Straight as a ruler


Joonmyun would tell anybody who was willing to listen that he wasn’t gay. Yixing’s job is to prove him otherwise.




Kim Jongin- a newly qualified vet who has an unhealthy obsession for cakes and dogs

Do Kyungsoo- an up-and-coming pastry chef who happens to be allergic to dogs

Kim Jongdae- Joonmyun's cousin. Makes his money tutoring students and is always too happy for his own good

Oh Sehun- the totally legal student Jongdae tutors who has no idea what he's gotten himself in for

(With special guest appearances scattered throughout!)


I really shouldn't be doing this because I have two other stories in progress right now, but- and trust me when I say this- the image of an incredibly cheesy scene popped into my mind and when you almost have one chapter written in the hopes of getting to this scene with new character springing up... I just had to share it lest it rot away on Word forever. So yeah... hopefully you'll enjoy!!

As always, credit for the poster and background goes to vanillashinju from the ever amazing BAMF Productions!

*sigh* Guys... EXO/Baekhyun antis really need to get a life...

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Chapter 33: Awwwwwwww so much fluff so adorable
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Chapter 32: there's only so much that my heart can take.

i love this story so much!
cgao753 #3
Chapter 32: aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YASSSSSSSSSS omg seriously tho that's so adorable <3 and HELL YES include the other exo members they will always be ot12 ;)
fyeahSL #4
Chapter 32: I'm proud of my babies /sobs/ now that they are finally happy. but I still have a feeling that you will give us some "nice" surprise later on xD
anyway I miss Minseok in this fic, kinda want to see his reaction with sulay dating
keripik_kentang #5
Chapter 32: woah yassss, luhan and my guilty pleasure, krishan. eventhough kris just got mentioned here. and again, Yixingie you are just too cuteeeee
keripik_kentang #6
Chapter 31: oh my god sulay why so cuteee ;-;
this story clearly is one of my favorites in this site
Chapter 32: i'm squealing bcoz Jun just called Yixing "baby" asfsgatagah!! my heart/died/
Chapter 31: Fluffy to the max . ❤️
Chapter 31: YASSS that sulay's fluff and their official first date!! awwww love it so much <3333
cgao753 #10
Chapter 30: OMG ur gonna slaughter us with fluff I CAN SEE IT HAPPENING NOW it'll grace the headlines of the comment section LOL