes, small sniffles being heard. He quietly sobbed in his hands, not hearing the sounds of expensive shoes walking their way to him. It wasn't until an embrace of endearment, made him look.


"But I love you."

ENTRY 1 & 2 are now in place. You can read them if you'd like. As soon as I update EXOTIC LOVE and My Little Insecurity, I'll update DOZY

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Chapter 5: I knew it. Tao spilled a drink on Yixing's hand to get an oportunity to talk to him and it worked and Sehun knew about it. The question is: how did Sehun know Yixing was there? Was it Chanyeol that told him? Is Chanyeol Sehun's best friend?!? Hmmm also, I have a feeling the Fart gang will show up at the party since Sehun informed Baekhyun of Yixing being tricked. Wonder how that'll turn out.
Also, who is Mark? I'm pretty sure you said "Joe Xiao" but then he turned into Mark?! I'm confused
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Chapter 5: Why is Xing so naive?
I literally can't wait to know what is going to happen when Xing figures out what is going on.
I hope he's a good runner
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Chapter 5: Ay, Yixing... why is he so naive??? HE SHOULD RUN

I would've reacted like Yixing if Sehun would tell me lmao, a stranger telling me what to do? Lmaooo

I saw ur update and I was like "uhm... where's the update? :C" because it showed u updated but there was nothing u.u

Ty for the update! I've been waiting for all ur updates!!
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Chapter 5: Hmmmm... I think Kris is the boss of Chinese gang and Sehun don't like it one bit....
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Chapter 5: Kris wu is trying to make something to yixing or took a fancy on him? If you hurt yixing. I will kill you
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Chapter 4: Hhhh I'll just keep my theories to myself but this was very interesting! Taozi is very bubbly and so easy to talk to meanwhile Sehun literally CANNOT STAY AWAY. hehehe can't wait to read the next chapter!!
ciel_eucliffe14 #7
Chapter 4: Girl you got that peach.... *sing peach-lay
Chapter 4: Hm... I'm guessing Sehun is that childhood friend! And he probably knows, or at least has an idea, not lile Yixing that's pretty much confused about where je's listened the name "Oh Sehun" before. O.o And that Chanyeol is part of the Oh gang and that's why Baek knew Yixing's name.

Also, I'm guessing that Tao burned Yixing's hand just to be able to talk to him and invite him to the party, which I'm almost sure is at Kris' mansion. So... are they trying to collect him and be part of the gang? Or maybe Yixing has something to do with the Dragon's eye thing and that's why they want him near... Idk hahaha but I'm really excited!

Thanks for the update! :D
Chapter 4: Wait, are you telling me Tao burned Yixing's hand on purpose because he wanted to talk to him?!?! I suppose that's the case since Chanyeol got worried over their talk and also, Tao is chinese so maybe he's in the Wu gang. That being said, Yixing will probably meet Kris tonight ||OR|| I'm just overthinking

The childhood friend can't be from the Wu gang, since they are chinese, and it's also not Sehun because I'm pretty sure Yixing would have noticed. So who is it?

I'll be impatiently waiting for your next update. I want to know what happens between Sehun and Yixing, and also the party :)
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Chapter 4: Is Tao in the gang too...???