The flaws in Park Chanyeol


They are going so well.

Chanyeol spends every day seeing the light sparkle in Baekhyun's eyes and watching the love of his life return to his old self. He doesn't think anything can happen to Baekhyun, or come in between them, especially when he promises himself he will let nothing hurt Baekhyun ever again. Especially when he sees that the way Baekhyun looks at him is different from the way Baekhyun looks at everyone else. 

"Do you love me?" He asks.

Baekhyun opens his mouth, but he never has the chance to answer. 












Joo-hyung returns, and this time, it is for a completely different reason. 













by: baekkie-love





Dedicated to: 

All those who have been through more than they should.

All those who have been brave enough to tell their story.

All those who should know they deserve more than what they've gotten.

Thank you for telling me your story. 














Playlist (compiled by readers):
What is love
2. Monodrama
3. Artificial Love
4. Artificial Love
5. Amnesia
If we love again









Sequel to The faults in Byun Baekhyun



cover by: BaekMeSomeEggyeol



















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Monsoon31 #1
Chapter 9: The last part of this chapter made me feel craving....hell i want someone to love like protect like that...i have no words to express this desire
Jacqui9402 #2
Chapter 10: Beautiful as I had expected ;;;;;;;;;; I have no words. Both were amazing and I did suffered hard with tfipcy. After this I don't think I'll ever read fanfics again for a loooong time. This really got to me like no other story. Thank your for giving us these masterpieces.
minseokvoice #3
Chapter 4: At this point... I really don't want Chanyeol and Baekhyun back together. It does not matter anymore, Chanyeol do not deserve this, and a idk if I will ever change my mind. I thought for a moment that it was all a plan to get revenge on Joo-hyung, but I was wrong and rn I'm mad about this.
Leeenahh #4
Chapter 10: And YES, I declare this the best ever fanfiction humans have come across. YAS, THE BEST, THE NUMBER 1 *inserts all synonyms of the best*FF. Never will I ever be able to come across something more mind-blowing than TFIBB & TFIPC!!
Leeenahh #5
Chapter 10: First and foremost, heartfelt thank you to the author!!
It was indeed a very great journey from TFIBB to TFIPC and until this end, it has only been more and more amazing!!
This fanfic is truly a great masterpiece and I want even more people to recognize this. It has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride from the start to the end. Please keep doing amazing works like this!!
Leeenahh #6
Chapter 9: I've never cried so much while reading any fanfic but Omg I can't help it and it was so intense and agonizing at the very thought of him getting shot ...I'm still hoping for some positive ending
Chapter 10: The best fanfic series I've ever read. So many emotional rollercoaters, and i cried for the first time while reading a fic. Keep doing what you do, you are a f**king genius.
Leeenahh #8
Chapter 8: I'm afraid to read further after seeing the line,"It's a gun.!!".I swear I have a really bad feeling about this and I'm praying that it is not what I think it is..!
Leeenahh #9
Chapter 6: boi I'm lovin' this..!!
p.s:- I've always loved this
Monsoon31 #10
Chapter 10: It was terrific! U r genius authernim.....both tfibb and tfipc were mind blowing