Gummy Vampire Fangs


"Hello! This is Bloody Sugar Pop. You them we wrap them, how may I help you?"

"That sounds way to ual for a candy store" 


Where Luhan needs advice and Minseok is bored.


  • Hello! This is a cute+hopefully funny+vampire au!+with a mini splash of angst+xiuhan short story .... Lol
  • This is going to be dialogue only story except for the last chapter
  • I have read a couple of dialogue only stories and so I wanted to try it out. So please give it a chance! :)
  • This takes place in a world were night/fantasy creatures exist. Including vampires, werewolfs and more. Also in here different species can be a couple and there are some cliches that I find funny and so decided to use.
  • This is mainly Xiuhan with mentions of Sekai and Krislay/Kray
  • And as always if you see any grammar errors do tell me
  • So yeah, enjoy! ♡


P.S DO NOT steal/use/repost my work. I work hard on it.

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Rahel03 #1
Chapter 5: Thais was so cute and funny! it made feel better a lot when i was feeling a little down.Than you!
PD: i'll never forget the motto that was too much hahahaha
64 streak #2
Chapter 5: This is so unique and cute wow :)
Chapter 5: I loved it! It was so cute!
Autumnaree #4
Chapter 5: this was/is GREAT!!
Chapter 5: This is really cute and funny!
teufelchen_netty #7
Chapter 5: a sweet and lovely fluffy end =)
i really liked how it worked out
teufelchen_netty #8
Chapter 3: lol, i liked the siblig part and kris is cool ;D
teufelchen_netty #9
Chapter 2: lol, These guys are so weirdx D
teufelchen_netty #10
Chapter 1: lol, funny start