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A collection of short one shot music themed stories.


Hey everyone! an experimental way of writing a fic, You guys can drop me a message via FB ( Cheers Angela) Twitter (@myyongdsm) or here on AFF for your song suggestion. Every week  I'll be using a song to write a one shot, can be english songs or any other language jut don't forget to give me the link of the english translations as well. So some stories may have a sad ending and some happy ending, some may just be a cliff hanger, depending on the song that will be requested. Anyhow I hope you guys like it. 


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pipipink #1
Chapter 7: Wow...such a deep conversation they have...

Atleast they are together ...
pipopanda #2
Chapter 7: Congrats hyun your wish come true...
Chapter 2: "our tea is getting cold" and my tears fell. ❤
sy5280 #4
Chapter 7: Thank you authornim...another good one!
echamareza01 #5
Chapter 7: Omg this is so sweet i like ittttt....❤
deep_sea #6
Chapter 7: Unniee thankyouuuuu i loveeeeeeee itttt.....kisseu kisseu
MrsDuckbutt #7
Chapter 7: Happy New Year! Thanks for the update!!!
Chapter 7: Thank you for the update and happy new year for you authornim^^
pipopanda #9
Chapter 6: Wow.... cool indeed...
Chapter 6: Missing letters. Misunderstanding. Longing.
Still, yongseo managed to prove their power of love again. Yeay~!
Thank you so much for the update. And I'll gladly welcome the third part if you decide to write one or another song story. Keep up the good work, authornim ^^