Are you down for the ride? (TaeNy One-shot Collection)


Legit married couple TaeNy gets thrown into various AU's.


No, I don't need to finish my multi-chaptered fic, what are you talking about?

Just a place where I can put some of my one-shots. The one-shots that rip through me with a slip of a few fingers on a few keyboard buttons, almost free form in nature. The ones that should have the potential to be multi-chaptered fics but become blah (because maybe I'm just lazy...okay not just MAYBE), but really. Brevity is the soul of wit, right?

"Are you down for the ride? 

'Cause I'm down."

— Bittersweet and Crazy by Tiffany

I never realized how fun it is to write domestic-established-relationship!TaeNy. Might explore this AU from now on and make more chapters for it. ^^ Tiff as a journalist is kinda cute.

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taeny_bear #1
Chapter 2: What?! That is the cruelest thing i ever know taeyeon!!
jisellediosa 110 streak #2
Chapter 23: Taeyeon as Queen of hell? Hhahaha too cute for that haha
soshibell #3
Chapter 23: I Loveeeeeee the last chapterrr. Its reading a percy jackson with my favorite character in it. One thing though: why is it so short??
Notes : you couldnt stop looking at herself in the mirror. Hahahhahahaa you and your humor. Yoona and her ‘pride’ character is the little detail that i loveee so much
kpoprambler #4
Chapter 23: Queen of Hell and Lust dynamic is very cute. I like this. I want to know more and read more of the pairing. I hope you prepare some nice stuff for your poor fingers for typing frequently to your amazing inspired brain.
sclocksmith 141 streak #5
Chapter 23: Even Queen of Hell can't resist Tiffany XD
Chapter 23: oh pls write more about them! also snsd as the seven deadly sins o.o
tipco09 16 streak #7
Chapter 23: Tiffany has the queen quite whipped indeed. Hahaha!
jisellediosa 110 streak #8
Chapter 22: Tiffany is naughty hahaha and poor maknae T.T
Chapter 22: Lol maknae her last thought was funny