Black hole: It's almost dark here


When justice doesn't exist, the idol group must become task force to ask for what they deserve.

Half crime and half bromance with greyscale story will encourage you in tough time.



There were many bad things happened to SpeXial members


“ You guys must work on new album now. ”

“ No! ”

“ What’s wrong, Wayne? You never be the troublemaker. ”

“ Sorry. But I can’t stand now. ”


“ What? Brent disappeared! ”

“ Is this possible? He isn’t a fool. ”

“ Neither does Wes. ”

“ Or they choose to eliminate the clevers and remain the fools, then no one can deal with them. ”


“ Where will we go? ”

“ Come with me, then you will be safe. ”

“ Tell me where we will go! ”

“ My home. ”

“ I know that you miss me, but I can’t do that now. I must work, I can’t just disappear. ”

“ Work is just a part of your life, but your security is the most important. Don’t you know what will happen when you go back? Our company is crueler than you think. Or else, when someone try to criticize on it, why do they be disturbed? ”


“ Simon, did you see that news? ”

“ I see. But I think they didn’t want to accuse you, but lured me to come out. ”


“ Did he tell you to do that? ”

“ Stop what you are doing, or else the others will get in trouble! ”


If you were in hopeless situation, how can you deal with it?






Hi! Any readers here? 
I see there're a few readers here, now I finish this novel in my native language (I won't tell you where I come from Haha!).
But, I will translate it all in English for sure.
The story has 24 chapters, it's crime and bromance fiction.

I heard many bad things about their company, so I wrote in that way. Sorry, if it's Exaggerated, but I want excitement. ^^
The plot is quite complex and sometime it may make some members be injured. (don't hit me!)
It's sure that I don't like fella things (But I'm girl Haha!), but there're girls in this story, all of them are smart and a bit manly ^^.
For the couple, it's All x All, everyone can be together, ya! 
Any question?


I know there are some of you who secretly read my fiction, especially people who read it all, so touchable!
If you are free, then leave some comment to greet me, let me know what you think!


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