His Destiny

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Do you believe in destiny?


Someone said to me that every person was born for a reason.

One was made for another.

Out of seven billion people in the world, I met him. He called it as destiny.

And even if I had to live another life, I'd still wish to meet him again.


Because He's my destiny.
and I'm his destiny.


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Dear readers, this is my second fanfic after Fall in Love with A Werewolf, and my first angst fanfic ever.  The main character will be EXO Kai since he's my second bias after Baekhyun, and I'll still use OC for the girl. It's probably won't be the long chaptered one because I'm kind of busy with school, so I wish for your patience. 


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Wahhh! I really enjoyed watching the trailer :D It really shows your dedication to this story. (Btw what’s the name of the song???). I can tell you put a lot of thought into this story and I love it when I see effort like this. Anyways, you’ve got a really good plot, just brush up on the grammar and this story will be ten times awesomer :) ㅡ EXO (L)OVE Review Shop



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a/n The story is originally made by myself, any similarities is truly coincidental. Please respect my hardwork, i do not accept any kind of plagiarism. English is not my first language so please ignore the grammatical errors.


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Chapter 15: This is one of the saddest fanfics I’ve red but also one of the most beautiful ones ^^
Chapter 13: Omg this made me cry my eyes out
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 15: Guy.. I just want to said.. People make mistake right? After read this story.. I think i should u guys.. Exo fans?
Can't we just forgive kai? Yes he did mistake but.. He still kid like us.. Please. ..
This story really make me wanna cry.
Chapter 13: Okay waeee? Waeeeee?
Now I can't stop the tears.
My heart hurts so much I have no idea what to do.
Somehow I red the story and I felt like I was the girl.. I don't know, I just loved the story and your English improved a lot!
Chapter 11: I started to cry in the previous chapter and I can't stop.
It's 4 am in here and I'm crying so hard..
Chapter 5: I love this so much!
I know I said the same thing in the other story, but this one is so good!
And Kai is my bias so I'm suffering right now!
Chapter 1: Oh my god.
I could cry right now and I just red the first chapter!
freakandheart #8
Chapter 14: Oh my god, it's really hurt my heart. Your story remind me of koizora.. Why i cant stop crying :,(
savoki48 #9
Chapter 15: i am crying in the midnight :'(
kjongin_kai_ #10
Chapter 15: How could you do this to me?! I'm crying a river.. ㅠ.ㅠ But it was a great yet very sad story~ ><