Her Destiny (Sequel of His Destiny)

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nine years after Jongin's death... what will happen?


A 27 years old Han Aera finally graduated from college and became a surgeon. Little did she know, she has to deal with a stubborn-injured-patient called Park Chanyeol.


She also realized that her own step brother, Oh Sehun has changed alot through the years, and he might have been the one who healed her scars.


I know I made the prequel like yearssss ago and probably no one actually remember the whole story sobs but somehow I just re-read my old works and realized: Aera deserves better. Sehun deserves better too. Their life have been toooo angst on the previous story, and I want to create a fresh, bright story for them so here is it.

ps this will also be my first Chanyeol's story;) enjoy!


pre-quel: HIS DESTINY


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nanayeolxx #1
Chapter 2: wow i just reread his destiny for 99977098293 times i thought i wont be crying but here i am crying like a woman that just lost her son and after reading this new fic i am smiling again bec hey, jerky park chanyeol is what i live for!!!!!!!